Reasons to not go nano/flak, coming soon

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Flashtirade, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Flashtirade

  2. SifuBob

    With the shield capacitor, i dont quite get why the only made the max rank 40% increase. max nano gives +50% health, mak flak +50% resist, why not ASC reduce shield downtime 50%?
  3. Cromell

    I switched from flak to ASC a week ago on my Heavy, I am loving it and I can't wait for the buff. On inflitrator and LA the ammo belt will be pretty useful since those classes operate far from engies.

    Overall, I like those changes because it will add more viable options for suit slots. Right now people mostly stick to flak and nano, because they give the most benefits.
  4. Spookydodger

    Because equal numbers don't make things equal?
  5. Flashtirade

    Before they buffed the ammo capacity for ASRs (yes I actually use those), I ran ammo because I was squishy anyways and my ammo was always lacking.
    I think that ammo will most likely benefit LAs and infs, while shield is just going to be a more competitive choice for the battling classes.
  6. McToast


    I run Flak on my MAX, ammobelt 2 on my infiltrator and NW4 on all other classes. With the reduction in cert costs I might get ammobelt 3 for my infiltrator and maybe for the LA too. Maybe I even try the ASC, but I only if I ever have too many certs^^. Nice changes though, they'll make both suitupgrades a bit more competitive. Especially considering the costs, NW was the way to go for me, now it's a bit more choice.

    the Toast
  7. Thrustin


    That's a good loadout.

    the Thrustin
  8. TeknoBug

    I have shield cap 5 on my NC medic but never really used it much since it didn't recharge fast enough and didn't find any situation it would be useful in. However with the faster recharge, it might be a good choice for HA, I tested on live that it takes 7 seconds from taking damage to it starting to recharge but on PTS it takes 4 seconds from taking damage to recharging, that's significant.
  9. Casterbridge

    Hrm that shield capacitor change is tempting.
  10. Posse

    It's still not worth it, if you're fighting against someone as skilled as you, and he has nano 5, then you'll lose.
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  11. Flashtirade

    Well ASC is not meant for 1v1s, it's meant for engaging multiple enemies one after the other in rapid succession. Shields are half your effective health (without nanoweave), so having them recharge faster means you don't have to spend as much down time waiting for them between fights.
  12. Posse

    But you're risking running into a guy who knows how to play and getting killed easily because he needs 2 less bullets to kill you, I can see certain situations where it might be worth (when fighting certain outfits I know are reaaaaaally bad for example, won't mention them because I don't want to turn this into a flame thread :p).
  13. Liewec123

    it'd be god for popping around a corner with resist sheild up to take a shot and then ducking back behind and letting your shields recharge, the first few bullets never make it through the shield, so for fights with heavy basis on cover the shield could be great, otherwise probably best to stay flak
  14. R3volutionist

    To me advanced shield capacitors are kind of useless on. They probably serve the light assault or infiltrator (with an SMG) much better. The adv capacitor is good for ducking in and out of fights and that works well with what an infiltrator/light assault can do. The heavy assault is very immobile and the overshield slows his/her speed so they can absorb more damage while they dish it out. They are better served having a big health pool or explosive reduction, since them getting away only means ducking behind cover, and in head to head battle someone with more health will beat them, so they are ducking behind cover while the other guy is probably still alive.

    I could see a light assault or infiltrator popping up in an ambush, scoring a kill, and ducking away to recharge quickly and engage again. The adrenaline shield kind of already does this for the HA so I'm not really sure if it'd be that effective for them as opposed to flak/nano.
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  15. SifuBob

    While this is true, would you run ASC (if it was 50%) over flak and nano? all the time? some of the time?
  16. Bill Hicks

    I see your point, but after such encounter nanoweave loses its bonus because unless you heal yourself you will die to the next person.

    I am going shields after its buffed because I never get healed and I will not give up my C -4
  17. Spookydodger

    I've never really cared much about the armor slot. I tend to run a couple of levels of nanoweave and that's it.
  18. Alchonis

    They should probably just remove nanoweave, while its there very few people will actually use the more interesting suit options.

    Just for the record I run with Grenade bandoleer on my heavy assault.
  19. FnkyTwn

    I have Ammo Belt maxed on both my VS and NC Heavy Assault characters.
    It lets me carry 150/400 rounds of ammo on the Lasher and 200/600 as NC
    with the EM6. Obviously that's including Extended Mags. Ursa/Flare with
    150/400 is great for camping specific spots. Tech Plant elevators or Biolab
    landing pads are wonderful places to rake in a butt ton of camper kills.

    But yeah, I also have Ammo Belt maxed on my Infiltrator and LA for very
    specific situations. I doubt I'll be getting those certs back once adjusted. :mad:
  20. repairtool6

    nanoweave as a consept is horrible at its very core. Pure garbage for any so-called fps. Anyway its here to stay and everybode use it, so cool they make the other options more attractive at least