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  1. Nak

    Hey everyone!

    I'm back to update the original post with a few more posts.
    • This post highlights some additional changes and bug fixes we’re implementing based on your feedback that we have gathered from these forums, in-game bug reports, and the PlanetSide subreddit.
    • The following posts address the three most common concerns that we've seen. We’d like to clarify some of our mechanics and intentions to clear up some understandable misconceptions.
    So, let’s go over the feedback! Based on your input, we’re making the following changes:
    • Construction
      • Slotted and ineligible implants will not be removed from the available component list as implants are slotted; instead, they’ll be greyed-out as they transition to unusable states based on the currently slotted components
      • We’re sorting the items by name now and adding tier filters to the component list
      • We’re adding a better construction guide
    • HUD
      • The implant HUD element should clearly indicate when an implant is equipped but is not powered due to lack of energy
      • The implant HUD element should not be as salient when implant energy levels are high
    • Implant Effects
      • Enhanced Targeting now shows the health of focused enemies even when they have full health – previously, health was only shown when the enemy was damaged
      • Sensor Shield now only shields walking and crouch-walking infantry; sprinting infantry are not immune

    Thanks to your bug reports, we’re fixing the following problems:
    • The implant HUD element should no longer disappear after using vehicles
    • Implant energy should no longer be consumed in VR Training
    • Consumed implant tooltips should no longer be visible for a short period of time during construction
    • The finished product’s tooltip should no longer be visible until the construction animation completes
    • A message should be displayed when a charger can’t be used due to the energy cap
    • The equipped implant warning message should trigger on the slot action (formerly triggered by the construct action)

    By popular request, we are now developing an implant that lets the equipped user know when the user is spotted as a counter to the Awareness implant.

    Here’s an updated list of known issues that we’re addressing that wasn't covered by the feedback and bug report updates:
    • Audio continues to play after shortcutting the construction animation sequence
    • The “No Energy” icon is missing on the HUD when energy depletes
    • Drops can’t be claimed properly on PTS
    • Final drop notification is still in development
    • Final implant pack messaging is still in development
    Please continue sending us feedback and helping us polish the implant system before it goes live. Thanks!

    • Read your feedback, fixing bugs, polishing UI, adding the "Am I Spotted?" implant by request
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  2. Nak

    Now, let’s talk about some of the common concerns we have seen in various feedback paths.

    Concern 1: The implant system introduces pay-to-win to PlanetSide 2

    For the record, we do not want to introduce P2W mechanics in PlanetSide 2.

    We believe the current implementation of implants compares to the other item type that has an SC or CP choice: weapons. They’re very similar in the following aspects:
    • Do I get a default item, making any other implant I use a trade-off of my starting item that I get for free? Yes
    • Can I acquire all gameplay-affecting items via gameplay without paying a cent? Yes
    • Can I accelerate my item acquisition rate via SC purchases? Yes
    Is there a difference between weapons and implants? Yes, an energy system governs implant use.

    However, the energy system in itself is simply a tactical use management system by nature. We made sure to not introduce P2W elements unnaturally by implementing the following factors:
    • Energy chargers drop frequently
      • Energy from charger drops alone should be sufficient to consistently power tier 1 implants and the default implant
    • Better chargers can be constructed from implants
      • As mentioned in the original post, implants drop and can be purchased with cert points, so they can be acquired without spending any real money
    • Chargers can still be purchased with cert points
    • Any player can earn cert points without spending any real money
    • With proper energy management, energy from constructed chargers should be sufficient to consistently power higher tier implants
    Of course, we're still working on getting the drop rate balance right and we'll probably have to do a lot of tuning after the system goes live since it's practically impossible to perfectly balance on test environments in a game like PlanetSide 2, but we'll continually work on getting the drops into a fair, balanced state.

    So, bottom line, we only sell cosmetics, such as helmets, shinier version of weapons, etc, and convenience, which is instant access to trade-off items and faster access to power items. Since the implants system falls squarely into the convenience category, we fulfill our goal of only selling cosmetics and convenience.

    Implant SC purchases are like weapon purchases, where SOE sells convenience, not exclusive access to power. The entire implant system is accessible by players who do not spend any real money.
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  3. Nak

    ...the TL:DR is supposed to be a TL;DR in the previous post.
  4. Nak

    Concern 2: Implant x will break the game because it completely counters y playstyle

    First - if everyone could use every implant at the same time, the game would definitely be broken. However, players can only use one implant at a time, so the chance that a playstyle will be completely countered via use of only one implant type across the thousands of players who are online at any given time is minimal.

    Second - the implants that counter other mechanics in the game are simply preventing those mechanics from being “I win” mechanics. For instance, we always wanted to have a counter to concussion grenades because the grenade itself shouldn’t always be an easy win item in close-quarters combat when it is used. The Clear Vision implant provides this missing counter.

