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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Jingstealer, May 19, 2019.

  1. Jingstealer

    LA is OP since the addition of those damn jump jets and the rocket rifles.
    * Rockets should be the domain of the HA class. Always have. Remove them from LA.
    * If LA wants to keep those idiotic jets that propel them fast enough to mess with the game's hit detection, they should be penalized in some way. Perhaps taking fall damage would be start. Also: take damage when knocking into walls or ceilings with those.
  2. PorkSocks

    For Rocklets to do the same damage as a HA rocket launcher, all the rocklets have to hit. This is only really possible as very close range against immobile targets (like deployed sunderers) or at longer range if the rocklets are fired individually, making the damage roll in much slower.

    As to the "jump jets" (I assume you mean Ambusher jump jets, not ALL jump jets), they already DO take fall damage, necessitating the use of the Safe Fall implant if you want to operate these jets without hurting yourself on the regular. Most Ambushers consider this a necessity, which means these jets also eat an implant choice. On top of that, most Ambusher use the Aerial Combatant 5 implant to recharge their jets upon kill. This is a powerful combination, but it gives them essentially zero flexibility in implant choices. Because their implant choices are fixed, they also need a non-implant option for healing, which means they usually take med kits instead of C4. Overall, it is a powerful but rigid gear loadout that doesn't include c4. It also lacks much of the terrain mobility of other LA builds in exchange for speed and surprise factor in combat. That terrain advantage is important for other LAs as it means more kills and survival for other LAs.

    Ambusher jets are not the "best of all worlds", but a compromise for a certain playstyle.
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  3. VeryCoolMiller

    I find LA in a pretty good state after the addition of the rocket rifle... at beginning i was skeptical but i acutally gave to LA a role.
  4. SupaFlea

    So I guess your being killed by LA's that have managed to have superior accuracy at high speed darting flight than you do at a moving target while standing still unless of course your saying that its a jetpack either has the ability to improve and LA accuracy while moving or an LA jetpack forces your to fire or makes your accuracy poor? Otherwise there is no real complaint.

    I myself preffer to stand and fight as LA, my accuracy vs enemy accuracy even if its vs a HA where im ad a disadvantage because most HA's need the extra health in most 1vs1 regardless of what class they face.

    The rocket rifle is a very situational weapon and most only useful for finishing off vehicles that survive the C4

    What class do you play out of curiosity?
  5. brutes359

    Yes rocklet launchers are basically anti vehicle shotguns....however with the addition of ambusher jump-jets you really have to ask yourself if there's ever a time they AREN'T able to be in range to use them. this combined with the already egregiously overpowered C-4 makes them a WAY more powerful combatant then the heavy assaults could ever HOPE to be.

    I would rather deal with heavy assaults over flying suicide bombers anyway. At least with a heavy I can have the time to counter him if he attacks the sunderer. with the light assaults if you miss them flying in its over.
  6. Badman76

    To balance LA's all they got to do is remove C4 access.
  7. NotziMad

    How much time must you have on your hands, to go all the way back to a year ago and necro that post!

    Did you browse through a whole entire year of forum posts?
  8. ZDarkShadowsZ

    He probably saw 'Jul 8' and didn't pay attention to the year. I've noticed a lot of people seem to do it. :oops:
  9. brutes359

    Surprisingly I've been seeing more people saying this as of late. I agree with it for sure but I'm surprised at how many people have been able to post it without the naysayers covering it in memes to shut them up.
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  10. Demigan

    Unsurprisingly its the vehicle mains that try to get C4 removed. There's a dozen and then some protections against it, from simply paying attention to using things like Spitfires, radars or just staying on the move.

