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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by VeryCoolMiller, May 6, 2019.

  1. VeryCoolMiller

    This is the current situation on Miller, isn't prime time anymore, but it's quite well populated.
    KDR of infiltrators is double of any other class across all factions.
    A rebalance is needed.

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  2. GotBuds

    Infils do not need a re-balance. Are you suggesting that because players got better or are doing better that something must be rebalanced to suit you? Is that simple little stat all you have to support your claim?

    It's exactly this type of crap why this game has gone off the deep end. Players that come to the forums and whine because another class is outplaying them. If you can't seem to find a way to outplay a class that has no health, no armor, usually nothing more than a pistol and is very visible when cloaked and moving, not to mention highly able to spot by any player that really is looking for them....then the problem isn't the game and balance.

    Or...are you here to make yet another plead for your insta win tool (darklight) because you can't seem to beat an infil without it?
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  3. VeryCoolMiller

    I'm simply annoyed to get ambushed by infiltrators any corner of every map of every base. I don't like play infiltrators and in its current state is not balanced.
  4. GotBuds

    Well at least we now know your claim is only based on the fact that you can't out play an infil and has zero to do with the actual game balance or mechanics.

    Really should re-title your post to "Help, Infils kill me all the time", as this has nothing to do with the game balance.... zero, nada!
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  5. VeryCoolMiller

    Uhm... when a class outperfoms all other classes across all other empires there is an issue. You may have a blind approach to this because you love the class, but i can assure that on the other side is getting more annoying day after day.

    Infiltrators (and sniper rifles and battle rifles too ) are an issue and some tweak is required.
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  6. TRspy007

    The guy is right, having an invisible class that disposes of 1-2 shot kill weapons at any range, and also have the possibility of creeping up on people with 1 hk knifes, combined with certain implants really makes that class a pain. Especially since many snipers aren't really part the battle. It is true that I have seen an increase in snipers since planetside's population failed, and no one can deny it is a boring and annoying style of play on both ends. Infils should be removed and recon and hacking be given to the engineer.
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  7. PlanetBound

    The only way to "re-balance" in your context would mean the game has real-time assignment of a spawning player's class based on the faction's current state of class representation.

    Implants would be a nightmare. You want to pull a Sunderer but you spawned as a heavy. You prefer avoiding mines so you change one of your implants. Next time you spawn as a heavy but want to hoof it, you don't need to avoid mines............
  8. Zagareth

    Now you got a proof, that the average infiltrator sucks monkeyballs... if you are not at least 5-10 times higher in KDR, than the average other profession, you do something serious wrong! :D

    Nevertheless, there is no balancing necessary between professions. Each profession has a purpose and as long as every player on a server has the same access to all professions and equipment, there is no reason, why it is necessary to balance professions.
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  9. Demigan

    What if you stacked their xp/h against other classes? I dare bet that if you played as careful and had similar xp/h the KD of other classes would also go up.
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  10. Demigan

    currently on Miller only the VS scores above 1 KD (2.29), the other two below 1 KD.
    On Connery only one scores above 1 KD (1.09), the other two below 1 KD. Connery atm has in the 400 to 700 kills for it's classes.
    Cobalt, two infils score above 1KD. Still they are outmatched by an Engineer.
    Emerald has a prime time number same as Connery with 400 to 700 kills for it's classes. Infils score 1.09 to 1.21 KD. The other classes it depends on what faction they are if they have similar KD or lower.

    I think your snapshot was a shot in the dark. But if you want to talk about rebalancing, why don't you offer some ways to actually rebalance it? I prefer rebalancing by buffing other classes. For example the Infiltrator is the most versatile class, an SMG infil plays so completely different from a bolt-action infil that you might as well think of them as separate classes. So give other classes similar ways to play completely different. Also add more teamwork abilities that can benefit the player and players around them.
  11. MadSharpen

    BTW, does anyone know if complete invisibility of cloakers (and sundies) - on LOW GRAPHICS SETTINGS - is going to be fixed anytime soon? (at all?)
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  12. Skraggz

