[Vehicle] Real tankers step up. Just say NO to c4-nerf

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  1. Whatdayisit

    I mainly drive AP lightnings but do spend a good deal of time top gunning MBT's as well. Keeping an eye out for C4 fairies is a constant, and the more vehicles the more the lights that come to try and feed.

    One shotting lights even in mid air or anyone else isn't that hard with AP rounds, and tank defense is certainly easier with a top gunner. Running them over before they can get the 2 sticks on or hit the button can often be a saviour.

    Personally the only problem I have tanking is with the Vulcan H. C4 is nothing in comparison.

    I also enjoy hunting tanks as a light. Try to dodge the enemy infantry that are usually around the tanks. Go wide, come up from the rear using whatever cover is available and hope they dont reverse over you, see you coming and one shot you with the main, or get taken out by the top gun. Then when you do get close enough drop the first stick, then watch the 2nd drop on the ground as they drive off. One stick explosion gets you nothing but a back to base to replace 2 x 75 nanites.

    Getting 2 sticks of C4 on and then hitting the button is a pretty tough task unless you stumble upon an empty tank or someone afk. Other tries you spend time chasing them around and never even get close enough to even use the C4. Although when you get the 2/2 kill and make it out alive it makes it all worth while :D

    Maybe I am doing it wrong but "C4 instakills" :D don't exactly come easy.
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  2. Detectivemac

    You guys realize that the only thing this nerf would do is reinforce mountain artillery pieces by giving light assaults no means to fight them and give players yet another reason to only play Heavy Assault (which is already in my own opinion a big problem this game has,) right?

    Put C4 on tank. Detonate. Rapidly whip out Decimator and shoot. Same goddamn effect as it was pre-nerf for medics and engies.

    I mean, I really don't understand how people think not even allowing Infantry a chance to get the drop on tanks is a good idea- I've seen people claim that tanks were stronger in Planetside 1. I loved Planetside, but you have to realize that it was an entirely different game. Not only did it definitely have problems, but at the end of the day, to cap the base, that tanker had to come inside to kick your *** man to man. In Planetside 2, 90% of fighting takes place outside. Infantry HAVE to confront tanks, and the only solution being "pull more tanks" is a very frustrating and not-too enjoyable gameplay decision. Good pilots can already effortlessly **** on infantry, do ground vehicles really need to?

    Oh, and Planetside 1 was also a game where Infiltrators could take out tanks by hacking/jacking them, which we don't got anymore. Imagine the forumside reactions if that got implemented, my god.
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  3. EliteEskimo

    Infantry will always be able to get the drop on a tank via a C4 flash, man what a cheesy way to die. You hear a flash engine for a split second and before you even have time to turn your turret, boom you're dead.

    I'll be happy when this happens though, I get tired of having to kill the same LA several times before they give up, or maybe people get Salty they couldn't kill you with traditional methods so they use an ESF or Valkaries to bail directly above you and C4 you at a 90 degree angle.
  4. Mystogan

    That is funny. As a real tanker I am against both C4 nerf and tank HP buff.

    However ONLY if HEAT cannons nerf is reverted!!

    I don't remember any "real infantry" players that steped out against HEAT nad HE nerfs.

    I guess as always tankers have more balls than infantry.

    I will trade C4 nerf for HEAT nerf. Otherwise- I hope LA will feel that part of their equipment is as useless as I feel my HEAT canons are. There has to be justice....
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  5. FBVanu

    That appears a bit dramatic...
    "not allowing infantry a chance..."... is not exactly accurate... there appears to be a potential nerf to C4... that would require the infantry to either finish with a rocket or go teamplay with another player.. That is not "no chance".. that is still plenty of destructive power to take out mbts at will, via a little foot soldier.

    I see this as giving tanks a false sense of security.. which will make most tank players stop swiveling their heads to look for infantry threats.. then they got blown up anyway.. and nothing will have changed.
    Then most tank players get the idea, that, yeah, C4 got a little nerf, but, oh boy, those darn slippery infantry, ever inventive, they play together, and still take out tanks left and right.

    IMHO, you could compare the C4 nerf to the many splash nerfs that tanks received,.. where they now have to direct hit infantry, or not be able to protect themselves.. some of the most explosive weapons in the game, have no explosions at all HEAT/HE..
    in exchange for giving infantry such an easy approach and plenty of prey to blow up, infantry will now have to do just a little bit more, to easily blow up tanks. It's just a little. The nerf to tank shell splash was well over 50%, and compared to where it was in Jan of last year, tank shells have been reduced by over 70%, to potato guns.

