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  1. Seritjago

    First up, I want to make sure, that this post should not be seen as a crying about the situation and begging for a nerf/buff, I just wanna know how other people see the situation!

    In older Youtube Vids, I allways see people taking out a tank with the breaker rocket pads in just a few shots and I was burning to get my hands on them myself. But I am rather disapointed by them, then being happy. I am not the most skilled pilot, not at all, but once I find a lonley sunderer and I have the time to aim properly, I still need 3-4 mags with my rockets.
    With that situation, what happens is, that my reaver and his rockets never gets used and me, doing something else.
    On the battlefield on the other hand, once I am with my outfit and we are hunted by a Scythe in our Sunderer, they take us out in just one mag, or at least two if we had a good driver who did a good job. Now this isnt my problem, since I am with my outfit, we can encounter that with some good anti-air and all is in right order.

    But a thing that I noticed on Cobalt is: If we get encountered on our run towards the warpgate of the Vanu's, we get hammered by aircrafts. Too many that 3 Maxunits with doubble bursters cant handle them, so easily more then 10. That shows that the Vanu seem to have fun with their Photon thingys, because at the beginning of an encounter there are mostly more air units then ground forces.
    With the Terrans its not the same numbers like the Vanus, but they seem to have fun with their Moscito too.

    The NC on the other hand doesnt seem to fly the Reaver really often, coz my observation shows on a big big zerg towards Quarz Ridge Camp moving further to the Excavation Side and then more into the North, I would have troubble to count more then 3-5 Reavers.

    And here comes my question: Do you guys think/feal the same or a similar thing, or is it a bad obervation or the wrong time I looked at that issue? Do you guys like to fly your Reaver, and what do you think about the demage it deals compared to the other factions and how about the lower demage and still need to aim more?

    I am not asking to change it, I just feal that the Reaver isnt that much interesting then I thought it could be, more the other way: Its a nice transport, but dont even think about fighting.

    Thank you for reading and the possible answers. And please excuse my english, nativly I'm german, but the PSG-Forum is pretty much dead. You are welcome to correct my writing.

    I hope this doesnt end up the wrong way, all I ask for is an opinion, not a change, I still can play the infantry!
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  2. Bolticus

    The rocket pods for each faction have approximately the same damage.
    And a single burster MAX can lock down an airspace from any ESFs easily.:p
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  3. Bolticus

    Oh, and the reaver is a slow and boxy aircraft, but I remember some experienced pilot saying that once you learn how to take advantage of the strong vertical thrust of the Reaver and pull off some maneuvers, you can outmaneuver the other 2 ESFs with ease.
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  4. Puppy

    Then that burster max must only experience one bad esf at a time.
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  5. Seritjago

    Oh, wow, thank you for the fast answers, thats a good start.

    Did you experienced that yourself or more the way "Someone said..."

    Because one of your statement is a bit questionable to me...
    We never managed that and we mostly use 3+ with doubble Burster and we dont even stand a chance and end up in the spawn room and we arent doing it for the first time...

    But thank you for your opinion on that, thats what I asked for...
  6. Bolticus

    Well that's how it currently feels to me.

    When my faction was warpgated on Amerish, there was a burster MAX in the nearest base parallel to the WP in one of the buildings. We had about 3 scythes, 2 had rocket pods and I was armed with my A2A cannon and nothing else. We kept trying to fly in close to get a good shot on him. But the moment we got even remotely close to the base, he opened fire and we were forced to retreat. It's not easy to shoot a MAX through a window 300m away with a A2A cannon. We eventually took him down as a few of us pulled Magriders and advanced on him.
  7. Total_Overkill

    Statistically impossible, no sundy will ever die from just 2 rocket mags of a scythe let alone 1...

    No, it shows you are horribly out numbered and deep in enemy territory. Every server and every faction is the same in this regard... the closer you get to a warpgate, the more enemy air force you will encounter, because people generally pull armor at the front lines.

    You just need practice in the Reaver, take the extended afterburners, the airhammer, and go gank some helpless scythes ;-p
    Reaver rockets need to be shot at the rear armor of tanks to do SERIOUS damage, and have good splash damage against infantry, you shouldnt be having trouble using them o_O
  8. Clonecenter-resident

    Ah, where to begin. All three factions rockets have about the same dps, the differences are very small. The smoke and fire from the explosion can obscure your vision though and near misses will still produce X's on your screen. It is entirely possible that you are simply missing with your rockets. IR or thermal sights will see through the smoke so you can see if you are getting direct hits.

    As for the receiving end. All three factions need more than one reload to kill a sunderer, but just barely, as long as they are direct hits. If you are already damaged he may be able to gib you in one pass, otherwise it will be fire, reload, fi... dead. It just seems quicker when you're on the receiving end. On a side note, I have been able to run esf's out of rocketpod ammo with the use of creative driving.

    3 dual burster maxes should be able to clear the skies of any small number of esf's and potentially very large numbers if the maxes have adequate cover and support. Sounds like your guys are either suffering from lag, latency, a hacker, or need more practice. You have to remember to lead your targets and that the planes are farther away than they look. It helps to remember that they are physically larger than tanks, not smaller.