    There's also the problem of infantry having but one AV weapon that is effective, and only when the target is unaware of the infantry. If you remove C4 infantry have practically nothing. If you remove C4 then infantry need viable alternatives to combat vehicles toe-to-toe. If that happens then we can remove the walls segregating vehicles and infantry and actually let them duke it out. As long as those walls are necessary to keep infantry safe the vehicles are simply too strong. That might be a surprise to someone like you who probably thinks his tank is paper and not worth it if you cant get more than 10 kills per run but its the truth. I've suggested that resources should kill resources numerous times, so if infantry could get resource-costing AV (and AA) weapons to combat vehicles it would be fair game. Although I have a sneaking suspicion that you arent interested in fair game.

    Because you'll probably be going "ya be infantrysider!", I've spend a ton of time in vehicles and I've made tons of suggestions to improve vehicles. Auto-canons, co-ax guns, extra abilities and mechanics used with unused vehicle keys like X, B, ctrl, space (used for handbrake I know) etc, adding mechanics and abilities to topgunners so they can do more than spot and shoot and other idea's. So no I'm not an infantry exclusive player, I try to balance both infantry and vehicles to each other based on their cost and functionality. Which is completely different from infantrysiders who think of themselves exclusively or the vehicle mains who only care about their own gameplay and not how it affects others.
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  11. ican'taim

    As an LA main:
    1. Rocket rifle should only have one additonal clip.
    2. LA should only carry one C4. Still able to cripple an unaware lighning to finish if off with the rocket rifle, but not enough to kill a shielded sundy.
    3. A hipfire stabilizer that is in the same slot as the rocket rifle, so you can't use both. Is a passive ability that activates when you start flying with the jetpack, and increases hipfire accuracy by 50% for SMGs, 45% for assault rifles. This does NOT stack with a laser sight, and does not work with scout rifles, shotguns, or ambusher jump jets. Is given by default to light assaults, along with the Rocket Rifle
    4. A motion spotter in the same slot as the Rocket Rifle would be amazing, LA is a scout class after all. Costs 100 certs
    5. A rocket rifle volley could K.O infantry, perhaps a way to help newbies to get kills.
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  12. JustGotSuspended

    worst is the c4 warp bug when I try to C4 a vehicle. Moves half a centimeter and the thing blows in my face, or the tank takes 0 damage from the 2 c4 I stuck on it.

    With the C4 delay, bugs and doodoo hitreg, C4 is underpowered if anything. It mostly relies on the stupidity of the victim. The mosquito or liberator decides to farm easy kills right above a jumpad? That-s on him, he could get decimated anyways. A HESH farmer doesn't notice a sneaky boi placing 2 bricks on his rear? A tank or any other class could've flanked just the same. Just deploy a spitfire, use third person or move around lol. A group of 50 infantry clumped up together in a tight space? Anything would obliterate them just the same - maybe even without a delay.

    C4 shouldn't be removed just because people are incapable of using their brains. If you died to C4, that means you were oblivious long enough for a non-invisible class to walk/fly up to you, place C4 onto you, and wait a second for it to detonate. And if you stay around for the 2 rocklet volleys to finish you off...well that's really your fault lol.

    And I've probably gotten as many kills as a C4 medic or engineer than a LA. Just goes to show how blind people can be when they tunnel on easy kills.

    As a tanker I have 0 problem dealing with C4 fairies. Sometimes I even wait for them to place C4 behind me to back up and squish them - free roadkills thanks to C4 delay. Otherwise I just zoom away, and then kill them, or simply hop out and quad headshot em. It's just a2g vehicles that are the biggest threat

    C4 would be nice if the hitreg and bugs around it where removed. The delay is already more than enough overkill. The only problem really is with the rocklet rifle. I would remove the C4 delay, and either remove the rocklet rifle or make it something that can't damage heavier vehicles like a sunderer or whatever. Or just make it only effective against air. Something that is very niche, and prevents the light assault from obliterating sunderers and whatnot.
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  13. Leo Cyrule

    I get my behind handed to me daily by light assaults, but that's me being a ******* and using a BR. But I don't think they need a nerf. They are fragile as any non-heavy, and rely heavily on positioning for defense. Their rocklet rifles are complete *** at any range but close. Easily outgunned at midrange and above by all classes. And there is a penalty to using the Jump-jets if you've bothered to use a LA. The penalty is they go up very fast, but they don't go side to side very well, which makes them easy targets as you know where they are heading and can beam them down before they get on that roof.
  14. brutes359

    Ah, there's the aforementioned naysayers. To answer the previous accusation. I'm actually mainly heavy assault and MAX suits. Ido have a decent built tank. But I mainly only use it when I decide to join a zerg rush or hunt down a particularly gnarly sundered from a safe distance.

