[Vehicle] Real Lightning Projectiles Have Curves!

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  1. Sprinkletit

    I noticed this forever ago, have since learned to compensate for it. You get used to it quickly.

    Also am I the only that thinks being able to accurately shoot in 3rd person would be a huge game breaker? Not to say you shouldn't use third person but I feel like it serves its purpose well enough as it is, being able to have a near 360 degree of view while raining hell down on everything would give you too much of an advantage to be honest, as it would make it hard for people to sneak attack you.
  2. ColonelChingles

    With the recent 3d person camera changes, the compensation is much, much worse. Regardless, there's honestly no reason at all for it to exist... the Prowler also has offset cannon but does not feature he screwy curveball trajectory.

    I'm pretty sure that 3d person view isn't anywhere near 360 degrees of vision. Probably between 90 degrees and 110 degrees. This is what 3d person view looks like currently:


    You can see on the minimap that there is a VS Sunderer on my right, but it is not visible on my screen. I can only see the VS Scythe on my right edge, and what appears to be a TR Sunderer on the left edge of the screen. The field of view seems pretty close to 90 degrees (maybe a tad more), but I still cannot see things to the immediate sides of me or anywhere to my rear.

    In most of the other online tanking games, much of the action takes place in 3d person view, with 1st person being reserved for more accurate shooting.

    World of Tanks, probably the giant in armoured vehicle gaming, is largely played in 3d person, with a camera view quite similar to what we have in PS2:


    WarThunder, which also dabbles in tank warfare, similarly employs 3d person in fights (as it does with aircraft):


    Armoured Warfare, a relative newcomer in tank gameplay, allows for most combat to happen in 3d person, switching to 1st person for precise shots.


    The industry standard seems to be to allow tanks to fight in 3d person. Planetside is actually far behind the curve (no surprise) when it comes to tank gameplay mechanics, with the lack of being able to fight in 3d person being one of those.
  3. Daigons

    I was testing some crosshairs this morning and I've been noticing a bunch of problems with the server. When I logged back on after a disconnect, the BattlEye decided to go bonkers with Recursion and refuses to allow the crosshairs to be run.

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  4. ColonelChingles

    Hmmmm... I'll have to test out Overwolf.

    On a more positive note, perhaps this means that the Devs are thinking about implementing 3d person overlays themselves? I can see them getting rid of 3d party features if they plan to add (and sell) 3d person overlays themselves.
  5. ColonelChingles

    As of this morning, Overwolf and overlay functionality with it still seems to work without problems.
  6. Daigons

    It looks like they might have made some changes to the Lightning's projectile path on PTS. I took a look this morning to give the treads a try and noticed the change to it's projectile path.
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