Reaver is a Joke Now

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by PhilDun, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. PhilDun

    As someone who has played TR primarily for the past few months (with ~20% as NC), I can confidently say that Reaver is awful. The giant hitbox. The Vortek nerf. Easily the worst ESF now.
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  2. ih8Darian2

    Thread #1000000000 of people over-exaggerating nerfs
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  3. The King

    Meh, I Can say that the scythe is awful or the wrostester of them all.. The Mosquito is the best..
    But it is the reaver that is always killing me.
  4. ZoeAlleyne

    The Reaver is killing you cause the only competitive esf vs esf fight for most NC pilots is verse a Scythe. We cant keep up with a Mossie seeings how the Scythe is only 3-4 KPH faster than the Reaver and the Mossie is 25+KPH faster, that's stock too for all the speeds. I avoid TR air space between the striker, the vulcan and the mossie, VS air space is the only place to have a fun fight.
  5. ih8Darian2

    I also avoid going into TR territory, considering every TR ever has the striker
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  6. vanu123

    I have a pillow for you to cry on.
  7. ZoeAlleyne

    I always say I'm a terrible pilot, I'm actually not as bad as I am but yeah, I hate flying anywhere near the TR because if a Mossie isn't shooting you a Striker is and it's almost always a horde or Mossies covered my a million strikers.
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  8. vanu123

    Sorry you cant 1 clip anymore hahaha, also the scythe has a small/huge hitbox depending on the angle, also the only thing the scythe has is A D movement. THATS IT we dont have anything else.
  9. ZoeAlleyne

    Actually everyone can one clip now, that was the point of the change. The Reaver has the biggest hit box at all angles and is the slowest.
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  10. ItsJustDash

    I am just not going to fly anymore till the next update. Right now I just won't even bother.
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  11. St0mpy

    lol, conveniently ignoring the rever has the best afterburner by a long shot, and overall theres only 3% difference between all three over long distances when all fully certed with racer3
  12. ZoeAlleyne

    Yet afterburner fuel was also normalized meaning my "faster afterburner" is only faster for about two seconds or less. Never mind the fact that put hover on all three and see which one is the fastest with the best turning and smallest hit box.
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  13. ItsJustDash

    You forgot to point out which is easier when aiming the main gun :V
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  14. ZoeAlleyne

    That too, even after the "fix". Lets just normalize all the esf's same damage, same speed, same everything then see where they perform. Never mind the hellfire rocket pods are the highest killing weapon in the game.
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  15. St0mpy

    sorry? heres the patch notes

    where did the ab change? its no different from before afaik
  16. ZoeAlleyne

    The afterburner change was months ago man, months. We have the fastest but it takes more fuel for us to get to that speed meaning our top speed time is lower than the other two esf's. All the esf's have the same fuel at I think its 4.5 seconds. cause before the Reaver had 7.2 seconds of fuel.
  17. St0mpy

    oh right, ages ago, yes now they all have a burn duration of about 4.2 seconds with a recharge time of about 13.8 seconds. So what I said stands, I modelled them more recently (those are the burn and recharge times in my spreadsheet) and when all three have thrust down, burn their ab on and off (including recharge) and have racer3, all three ESF over long distance are within 3% of each other.
  18. ZoeAlleyne

    And how does racer help dog fighting? It doesn't No one used racer frame.
  19. ZoeAlleyne

    You mean to say in this combat irrelevant situation all three perform the same, not apply that to short distance dogfight and who is the winner?
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  20. Messaiga

    Actually.... the Reaver can 1 clip, but without extended clip upgrades you need to have 100% accuracy. I think I would be fine with my Reaver if the Extended Clip Upgrade was not changed so that way instead of adding 2/4/6/8 it adds 2/5/7/10, maybe reduce the price of the 4th extended clip upgrade to 500 certs across the board.