    I was just gonna say KPH is a missing stat, if someone sat in a corner as a stalker and took only shots they knew was a kill, then yes they would have a high kdr, but a really low engagement time.
  13. Lee Weldon

    As someone who's played a lot of infiltrator, both CQC sniper and CQC smg infil, I really see infiltrator as more of a support class. You can generally see them up to 40m, a heavy can tank a headshot hit with shield on, definitely with the right aim, the TTK of a CQC sniper rifle is unrivaled but also not by more than about a 1/10th of a second which honestly is not as much of an advantage for people who tend to miss their shots makes out to be. The SMG infils have to decloak (make a noise) then try to combat you with less health/shields with inferior guns, I think a light assault is usually better at getting into surprising positions and the infil is likely to just be seen which is never good. The vision from the radar and hacking ability makes them useful, but mainly for hacking vehical terminals and radar is not exclusive to infiltrator, you can have a weakened version on the crossbow which I tend to run a lot of the time on other classes in my secondary slot. There are many times when an infiltrator is the perfect character to pull, if you are trying to run out of a spawn room being camped by libs or ground pounding esfs, they won't be able to see you as such. But infantry vs infantry (if not in an open area as a sniper >50m away) you will almost never have a combat advantage over other infantry, mostly just make up for it in utility.
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  14. JibbaJabba

    KDR is not an indication of the impact you are having on the game.

    The mother of all stats (if you have to pick one) is KPM / KPH. You will not get a high KPM if your KDR is bad so that's sort of factored in.

    Sniping infiltrators get mediocre KPM. They'll have good spurts of kills but spend a lot of time getting positioned.
    Sneaking infiltrators have pretty low KPM just due to the nature of what they're up to.
    Bolters (CQB sniper) are the only that can really pull of a KPM.

    And right now I think we do need a bit of a tweak on infiltrators. The new DX11 engine is making it so they can get the shot off while still cloaked from the perspective of the target. That's inherently unfair I believe and should be fixed. They may need to artificially induce about 200-500ms of delay. (or make infiltrators more visible which I don't think they would like)

    I don't think infiltrators otherwise need any adjustment.
  15. FIN Faravid

    Atm there rarely is good reason to use long range weapons unless you are infriltrator. Otherwise you just get sniped most of the time and you are worse at short ranges than other classes. I would enjoy this game a lot more if all the optics with magnification more than 2x would be removed from the game. it would be epic to have long range fights with assault rifles! And all the semi automatic and burst fire weapons would actually be great.

    At the moment only short to medium range weapons are all you need. In any other situation you should just take sniper rifle or tank.
  16. Demigan

    But if atm only short to medium weapons are great, then removing anything more than 2x scopes would make them even better. As one of the advantages of ranged weapons is having access and a use for ranged scopes.
  17. JudgeNu

    I have most logged hours as infil. Only used stalker rifle for directive. For me its a solo play issue. I think a majority of infils are solo play minded for various reasons.

    Even i get a little tizzy about getting killed by an auto-infil. I ignore stalker-infils and chalk it up as a accidental death and move on.
    I get the novelty of sneaking around undetected and ohk-nife but its really just a useless playstyle overall imo.

    Imo it comes down to the over-all gameplay.

    If you are in a team who is actually doing something productive you wont usually run into anything deemed abused.

    But if you are just hovering around the middle of the map during an XP event long after WG stabilization then you will see a plethora of cheese.

    That is the real crux of the issue imo.
  18. VeryCoolMiller

    this is miller prime time
    The current infiltrator is simply too strong. It may be too strong out door, and balanced indoor... but outdoor is a pain.
  19. pnkdth

    Stop staring yourself blind on KDR. You might want to consider the amount of kills the other classes get. On VS, for example, the HA is much much more effective with a minor edge in KDR. On TR it is more evenly distributed with a deadlier combat medic than the other factions.

    Or are you saying that a class that is dedicated to ONLY kill infantry (I know there are indirect means) should should be made even less effective? What? Just because they can get the drop on you?
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  20. VeryCoolMiller

    Because they destroy the outdoor game.

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