    Now C4 bricks get a little nerf.. and infantry will find a way to make that look as if it never even happened.
  6. Detectivemac

    How are C4 Flashes cheesy? It's a big, loud target heading directly at you. I never pull that **** because any tanker worth their salt will whip around and pop you with one shot before you can get anywhere near close enough.

    And I mean, people will still be able to use an ESF to pull that stuff, here. All they have to do is soften you up with their guns before dropping. Same result. An' you can just drive away from a dude hovering, it takes a surprisingly long time for C4 to fall. Prowler is the fastest tank in the game, trust me. He exhausts even one of his bricks, and he's ******.

    I play alone most of the time, and making it damn near impossible to deal with armor without shouting at some random player that probably isn't going to listen isn't too appealing to me. I'll still be able to take them alone as Heavy Assault, but... I don't like that. At all. Heavy Assault is boring, I don't like playing as one.

    I do solo base defenses a lot. I **** up most of the time, but this nerf is just going to take it from "ridiculously hard" to "damn-near impossible."
  7. lothbrook

    Sorry but vehicle players won't give you much sympathy, we've been dealing with render range issues for the majority of this games lifetime, infantry players that pull vehicles with just the intention of getting close enough to C4 you, and infantry sitting on a mountain raining unavoidable death with lock-ons with no hope of ever returning fire because of either render issues or the simple fact its pointless to kill one knowing he'll be back in 10 seconds or less, lol, these changes are long over due, especially since the weapons nerf tanks got a while ago.

    Also i got a big kick out of 90% of fighting taking place outside of a base, RIIIIGHT, lol.
  8. AlterEgo


    May HEAT return to its former glory, man!
    If these HP buffs come into place, my rockets will be useless. But as you stepped up, I shall do the same. Down with the nerfs! Down with the changes! DOWN WITH EVERYTHING!
  9. Posse

    Lol, not really, situational awareness is a skill you have to master (although 99% of the tankers don't have even a bit of that, including Eskimo who believes himself to be a good tanker, lel)

    I think in my 2,2k Viper kills I got killed by C4 4 or 5 times, no more than that. And it was always my fault that I got killed by C4 (or a calculated risk)
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  10. Pokebreaker

    They couldn't make it to the polls, as they were still being harvested by long range tank fire ;)
  11. Hoki

    Look at it this way, they moved prox radar to defense to compete with NAR, which is NOPE.

    Most people used extinguishers anyways when it was utility, but now nobody uses it at all. Skyguards especially used to use them a lot.
    Also, do you really think surviving 2 C4 bricks is a better option than just giving tanks prox radar? It doesn't even need to be the full radius.
  12. Posse

    They shouldn't survive 2 C4s, and they shouldn't have proxy radar by default, what's the point of having different choices for utilities if you won't have a trade off between them
  13. Detectivemac

    Render issues have absolutely nothing to do with balance, that has to do with SOE being bad at fixing their three year old game. I've had to deal with the memory leak deciding to kill my performance at the best possible time. To solve this issue, we should nerf other people so I have a chance, yes?

    And yeah, right. Most fighting takes place outside. Not outside a base, but outside, where air vehicles or in the case of some bases a well positioned ground vehicle can shell the **** out of someone.

    And I mean, it's not like mountains being unfriendly to tanks is something Planetside just made up to **** over tank owners, that's just how **** is, isn't it?
  14. Apples

    I've said it many times before, c4 has never been an issue for me when I run in an MBT or Lightning tank, the only times it ever kills me is because I might get careless for just a little while or I step away etc. It's extremely easy to avoid getting c4'd in this game but the new players who pull tanks and some people who just never break their bad habbits don't understand these practices and complain time and time again. So they're finally going to nerf it by the sounds which is a real shame, it already gotten two big nerfs in the means of AI and anti-sunderer. The sundie one made some sense but it's really not an issue with MBTs as they're far more defensive and mobile than a parked sunderer which usually is hidden as best as the driver can do so with. I could repeat the same instructions for how not to get C4'd in this thread but I must have done it in a dozen others already and it isn't sinking in.
  15. Hibiki54

    No. Mine Guard and Stealth are the two main armor slots that I use on the Vanguard. I also use Nanite Repair, but only when I'm solo grinding. Stealth is obvious, but Mine Guard is great when I'm leading a pack or when Harassers start circling. Mine Guard also protects against AV grenades (which is why I excluded them from my Reactive Armor pitch).
  16. EliteEskimo

    Still making childish remarks against non infantry dedicated playstyles? Well not that I'm surprised, as you always were one to poke fun at others with baseless smack talk.

