Really Art Team? Football goodies In PS2?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NinjaKirby, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. Strottinglemon

    I agree. I wish this game took itself more seriously.
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  2. Revanmug

    Last we know, those football "goodies" were Flags of different participating countries.

    What is wrong with that? I would use my Country's flag if it was in the lot.
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  3. Taemien

    I would too actually.
  4. Tommyp2006

    In b4 every NC has an american flag decal on them.
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  5. NinjaTurtle

    If I can get myself an English or British flag decal then I will be chuffed
  6. FishMcCool

    One Nil, to the NC Arsenal,
    One Nil, to the NC Arsenal,
    One Nil, to the NC Arsenal,
    One Niiiiiil, to the NC Arsenal!
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  7. ronjahn

    I'm going to spend my first station cash in 6 months if they give us true American flag decals and camos.

    Because MURICA and all that.
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  8. eldarfalcongravtank

    i gotta agree with op

    but sadly, SOE has no choice than to sell crap like this. since they kinda refuse to invest in an aggressive marketing campaign that opens up PS2 to more potential players and thus brings in more revenue. but instead, they decided to milk the existing playerbase with all these ridiculous cosmetics that dont fit a gritty war game.

    soon, barbie doll ornaments, hello kitty decals and teletubby helmets will follow. be prepared
  9. Kunavi

    A fellow former UO player! O.O HI THERE, RARE RANDOM ENCOUNTER! *Throws PokeBall*

    By the way, you're 100% right. And at least TF2 has gone places, PS2 is too generic.
  10. -Synapse-

    When it comes down to more money or sticking to the lore, SOE always favors the former. Better get used to it.
  11. Whatupwidat

    Are people really moaning about this?

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  12. Morti

    When we have deployable footballs and goal posts and a football field on amerish you can complain then

    He probably just means a couple decals anyway.
  13. Latrodectus

    There are two things Brazilians are known to love: free-to-play games and soccer. Pretty sure SoE is just taking this one to its natural conclusion.
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  14. Morchai

    So can I get a black with gold trim New Orleans Saints paint job for my lightning?
  15. Taemien

    You know you'd rather have Black with Blue trim. :D
  16. Scr1nRusher

    more players is always a good thing.
  17. JesusVoxel

    Oh there are so much art team could do to ******* IMPROVE THE IMMERSION in this game instead of all the time coming up with all stupid crap.

    -More props to use in the bases, so every hut wouldn't have to be littered with the few same props (console, screen, server, bed and locker).

    -Instead of ugly "artistic" camos they could mix camos so for example you could have black pants and camo for armor or red pants, black armor and red helmet, etc. What I mean is mix your camo.

    -They could improve the models (different weapon models, etc.)

    -They could release different armor variants for infantry.

    There is so much possibilities for the art team to make more immersive stuff but all they are doing is making the game as unimmersive mess of ugly camos, stupid vehicle horns, and childish stuff as possible. Only thing keeping me playing at this point is the unrivaled scale of battles. If there would be more realistic game with this scale, I would never come back to this pile of ****.
  18. SpcFarlen

    All of those static items need to be rendered. Render means more draw calls and polygons. Draw calls gets queued in the DX pipeline on CPU and cause bottle neck. More polygons do the same but for GPU. Its the problem with adding more models and refining ones already present. If you add more of anything, it will cause more latency with the rendering, more latency with rendering means less frames per second, we don't need that. I would agree with you... but until major improvements happen to the engine for its abilty to handle more and more unique object renders, it simply wont happen due to that.

    Also i would love to see more armor variants, as well, though opening that part up to the player studio would be a nice touch and give them more ares to branch out into other than just helmets. Kind of surprised we haven't seen them do that yet... maybe they are afraid players would make better gear than the in house devs lol.
  19. Regpuppy

    As someone else pointed out, we constantly borrow things from the past. Imagery, terminology, and even philosophies that survive on for far longer than a measly few centuries. Wouldn't be the first Sci-fi continuum that had at least a few people obsessed with some "ancient sport" or even just the history of their family/sport of choice.
  20. -Synapse-

    Fair enough, but there is no excuse for Everquest Next decals and suchlike. Well, no excuse besides more money to develop the game with. -.-