    That aside however, I still believe this is a problem that needs addressed with LA. Cant Aim there has a good idea. Limiting their ammo supply to mitigate their vehicle output. If you think that's a problem because it would remove the opportunity for LA's to insta-gib vehicles on their own. I would remind you that the devs did the EXACT same thing to rocket launchers by nerfing their per shot damage to enforce teams to mass fire them together. What brings my attention to the matter is watching an entire 80-100+ man battle come to a screeching halt because one guy used the ambusher jump jets to suicide bomb the sunderers. It ends most offensive efforts in minutes. still, I appreciate the constructive defense.

    In the end, it isn't that LAs have AV ability that's the problem. Its that they do it better than dedicated AV classes such as heavy assault while still packing some of the best AI weapons in the game. Looking at all those GD-7F and Serpent VE-92 players out there. Ironically though perhaps that answer isn't just to remove C-4 but rather add better counters to it. it rather to stop nerfing the counters that already exist. Ordinance armor on MAX's no longer functions at close range, rendering it nearly moot in light of ambusher jump jets. Vanguards USED to have a good counter in the form of Full Spectrum Shield but that's gone now.

    So ultimately it boils down to the devs either nerfing, removing, or buffing counters to C-4 itself when it comes to LA's. Until then we can expect to continue seeing flying circuses of LA's soaring over the battlefield, frothing at the mouth as they hurls their adrenaline powered bodies at tanks and sunders well over a half mile away, detonators in hand.
  15. Bonemiser

    As a new player, I personally don't see the problem. Running C4 means running no medkits, running Bandolier means running no Nanoweave (or running Symbiote), and running Shotgun Amboosher means being the most predictable one-trick pony in the game. For C4 specifically, IMO vehicles, especially planes, have few enough counters as-is. It's a strong class for sure, but not a broken one.
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  16. JustGotSuspended

    it's rare to see someone with a brain. Nonetheless, a new player using more common sense than vets...

  17. Anantidaephobia

    ... and die half a second later when they're shot by the vehicle or just run over.
  18. brutes359

    That means virtually nothing when they can cross the battlefield in moment from their sunderer to return to the fight. Despite this fact, it is mainly the combination between C-4 and rockets rifles that make the LA unreasonable. Between 2 packs of C-4 and a rocklet rifle, a light assault can flatten a shielded sunderer in less then 10 seconds. At night, or in the chaos of battle, that is one of the easiest tricks in the book. ESPECIALLY if the infantry around the vehicle have to shoot through each other to attack the LA. That's not even to speak about MAXs and Tanks now that the devs have affectively nerfed most C-4 defenses such as ordinance armor, and the NC full spectrum shield system.
  19. Bonemiser

    Would love to see footage of a solo LA flattening an active TA Alloys Sunderer on the northern ascent. In my experience, they'll at best nab a few infantry kills with the C4 then get flattened in the attempt.
  20. JustGotSuspended

    Oh I wouldn't be so sure. In these fights unless there's 50 spitfires around the same, it's not too hard to flank and destroy the spawn, while everyone is focused on fighting at that one choke point.

    It's also not hard to bail from an esf/valk and boom.

    Granted, it's harder when the bus has armor or deployment shield, or multiple troops around it. It's even harder with the C4 delay. But it's far from impossible to do. Then we throw in pocket nukes, and the dude can easily detonate his C4 and kill the spawn with a click of a button, if he happened to die after placing his C4.

    I would simply like the rocklet removed, or force LAs to equip either C4, or rocklets, not both. And then remove the C4 delay.

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