    While you have 2.2K Viper kills I have 2.6 K AP MBT Kills and over 12 K combined MBT kills alongside of several hundred Lightning kills as well. You normally pull tanks only for a short while when it is extremely efficient to do so. Likely when dealing with AOD or an NC Zerg if I had to guess. You don't even have 50 hours in a tank with the Lightning and MBT, while I have over 500 hours. You use a tank as a temporary tool, I use it as a playstyle. Yes I would say I'm a good tanker now that I'm able to play at 40-70 FPS on high settings instead of the 15-25 FPSbelow minimum setting which I had to deal with for about 90% of my total game time up until now.

    Due to the low profile, high mobility, and small nature of the Lightning they are often ignored much more by infantry players than MBT's. There also provide more difficult targets to C4 than a Vanguard/Prowler. You also neglect to take into consideration that the Prowler's special ability to lock down leaves it open for C4 attacks from directly above from salty infantry players wanting to seek revenge in the least counterable method possible. Of course the Magrider is the hardest tank to C4 by a long shot, so in between the Lightning which is small and often far more ignored by infantry players, and the Magrider which is the hardest MBT to C4 alongside the fact you only pull tanks when it is extremely convenient to do so it is not at all surprising you have the opinion of C4 that you have Possee.
  17. EliteEskimo

    A flash is a big? Also in the middle of a big battle the flash's sound is often overshadowed by many other vehicles and explosions. Yes a flash is as good as dead if they face rush you, those I kill many of. It's the ones that come from behind a hill and turbo into you with only a split second to react that are deadly. Or you know the ones that come from your side or behind when you're in a middle of a tank fight or engaging some other entity which is a threat to you.

    After the nerf this won't be nearly as big of a problem with an ESF/Valkyrie. If the ESF/Valkyrie even does 1 health of damage the element of surprise is gone. What people do is they bail directly above you, use drifters to hover above you until the moment is right and then drop C4 from a 90 degree angle. If more than 2 sticks of C4 are required it will discourage people from trying this against a full health MBT. The Prowler also has the ability which locks it into place and has an unlocking time, and has two shots to fire requiring more time to aim for the second shot.
  18. Dfog

    This. So much of this. I don't consider lightning drivers to be tankers, especially AI ones. Lightnings are an infantry vehicle alongside sunderers and valkyries in my book. Most of them do the dumbest things and are usually pulled en masse by "combined arms" zergfits.

    Lightning drivers don't realize how low priority they are on the battlefield and assume their survivability is because they have great positioning and awareness. It is exactly as EliteEskimo says, their small size and mobility allows them to be ignored, but also they just aren't that much of a threat. As a tanker, there are SO many things that are more dangerous than them that when I go through my list of targets, lightnings are near the bottom unless it's a convenient kill, like 1 shotting you from the back. Heck, even a single heavy assault peaking from the top of a hill is more intimidating.
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  19. lothbrook

    Then you're a clueless tanker if you use mine guard seriously, lol. It offers zero benefit in combat, and is totally useless with just a bit of fore thought, as in maybe i shouldn't barrel down this road toward that sundy at full speed with blinders on, and i can count on 1 hand the number of times i've been killed with an AV grenade in the over 300 hours i've ran my VG.
  20. stalkish

    Tell me about it, theres also the harraser bailers, and the fact that for 1-5 seconds they are invisible after bailing out right next to your tank (lets not get into the whole instant bail at 100kph only to be standing still with no momentum).

    I also find it funny that most c4 advocates say, 'only crap tankers get c4d, its useless against a smart player, its extremely hard to do', and alot of other reasons its not very effective. Then in the same sentence they say 'its our only defence against tankers, remove it and tanks will kill infantry unopposed' bla bla bla.
    o_Owhat?? Is it an effective counter or isnt it?

    Personaly i dont see the problem with using vehicles to counter vehicles, i run infantry air ground all dependant on the situation, i play all aspect of the game, im confused as to why everyone else seems unable to do this.
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