[Vehicle] Real tankers step up. Just say NO to c4-nerf

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  1. Shadowomega

    I tried reading though many of the posts here to see if anyone even though of it but didn't see any. Instead of a direct buff to tanks HP to help tanks vs infantry fights (and survive c4 more) as well as damage reduction from c4 as a strait upgrade why not create a cert line for it instead.

    Nearly a year ago I posted a massive thread about a tank overhaul in which I had suggested a cert line called Reactive Armor (based on the real world Reactive Armor) which would reduce damage from c4, HE and other explosive sources by set values. This would create a tank configuration that would be more for those with a more close combat mind set, as well as creating a new way to spend certs in what I heard recently as cert inflation. As far as numbers at 5/5 Reactive armor damage from c4 would be reduced by 50%, Damage from HE weapons (Viper, Duster, CAS-14 E, Bulldog, Fury, etc) reduced by 30-35% (These are weapons ment to deal with infantry), and Man portable launchers damage reduced by 15-20%, No reduction vs HEAT/AP weapons.

    I also suggested a new cert that would unlock after the current 3 composite armor where certed that would give the benefit of the three combined as well as rear armor protection. Though this large boon would come at the increased vehicle cost and a slight addition to vehicle weight which would reduce the acceleration and increase breaking time. I also recently though of adding where composite armor could add in a boost vs AP weapons while not directly hitting the damage it would instead reduce the AP boost vs armor. Currently AP has a 20% armor negation bonus and my idea for the composite armor boost would reduce that boost from 20% down to 5% or 10%. HEAT would remain unaffected.
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  2. Boosted

    Tank buff, sure

    C4 nerf, NO! LEAVE it as it is.
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  3. Hibiki54

    I don't know what server you play on so I cannot comment on the meta your server has. And you don't know me, so you shouldn't comment on persons preferences when selecting load outs as each server has their own meta. On Connery, TR and VS lay down mines anywhere and everywhere, especially from Harassers. And with the current server problems, EOD Hud 4 is pretty much useless because the indicators do not show up until the last second.
  4. PrimePriest

    BTW: with this upcoming C4 nerf....does it mean that Harasser also won't be one-shotted by single C4?
  5. FateJH

    C4 is not being affected directly. Everyone is incensed about a tank HP increase.
  6. lothbrook

    Look if you want to continue to waste your defense slot on your VG thats your choice, but i'm telling you right now its holding you back against any serious competition, I also don't bother with EOD, mines are the easiest thing to avoid as all it takes is a bit of understanding where people place mines and paying some attention to where you're driving.
  7. Hibiki54

    You obviously haven't been carpet bombed by Engineers in Valkyries.
  8. Andy04

    The real tankers...... That made me chuckle. It's funny because you think tanks have a real purpose is planetside two apart from farming and camping. Buff c4 I say make it one stick to blow up those useless clunky slow *** tanks.
  9. Mooveoverbrt

    Tanks do, I cant count how many times I showed up to a battle and stopped a push just by taking out the sundy's and crushed the armor push. And as a "Real Tanker" I support not changing the C4, the only reason I get C4'd is because I wasn't paying attention and deserved what I had coming to me.
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  10. lothbrook

    Why would this be effective AT ALL? Mines have a delay of like 5 seconds, and they do almost nothing when placed on top of the tank, meaning you'd have to still drive into them to die and only some time after they were dropped, not only that C4 would be infinitely more effective in this scenario, seriously kid you're looking foolish.
  11. Detectivemac

    If there's one thing someone calling themselves an experienced tanker should hone, it's spacial awareness- up to and including being able to tell where the vehicles you don't see on the field are by sound. Vehicle engines, especially one steadily approaching you from an odd angle, that should be something you or your gunner takes a look at. If you're distracted? That's a fair kill. If your gunner isn't quick enough? That's a fair kill.

    You have to recognize that a suicide flash is a very risky and wasteful tactic. It takes 250 resources to even attempt, can be ended in a single shot from an attentive gunner, at at the end of the day, can only potentially kill a single tank 99% of the time. You're better off saving up or just going for the old-fashioned sneaky business almost all of the time.

    I just don't understand the line of thought behind vehicle mains- you have a cannon that can kill an ESF and almost any infantry unit in the game in one salvo from any potential range, but an Infantry unit being able to get an instant kill on a vehicle by getting two slow-to-throw, melee-range-only bricks on and then detonating for just under half the price of an MBT just isn't fair? How does that make any goddamn sense? Do you know how many times MBTs used to accidentally evade my second brick by accelerating as I'm mid-throw, while they don't even know I'm there? That happens. All the time.

    The only reason C4 is used by so many people is because they're the only halfway reliable way to make SURE that a tank is down for the count. Every other option (Barring something like a galaxy or liberator which have that no-escape effect on damn near everything) gives them a chance to speed off and repair, and there's not much most infantry can do about that unless the tank is surrounded from all sides, which doesn't happen as often as you might think.
  12. EliteEskimo

    When BR 100's or highly experienced players get behind them in the middle of a big battle where there is a lot of cover and a lot of chaos allowing them to come from behind cover from any angle it's often hard to defend against. That isn't to say I don't blow up C4 flashes that come at me, but it's extremely annoying to be in the middle of a big fight with explosions and the like in your tank when for a split second you hear "RRRRRRRRRRR" and then your tank explodes. If this tactic was so risky and expensive, hint it's not now that resources are restored fast, I wouldn't see them being pulled literally on a constant basis.