    Third - it will be difficult to fight against a squad that runs with a variety of implant effects, but we like how that situation plays out because one of our goals is to encourage team cooperation… which leads into the last common concern.

    Implants add additional tactical, predictive choices to the game and balance some overpowered mechanics without completely removing existing playstyles
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  5. NCDaniel

    Oh, okay.
  6. Nak

    Concern 3: Implants reduce the need for team cooperation

    While some of the implants empower solo players, several of the implants actually encourage playing with an organized squad.
    • For instance, a squad is more powerful if they have a squadmate running with an EOD HUD implant, calling out enemy explosives while scouring enemy territory.
    • Vanguards (people, not tanks) of the squad running with Awareness increase the odds that the other squad members will have the ability to seek and destroy enemies after the first wave takes hits.
    • Marker helps the squad track down enemies who were wounded by friendly players.
    • Sending in an infiltrator with Sensor Shield to destroy enemy Motion Spotters and hunt down enemy infiltrators who use the Recon tool allows the rest of the squad to move easier without fear of premature detection.
    • Having one or two squadmates with EMP Shielding or Clear Vision increases the chances that a group of squadmates can react to a concussion, flash, or EMP grenade.
    Overall, we’re excited about the new teamplay dynamics that implants introduce to PlanetSide 2 and we look forward to seeing how those dynamics play out and change over time as players on servers adapt to what other players on the server are using.

    Implants open up team loadout strategies that strengthen coordinated groups.
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  7. Nak

    Lastly, please continue checking out implants on PTS and sending us feedback, bug reports, and ideas for new implants! Thanks!
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  8. Tcsisek

    yea but a lo of those provide a direct counter to other items in the game. who would place a motion sensor if it only detected
    3 out of 5 players. who would try to set up and be stealthy if the guy you shoot will alert everyone else even if they didn't see him die. who would use a concussion nade if 3 people were barely affected by it? you get my point? please rethink this.
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  9. Anti-Skub

    I don't see anyone complaining about Implant purchases, what I see people complaining about are purchasing chargers. Purchasing chargers isn't like purchasing weapons, it's like purchasing resources. With resources, by using care to keep your vehicle alive and fighting in specific areas for the right resources you can have a vehicles most of the time, but if you sold resources for SC you would remove those limitations.

    Selling chargers bypasses the system you've put in place to limit the use of implants. It bypasses the gold sink effect of having to buy chargers for certs which will make progression for free players even slower while not affecting paying players at all. And it allows infinite uptime with no need to think about how much power you are consuming or creating.

    This is in no way like selling guns. If you want to compare it to infantry weapons then a more accurate comparison would be if you started selling an infinite reserve ammo pool for SC. Get chargers out of the shop and you've solved your pay to win problem.
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  10. iller

    Yes, and ESP & TextureHax usage is RAMPANT in most of them. That was one of the few nice things about this game. Less ESP'ers.
  11. salembeats

    Hackers are rampant in every FPS game.

    In fact, I was just playing 30 minutes of "no-map hardcore" BF3, and I saw 3 people in the chat log who were blocked from connecting to the game for hacks.

    The thing that keeps hackers at bay is good detection, moderation, and countermeasures for ban evasion.
  12. Nak

    Fair point.

    Would you say the pay to win concern is mitigated if the charger had the SC cost removed, but could still be purchased with CP?
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  13. RyanGUK

    This is what I thought the system was always going to be, batteries available through certs, drops or (in my dreams) through a new Amp Station distribution bonus or something. Was it going to be any different to what I thought? :S
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  14. Xuerian

    I have to agree with Anti-Skub as well. Resources and Implant energy amount to ammunition, which is too far over the line.

    Certs would remove the ability to pay for a advantage by one step, as now XP boosters would increase your "Ammo" gain as well as Resource boosters. I would prefer it to the current option, but it still doesn't seem to be the best option for the game.

    *Reddit threads I've posted on this subject, because I really don't feel like reposting them on the forums and no account is required to read them:

    TL;DR: Certs only for energy is better, but brings XP boosters into the same questionable area as Resource boosters

    I want to buy more helmets, more armor, weapon skins, vehicle cosmetics. I've spent over 300 on this game now and intend on spending more if it stays worth playing. I understand not everyone is like me, but I am far from alone.

