Really Art Team? Football goodies In PS2?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NinjaKirby, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. NinjaKirby

    I know there's more pressing issues, but seriously, I can't help myself;

    Seriously, who REALLY wants to see IRL Football related stuff in PlanetSide 2, one of the largest scale Science-Fiction MMOFPS games?

    I'm kinda dumbfounded.

    What is happening to this game. In fact, this actually reminds me of a UO Hall quote that sums up the strange direction PS2's been taking lately;

    "EA might as well add Laser Cannons to UO at this point - it would not hurt the game that much more" - Derium of ls

    That's basically where I feel PS2 has stooped too with these sorts of additions.

    Fuken', Second Life should see these sorts of cosmetics added, christ SoE.

    For the record, UO is set in a Medieval Fantasy world with Dragons, Mages, Swordsman and everything else related. But unfortunately it has also seen it's fair share of strange additions (******' Samurai anyone? Is that **** really in the Lore?!)
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  2. Paragon Exile

    Really? You're complaining about this?
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  3. NinjaKirby

    Aye, sort of. I realise there is like 2000 things more pressing, but don't you at least think it's strange to introduce this stuff?

    You don't mind seeing the evil Terran Republic running towards you shooting there Carv whilst simultaneously dribbling a football with a Brazil logo on it?

    I would half expect that.
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  4. Paragon Exile

    I know what you mean, but this has been an 'issue' since SOE put in giraffe camo, lol.

    Sure, it's unrealistic, and I suppose immersion-breaking, but at the end of the day it's a flavour of the month deal that won't really matter. Don't worry NinjaKirby, it's all gon b k.
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  5. Klypto

    I think it sounds fine. Do we have pictures of the actual stuff or are people just assuming things?
  6. NinjaKirby

    *Dribbles a ball towards you*

    Don't look at my characters position, look at the ball!

    *Fires a Commissioner in your face*

    *In the background there is a 200+ strong zerg of football dribbling NC army*

    NC's new theme is this btw

    Edit: I almost want to see this Football Dribbling cosmetic now, it would be freakin' hilarious.
  7. Key Pusher

    PS2 went full TF2.
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  8. Paragon Exile

    It's a break from the hillbilly rock at least ;)

    Seriously though, a grenade skin that looked like a soccer ball would be pretty sexy. And hilarious.
  9. salembeats

    I don't understand how this is immersion-breaking at all. Warriors decorate their equipment with all sorts of ridiculous things:

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  10. VSDerp

    I don't see no issue with it.
  11. salembeats

    While begun for practical reasons of identifying friendly units, the practice evolved to express the individuality often constrained by the uniformity of the military, to evoke memories of home and peacetime life, and as a kind of psychological protection against the stresses of war and the probability of death. The appeal, in part, came from nose art not being officially approved, even when the regulations against it were not enforced.

    Because of its individual and unofficial nature, it is considered folk art, inseparable from work as well as representative of a group. It can also be compared to sophisticated graffiti. In both cases, the artist is often anonymous, and the art itself is ephemeral. In addition, it relies on materials immediately available.

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  12. SpcFarlen

    Art team does nothing but make new models and textures for assets. Hossin right now has its models and textures already done. Level designers are now using those assets to make building, bases, and all that jazz.

    So what is the art team to do? Sit there while SOE gives them paychecks for doing no work? No, they create. So they are creating promotional items during the world cup to go on sale to get SOE some money so they can stay employed and this game can get funding.

    You all really need to learn how development is done. Have to explain this every time there is something in the patch notes about depot items. :rolleyes:
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  13. NinjaKirby

    That's a sneaky but curious double negative there.

    Sounds like you have an issue with it, since you say you do not percieve to have no issues with it.

    I'm glad you side with me on this one VSDerp, it's great to have you on board.

    That's actually a really complicated statement VSDerp, because if you said "I don't see any/an issue with it", then you would be fine with it. But since you applied an inverse, I can only assume the only thing you see are many issues. Oh my god. I think it's bed time XD

    I know :)
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  14. Ribero

    Hmm. Idea for a Camo, the classic Black/White Hexagonal Football pattern.
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  15. Leftconsin

    As soon as I see a MAX stomping around wearing Max's severed head I will agree with you.

    And then award SOE a lot of pun points.
  16. VSDerp

    wow kirby lol
  17. -Synapse-

    True, soldiers do decorate their equipment with silly things, but do they decorate their equipment with references to >900 year-old sporting events? Do they have logos of games that existed and died over 9 centuries ago?

    Personally, I don't mind that much, but the stupidity pandering does get on my nerves from time to time. I just hope Planetisde 3 or something like it will focus more on the actual back story and lore of the game, because that is much more interesting than a bunch of bright colors and popular references.
  18. ajma

    Your name is kind of immersion-breaking, to be honest. :(
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  19. Taemien

    900 years ago? Not too sure about.

    2000 years ago, definitely:


    Besides, who's to say that Soccer or any other sport doesn't survive into PS2's time? In BattleTech, soccer, tennis, bowling, gold, and even American football survive into the 31st and 32nd centuries.
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  20. Epic High Five

    Nothing in the lore to say every soldier on auraxis isn't fighting in part because each faction follows different clubs.

    NS are the officials, hence the love/hate people have with them
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