Really SOE? fighting 1 against 5 at all times?

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  1. sansofme

    So i joined Planetside 2 to have some fun, picked my faction ( TR ) and jumped in. played a few hours died hundreds of times. Every corner i turned there was 10-15 NC waiting for the 2 or 3 TR that was there. I thought it might have just been the area so i traveled to many new locations to only be faced with the same problem. This is when i looked at the population map and said " well this game isn't for me"

    Really SOE? you got a great game broken by the fact that one faction has almost 3 times the population as one of the others? 57% to 18%? how did this even happen? how can it even be allowed to happen?

    talked to a few people and they said its been getting worse and worse, not better as the time passes. People are switching to the more populated faction just so they don't run into a 15 man group hell bent on stat farming the poor souls that do not have enough people to even really fight back.

    I commend all TR and VS players on Helios. You guys are great for putting up with this Bullpucky, fight the good fight but its just not for me. Broken is just that ....... broken. As for the NC players all i can do is laugh at the lemmings.
  2. Gavyne

    Where are you seeing 57% to 18%?

    On Helios, Indar currently has 34-28-37

    Esamir 31-31-37

    Amerish 23-34-42

    Of course continent population will change according to where people go to. I'd recommend joining EXE as they're about the only organized TR Outfit that put up a good fight and roll together.
  3. TrainerS2

    Im a NC and i got all the time situation i kill 1 then 2 then going 3 then behind me 4and5 and then 10 shoot at me and RIP
    And there wll be newer balance if 100 players fight agaist 10 :D
  4. Grubfist

    I have a feeling you were looking at the Continent Terminal to get your information.

    It shows Territory Control percentages, not population percentages. It should be more clear, but there you go.
  5. Sulsa

    Dude, there is about 6 square miles of space ON EACH CONTINENT.
    What corners are you turning and running into that many people all the time???
  6. sansofme

    EXE? you mean the 1500 member outfit that has issues with Tking and 60th ranked outfit on Helios that most people make fun of? i have not been around very long but i have felt the EXE sting on the TR side plus there are 28 better TR outfits on helios, not trying to bash a outfit that has that many people but there is such a thing as to much is a BAD thing. Not my cup of tea. It was over a period of a few days i got those pop numbers and i just averaged them out. There was one thing i did notice. On the few times i played that the pop was around 30/30/40 it was a LOT more fun, but that is not the norm. NC normally are carrying 50%+ and TR is normally 25% or less.

    I find it funny that a NC player would comment.
  7. Rhyl

    There's three continents and populations get spread around the factions. Some continents will have an overwhelming number of one faction and that can change at different times or days. Hit Re-deploy and find a "Warpgate" that has a "green button" on the map. It will say "Terran Warpgate" since you picked terran. Or TR warpgate. Anyway go there. Once there. You can find a terminal in the center of the room with a "hologram globe" Hit e by the terminal and then look at the continents. Find one with a good balance spread and join that one.

    The game isn't very newbie friendly but I hope this helps and you give it another shot. Note that territory control isn't the population. You can view the population by clicking the "Graph" area on the right hand side.
  8. sansofme

    I was going to the areas that had Blue and red hex touching each other. Like i said i had not played but a few hours ( over the course of a few days ) but it was always the same thing.

    Also i was looking at world population AND Indar. Pretty much the same thing.
  9. Badname82

    Lol. Even at 50% total population you cant be outnumbered that bad. What is Vs 40% too leaving only 10% for TR?

    NC does not have this pop level anyway. Hyperbole is always an excellent way to get your point ignored.

    Besides don't worry little commie. The 4th faction is on the way back to TR.
  10. Setyri

    You're not looking at the correct statistics. I've never seen any server with a population difference of that magnitude. No faction on my server ever goes below 30%. You're either looking at continent population or continent control percentage, not server population.

    As far as running into uneven fights, you need to do a couple things.

    First, join a platoon and/or an outfit. Don't run around alone trying to jump into random battles; doing so wastes huge amounts of time and can be frustrating. Sounds like that's what you're doing. Usually the large platoons on any given server will be in contact with each other, and they often dictate where the large battles are concentrated.

    Second, realize that sometimes you're going to get overrun by a superior force. It happens constantly, so get accustomed to it.
  11. Pikachu

    Currently on Cobalt:






    NC is often dominating esamir in territory.
  12. Timithos

    The OP is an exaggerator. I don't give constructive responses to exaggerators.
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  13. Gavyne

    I would comment because I have experience fighting the opposing factions. Who do you think is a better judge of how well VS & TR do? Solo roamers like you on TR? Or NC like me who have to fight against VS & TR every single day?

    I can tell you as NC, EXE is the TR Outfit that gives us the most trouble. They were the first to jump into Esamir's cold war yesterday, and had 48% of the continent control for a long time and took a lot of NC territory before VS came out strong towards the last 30mins of the event.

    Also whatever it is you are looking at, is wrong. Different factions choose to push different continents at each given time. Right now at the very moment, NC is working Amerish and has 50% of the population on that continent. But if you flip to Esamir, you see 13% VS 43% TR 43% NC, that's right 43% of you TR are on Esamir having a dead even pop with NC on that continent. Then if you flip to look at Indar, right now it's 39% VS 28% TR 32% NC. So you see factions pushing different continents, you can choose where you want to go to. If you want to be where TR are mostly at currently, I would recommend Esamir. But of course that can change according to what the squads & outfits decide to do.

    NC is getting killed right now on Indar.

  14. Blackbird

    To be honest I have more fun playing my low level NC alt on Waterson than my much higher level TR . The NC players are nicer . SOE refuses to get on and actual play and see the TR greifers and make examples out of them so more and more people are turning to other factions .

    One thing tho , I didnt see where you said you tried different play times . Population varies greatly form time of day to time of day per server .
  15. sansofme

    My play time is limited :( so my times are set in stone that i can play. 9pm to 2am if i wanted to play that long.
  16. Cougarbrit

    Ghostcapping doesn't count silly NC :p

    I don't think I've ever even seen Esamir blue in about a month, it's usually red or purple. You sometimes have Amerish though, but again that's usually red or purple.

    Least when I'm on anyways.
  17. Timithos

    Yup, NC players are the nicest players in real life. I've observed this since 2003 :)
  18. Setyri

    Helios is an Australian server, correct? Are you in Australia? 9pm to 2pm in what time zone?

    Nevermind, its west coast USA.
  19. Gavyne

    That's harsh, 9pm to 2am only. Helios is pretty balanced up until around 10-11pm. If you don't want to be constantly outnumbered as TR, there's another west coast server (Connery) where TR rules pretty hardcore. They often share 40/40 with NC there.
  20. RottenGroinArea

    Some of us chose NC at the start and now we are flooded with every little turd that wants
    to be "I WIN" which completely unbalances the game for the other factions.

    PS2 is a sad mess.