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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Jingstealer, May 19, 2019.

  1. Jingstealer

    LA is OP since the addition of those damn jump jets and the rocket rifles.
    * Rockets should be the domain of the HA class. Always have. Remove them from LA.
    * If LA wants to keep those idiotic jets that propel them fast enough to mess with the game's hit detection, they should be penalized in some way. Perhaps taking fall damage would be start. Also: take damage when knocking into walls or ceilings with those.
  2. PorkSocks

    For Rocklets to do the same damage as a HA rocket launcher, all the rocklets have to hit. This is only really possible as very close range against immobile targets (like deployed sunderers) or at longer range if the rocklets are fired individually, making the damage roll in much slower.

    As to the "jump jets" (I assume you mean Ambusher jump jets, not ALL jump jets), they already DO take fall damage, necessitating the use of the Safe Fall implant if you want to operate these jets without hurting yourself on the regular. Most Ambushers consider this a necessity, which means these jets also eat an implant choice. On top of that, most Ambusher use the Aerial Combatant 5 implant to recharge their jets upon kill. This is a powerful combination, but it gives them essentially zero flexibility in implant choices. Because their implant choices are fixed, they also need a non-implant option for healing, which means they usually take med kits instead of C4. Overall, it is a powerful but rigid gear loadout that doesn't include c4. It also lacks much of the terrain mobility of other LA builds in exchange for speed and surprise factor in combat. That terrain advantage is important for other LAs as it means more kills and survival for other LAs.

    Ambusher jets are not the "best of all worlds", but a compromise for a certain playstyle.
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  3. VeryCoolMiller

    I find LA in a pretty good state after the addition of the rocket rifle... at beginning i was skeptical but i acutally gave to LA a role.
  4. SupaFlea

    So I guess your being killed by LA's that have managed to have superior accuracy at high speed darting flight than you do at a moving target while standing still unless of course your saying that its a jetpack either has the ability to improve and LA accuracy while moving or an LA jetpack forces your to fire or makes your accuracy poor? Otherwise there is no real complaint.

    I myself preffer to stand and fight as LA, my accuracy vs enemy accuracy even if its vs a HA where im ad a disadvantage because most HA's need the extra health in most 1vs1 regardless of what class they face.

    The rocket rifle is a very situational weapon and most only useful for finishing off vehicles that survive the C4

    What class do you play out of curiosity?

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