    As for your examples, yes we can kill hovering ESF's and ones that are moving in essentially a straight line or face rushing us. If a experience pilot comes after you and you have no support you are essentially screwed and if any baddie you kill pulls an ESF with hornets you are also normally screwed. Why hitting an ESF out of the sky maybe much easier with a Vanguard it is considerably harder to do with a Prowler.

    As for C4, it takes 2.5-3 seconds to throw and detonate 2 C4 which if the tank is fighting another tank is no time at all. Secondly I wouldn't have a major issue with C4 if it were actually melee range, but you add in LA and that suddenly becomes 50 meters and they can be chucked over cliffs, ontop of trees, ect. I can't tell you how many salty infantry I've seen get mad that they can't kill me with traditional means, so then they bail from a Valkarie or ESF, hover with drifters, and blow me up when I'm either locked down or engaged with another target behind cover playing peekaboo. If C4 had to be actively placed on my tank like a deployable like the intro scene to the NC propganda film than sure the risk is great, but the vast majority of C4 doesn't blow tanks up that way, it happens from directly above with a LA floating with C4 at an angle a tank fire back.
  13. Dreez

    Nothing should be able to instagib a heavy tank from 100% health, unless you stack enough C4 on
    it to make a 40ft wide crater and turn the tank into scrap metal.

    My problem isn't really the damage against tanks, but the ability to throw C4 like a damn grenade...
    C4 needs a deploytimer of 5seconds, 5 seconds of not doing anything while placing and arming the explosives.
  14. Hatesphere

    they just need to make it so C4 placement on a tank is the deciding factor. splash from C4 shouldn't even register. get 2 bricks right on the back plate? game over. slap one to the front armor as a tank back away from you? laugh it off.
  15. Posse

    When I did those 2.2k kills? Nope, I was just playing Lightning when I felt like it, not only when it was extremely convenient, and I'm pretty sure that for every one of those 5 C4 faeries that killed me, at least 20 or 30 failed and where Viper'd to death. In fact, I got my 2 longest kill streaks ever doing that, and failed C4 attemps definitely helped make those kill streaks longer (in fact, one of them ended by a sniper killing me while I was repairing, lol).

    Sure, specially when the Viper was completely overpowered, they were definitely a lower threat at that time, lol. I had many situations where I had to deal with multiple C4 faeries at the same time (3 or 4), it was as easy as pressing the S key for 1 or 2 seconds and shelling them to death for an easy multikill. Not my fault that your situational awareness is non-existant in comparison.

    As for the Prowler Anchor part, you know that pulling a ESF and 2 C4s costs more than the 450 resources needed to pull your farming chariot, right?
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  16. Jackplays17

    Well said. Honestly, as someone who is a casual tanker and a C4 fairy, You must be VERY stupid to get C4'd. After every shell in my MBT, I pop into the gunner seat for the reload time of the Main gun and I look around real quick. Problem of c4 being OP: Fixed by not being dumb.
  17. z1967

    Its 5 super C4s that don't detonate on you and can be detonated with almost any splash explosive. The AOE is also massive, making the tactic entirely valid for taking out vehicle hordes.

    The mines *usually* activate in flight, but that doesn't matter as I always detonate mine with sticky grenades or an explosive crossbow. You need a really good pilot to pull the maneuver off though. Otherwise you either miess the drop or miss the detonation. And then you have to rely on blueberry/spandex stupidity to detonate the mines instead of reliably detonating them yourself. Works best with a plan (mandatory), 2-4 engineers (mandatory), an explosive nosegun (optional), and squad logistics to replace dead people and get more mines (optional).
  18. Hibiki54

    You seem to like throwing a lot of shade toward me. Why don't you just post your stats and be done with it?

    You can be just all talk and not know a single thing about what you're talking about. I'm on Reddit actively discussing what happening with these tank changes. Corresponding with Higby and other members of the community across all three factions and within my servers player base. I've been jumping on PTS and helping out to actually playtest these changes so maybe SOE can finally do something right (not really).

    What have you done? "oh, mine guard sucks and people are dumb for using it, lol"

    Post a link to your character on the DA site. Post your PTS tag. Post your Reddit tag.
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  19. Jachim

    Is that what C4 fairies actually think? That they're punishing inattentiveness?

    All you need to do is catch a tank combating another tank, and you're easily able to C4 them. This isn't inattentiveness, this is them firing on the biggest threat they should be dealing with (other tanks).

    But no, as it stands, solo-C4 fairies think they're helping punish 'idiots'. A tanker should not have to worry more about a single light assault hiding in a tree or behind another terrain obstacle instead of the enemy tanks.

    Give infantry the ability to take cover safely from tank fire, and if they're sieged in by 20 tanks, blowing up a few of them in sucide C4 runs is not going to save your base so stop complaining.
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  20. Jachim

    "I have to do this really stupid maneuver to kill C4 fairies every time I fire my main gun. I also don't run with a dedicated gunner because reasons."