    I don't see a lot of reaver use on my server either, but I think I may see more reavers than I do mossies and scythes. The NC love them some maxes are are never hesitant to pull burster maxes if even one enemy plane shows up. I've noticed that the NC here tend to be very infantry heavy, even going so far as to do foot zergs across the map. The versatility of 200 Ha's plays havoc with opposing vehicle zergs. Oddly, the biggest problem I see most often is everyone is having so much fun charging up hamburger hill that they sometimes forget to bring enough sunderers, which quickly brings the festivities to an end.

    Back on point. If your friends can't hit esf's with bursters then maybe they should consider some lock-on rockets, I think the hawk is the NC's AA rocket. Don't bother with the annihilator, you need several, they are way less versatile, and tend to miss. Skyguard is a waste of a perfectly good lightning, don't do that either.
  9. Badname82

    Lol. no. reaver is a slug and cannot out manuever the other two.

    It has a more powerful rotary then the other two. It excels in hit and run attacks.

    Overall it is slightly inferior. I'm talking a tiny bit. score per hour and kill rate show this. Very slightly inferior and not game breakingly so.

    But it wont outmanuever a turd. Use better after burner and thrust to hit and run but beware the fact you have the lowest cruising speed.

    Check out Matti. He flies all three. He flies them very well. And considers the reaver the worst. By a small margin but its the weakest nonetheless. Reaver does have the better AI weapon in the air hammer which mitigates most of the issue.

    Harder to fly but hits harder. Typical NC.
  10. Seritjago

    Thank you for all the comments...

    I think its not the problem that we have a lag of skill in aiming our bursters, its more a problem that 10+ ESF deal a lot of demage, and that for each we kill at least one new comes to fight.

    One good comment from Total_Overkill: We truly are often deep in enemy territory, and its true, I'd rather pick my fighter at the Warpgate then a Tank, just due to the time it needs to get to a fight. But still, I never see that much allied air, even closed to our warpgate once the other factions are close, then I encounter the other fighters. Is that maybe as well due to the location of the warpgates. That the Vanu just have much more space to fly "safer" then the NC and TR have?
    Or is it, that the other ESF are easier to fly then the Reaver (regarding that the Reaver has maybe a better potential in skilled hands)?
  11. Scorponok

    Reaver is one of the best when used by a skilled person...ive seen how the reaver does in the hands of a good pilot..but i dont fly the reaver much anymore i suck at it :p but been watching some good pilots and they prove that the reaver isnt crappy...people are.
  12. Seritjago

    Ok, I will accept that, people might be not well skilled, and more and more people do own a lot of anti-air and pull it out as soon as its woth the XP (since the update very often). So I will pump more Certs into the Reaver and its armor and stuff and try to use the VR to train, since I dont survive for a long on the continents.
  13. Bloodskull

    The Reaver is crap compared to the other ESFs. I suggest giving it more armor. If It's going to be less maneuverable, for god sakes allow it to take some hits.
  14. Phrygen

    reaver was best, now its the worst

    From flying the Reaver I think it has some downsides (maneuverability and slow cruise), but damn it makes things disappear quick. If I land most of my shots with stock clip size on an enemy ESF they are on fire or dead. With my mossy it seems to take quite a bit more.
  16. MilitiaMan

    The worst part of the Reaver is the Reaver itself, it is way too boxy and the hitbox is so huge.

    If you can't shoot a Reaver down in a 1 on 1 with a Mossy or Scythe you should probably stop flying.

    You can do some cool stuff with the Reaver but honestly, that doesn't make up for the ability to be a flying brick.

    The Mossy and Scythe are still far superior, if they redid the model of the Reaver and gave it a lower profile it would work so much better.
  17. TintaBux

  18. Frosty The Pyro

    on the rocket pods, more or less, photon pods (VS) have more direct damage per mag and can empty its mag the fastest (even without the glitch), Breakers (NC) have the best splash damage per mag. But overall the diffences are fairly minor. reload adjusted DPS is almost identical, with TR being 1 dps above VS and VS being 6 dps above NC, and considering the scale of the weapons thats pretty much non-existant difference.

    As a fun fact, every nosegun on every ESF can kill any max faster (2-3 seconds) than a duel burster can kill any ESF (~5 seconds of perfect acuracy against a stock ESF).

    the reavers A2A has about 10% more burst dps than the A2A of the other ESFs. Though the recent(ish) increase in mag size to all A2A guns benifited the reaver A2A the most (due to having the lowest base count), once mag size is maxed out for all ESFs the advantage is less signifigant, and all A2A noseguns can kill an enemy ESF in one mag.
  19. Barana

    It's worse in that it's the most unforgiving. If you start turning even slightly too shallow you'll slam into the ground, but once you get a feel for the inertia, you can pull some crazy stunts and extremely sharp turns that the other ESFs will have trouble keeping up with.

    But like MilitiaMan said, the hitbox is way out of proportion for how little health the Reaver has.
  20. Bolticus

    Why is this getting likes?:confused: