Reaver, compared to others!

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  1. Hrimnir

    I agree with you mostly. The problem is in dog fights we get eaten up. It doesnt matter how good of a pilot you are, another reaver or whatever the TR one is called with even a moderately decent pilot that gets on your tail will eat you for lunch. Its embarassingly bad.

    In my opinion a simple fix is either A. Make all ESF's the same as far as manueverability and differentiate them in other ways, OR, make it so the armor cert you can get on NC doesnt just affect flak and small arms fire, but also adds all incoming damage. So instead of level one being say 5% small arms fire, 15% flak, and level 2 being 7.5% small arms fire and 22% flak (or whatever it is), they can make it level1: 5%small arms, 15% flak, 4% all incoming damage. Make it so by level 5 the all incoming damage is at somewhere between 15 and 20% reduction.

    Personally i would rather have the manueverability. Its really sad, i went to see how good a scythe was, and even with dogfighting 3 on my reaver, the scythe is almost as good. Honestly the scythe stock felt about somewhere between Dog1 and Dog2. I can't even imagine what the scythe at dog3 is like...
  2. Seritjago

    Well, my experience with the reaver is, that I never can even get an enemy ESF in sight for my Vortek, as long as the oponent isnt something like braindead, and even trying to dodge the oponents gun is a task I dont manage for a long time. Either I find a MAX or a Anti Air soon, or I end up dead. And that every time I face some other fighters. Now do I just meet the best pilots, or is it way harder to dodge or do a banking turn with the reaver then with the others?
  3. N0008918

    The Reaver is complete garbage. Hate that thing. It is an inferior ESF in every way. And yes i know the gun does more damage, vertical thrust bla bla bla....
  4. Seritjago

    Well, I think to just say its inferior doesnt help in any way. If you tell me in what way it would be inferior, that would be better!

    So many people think that the Reaver is not as good as the other ESF, if thats right or not, thats less important for my question. but could that opinion about the Reaver be the case why NC flys less then other factions or is that just my obervation?
  5. Chubrokoli

    Well we have 2 problems the Reaver is slightly slower and less maneuverable.
    The rocket pods have "only" 12 rockets, the scythe has 14 and is shooting 2 at once and the mosquito has 16 with a higher ROF than our Reaver.
    Maybe we just need a little more armor for our Reaver or make the explosive range in general of the rocket pods bigger, before the vehicle nerf it was in some way ok.
    There have to be a difference in flying a Reaver, Scythe or a Mosquito
  6. SolidSnake

    Reavers can be effective in the right hands, until you run across multiple HA with lock on launchers. It's not just the Striker since every faction has them but the Striker is the most powerful against ESFs, don't let the biased TR posters here fool you. If all 5 rockets connect you lose a huge chunk of your ESF HP, 70% or so. If you manage to deploy flares, someone else locks on to you and you're ******.

    So Reaver pilots have a higher difficulty flying their aircraft AND the same risks other pilots face with lock on launchers. Toss in a Max with anti-air bursters and... yeah just go play infantry.
  7. Stinkasectomy

    well, i don't have much experience with mozzies or scythes, but i feel pretty good in my reaver. i don't try to fight 5 enemies at once, just take one ESF at a time. i probably average 4 or so ESF kills and 2 assists (usually 2 pilot kills + 2 bails). plus a few libs, and the occasional tank when there are no aircraft around

    i can kill plenty quickly with my default main gun after getting used to the offset ( but i have come across situations where it is completely impossible to hit with it before), and as far as i can tell, weapon wise ESFs are basically the same DPS (except Air hammer)

    so fix the gun centre, and maybe decrease the model size a little bit (5-10% maybe? i am fine with it being a bit bigger, but at the moment its quite a lot bigger). otherwise reaver is fine.

    but really, there are already threads on the gun centering, and the hitbox. weapons are currently slightly biased to reaver, since AH allows more choice (though its not really much better).
  8. ent|ty

    That is simply not true. I have to use 3-4 mags of the w/e missiles, and follow it up while that is reloading with constant pounding from the PPA or Saron Cannon. If the Sunderer is stationary, I put myself in a dangerous hovering position, slowly getting closer to it as I do.

    Perception is everything. When I'm trying to shoot down a Lib (and always get 1-shotted), I wonder why they're so tough. When I'm riding in a Lib though, they seem to go down fast...

    There seems to be an equal amount on Connery of Reavers, Moss,and Scythe.

    Amazingly I get my *** kicked by the Reaver. Most of the pilots seem to have mastered flying backwards, or just sitting in a circle spinning and shooting at you.. Or I just suck. I can fly my Scythe through the eye of a needle, but I can't seem to evade a Reaver once I got one on my tail, never mind being able to turn it around.. You can't play normal plane physics, so most of the moves dont really work.

    As I stated, that simply is not the case. There are some good Reaver pilots out there, more so than Mossy pilots.
  9. Halivar

    just a tip for rocket pods shoot the tanks in the back and you will destroy them in 75% of a mag. Sundies on the other hand dont take as much directional damage and have massive health so they just eat rockets.
  10. Scorponok

    ive fighting with all 3 aircraft and in that way i like the mossie best by the way it handled and the speed i could empty my rockets at people felt easier to kill infantry in that manor as well, but that could be just a feeling.
  11. LanceHavenbay

    Serit, your post is very well written! It was the same till the patch the improved Reaver steering and such. Now we have a swarm of Reavers. The downside: With all the flak and lock-ons, here on Helios our aircraft stay behind a massive tank zerg so that they do not die. Sometimes we will take on the VS, but the VS here have far better ground-game than the TR. Mixed with equal flak spam.

    NC on Helios just do not seem to understand what flak/AA is. xD Overall, I feel like pilots are a dying breed and that the Reaver is no less special than other aircraft, it is simply under used because of its past.
  12. madman278

    Reaver as in its default form sucks of course, worse of the 3 ESF but with a few upgrades its decent enough. Use the AirHammer to get around the stupid auto-aim issue with the Reaver and its gun offset. Cert it to 6 and u can kill another ESF in 1 clip which no other ESF can do.