Really hating the game right now...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ProGamerGov, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. ProGamerGov

    I try my best to be a team player but because of the fact my voice is higher than most I am muted instantly by most people. No one listens when I give tactical information or helps me as a team because they can't hear me! This really makes me want to stop playing the game because it seems I am more mature than most of these players. The ignore function needs to be erased on log off so that players like me who can't help having a high voice and don't purposely anoy people can actually communicate with the team.

    This fix is needed soon.
  2. Daioh

    unfortunately, that is a by product of gaming culture, and not the Devs fault

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  3. LordTankT9

    Yup, your voice must be fixed. I recommend large amounts of beer. :)
  4. ProGamerGov

    But can be fixed by resetting ignored players when you log out.
  5. Eleo

    Not sure if serious, but in case, here's a tip:
    Lower your microphone volume.
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  6. Louis Farrakhan

    pretend to be woman
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  7. Daioh

    no, you think it will fix it, all those people will just mute you again when they hear you.

    unfortunate but true, maybe lower your Transmitting volume.
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  8. VelcroPudding

    I'd suggest testosterone injections and a pack of cigarettes a day
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  9. ProGamerGov

    This is something which really ruins the game for me because I can't communicate with anyone.
  10. Jestunhi

    Dear God no.

    If I ignore someone it is for a reason.
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  11. Dixa

    get a logitech g35 with voice mod software.
  12. LordTankT9

    This actually may help. :D

    But I still recommend a beer to lower the voice. :)
  13. haldolium

    this is the most game unrelated thread I've seen in the past 20 years in games complain forums.

    Nice job!
  14. NovaAustralis

    ...and cigars.
  15. DG-MOD-04

    Thanks for the feedback, locking this one down.
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