    I also appreciate you guys working with us on this.
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  15. RailFury

    My Concern #4 is that I don't think that the charger should be 'always on.' I don't want to have to constantly switch load outs to prevent 'wasting' my charger. Give us a button to turn on/off the power to the implants.
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  16. AllSkillorNoThrill

    ________________________________________________________________________________________ _ _ _ _ _ _

    I agree as well. My membership will be up April 10th and I was dead set on renewing for a new year especially for the price for the 12 month. SOE has done a lot in the past 6 months since i started playing that at first i was skeptical and irritated about. As time went on I have seen SOE do well in listening to our "feedback" and answering in a very prompt manner with the added bonus of excellent customer service. Also, they WILL go the extent to make sure gameplay is fun, reasonably priced and has dedicated patch updates. This is a first in the gaming world for me.

    With that said, My name is Commander2x - Waterson Server, and I WILL NOT EVER renew or PAY for ANYTHING EVER AGAIN on this game if the implementation of these "Implants" are not RECALLED and thought over with a sober mind frame. Not only will you lose revenue from SC provided by dedicated players, some (LIKE MYSELF) *WHO absolutely <3 this game* WILL STOP paying and eventually STOP playing this game entirely.

    HINT : I have a marker permanently on my screen "indicating" where i should be? Not able, to at the minimum, check box it on or off (-.-) and YOU REALLY EXPECT new players to even know how to use this new implant system let alone cert it on top of the FACT that again there was such a HUGE problem with these players finding a battle (-.-) because apparently they don't teach children how to read maps anymore, that this PERMANENT Indicator is stuck on my screen mucking up my vids my gameplay my irritation level. Seriously I like the idea but the delivery has NOT been "thoroughly thought through". <- say that 5x fast xD

    Heres an example of why this needs to be rethought in a new or out of the box light....

    Can anyone tell me the amount of certs necessary to fully max out your Engineer's Utility Pouch? - (A) 3,100 certs
    How much time does it take you to gain 3,100 certs? *obviously this varies from player to player*
    Now lets add how much it'll cost you to gain C4/TMs/A-PEs at full capacity. (A) 1,250 certs
    And lets not kid ourselves here, WHO DOESN'T have a STICKY Grenade on deck - add 100 certs to total.

    4,450 certs WASTED(not Gucci) on a character primed to be a unabomber because of a very inexpensive, not very well thought out*** "implant" is going to be introduced, that will show any explosive to the player with the implant equipt. (((NOT THINKING ABOUT))) how he/she will then SPOT the frikkin trap so that EVVVVVVVVERYBODY SEES IT!!! *HUGE THUMBS UP* -sarcasm

    Keep in mind the TIME SPENT for the amount of certs that now are just thrown away and not only that, those certs DO NOT include everything else that is needed on your engineer. (-.-) MURDERING A LOT of DEDICATED PLAYERS time, effort, and now an entire class of its own, personally the most fun eng class I have used so far.

    Last I checked, I did not see an Implant for Engineers to be able to "cloak" their explosives from enemy Implants like the one i'm tearing apart now. Checks n Balances System? WTFs THAT?! (-.-)

    **not very well thought out - Im sry I like the outcome of the hard work and time you guys spend developing this game, BUT please remember this is Sony Online Entertainment - MAKE - BELIEVE. I believe you guys CAN do it!!! Please just don't forget about the players who are dedicated to keeping this game running - via, feedback, time spent, MONEY spent. - You know damn well Commander2x <3's you! and I definitely wanna see yall gettin your paychecks! So ty ty ty for all you've done so far but again PLEASE consider alternative options or a better checks and balances for these Implants.

    In total I'll keep spending my time and money being a member and playing this game ONLY under the condition that Implementations to this game are WELL THOUGHT OUT and considered to be fair (Checks and Balances) to all players.
    I understand the drive for new clientele new business but the very BEST way to drive your business into the ground is to kick your bread n butter in the nuts (YOUR DEDICATED PLAYERS/MEMBERS) *Keep in mind NOT ALL dedicated players have a membership!!

    <3's mah Dev team and CSR team



    And for the haters that want.. o no sry, NEED this Implant to show you where C4/TMs/A-PEs are I got a "PRO-TIP" for ya..

    PRO-TIP : Use common sense - Knowing that people have the capability to murder you in these specific ways try looking thru the doorway BEFORE running into it, Looking at the road BEFORE running into a TM, try looking for the distinct BLINKY *** LIGHTS on most explosives that are provided to YOU by SOE for people that dont pay attention to jacksheesh. Thats the nicest way I could possibly tell YOU - (The player that NEEDS an Explosives Detection Implant), to PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR _______ and PAY ATTENTION. Google : Situational Awareness - its NOT a new concept. (-.-)
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  17. iller

    That's one way to hamfist it I suppose. I think the Crux of the issue however is that nomatter what a F2P/competitive player does, they are in a race against Time itself to try and compete with the guys who have money to burn on SC for chargers. Every time they LOG IN, the phantom hanging over their head is a clock ticking down and the realization that they have to play/farm perfectly every time to maintain Tier3 and full charger up-time. And if they don't, then time itself counts down and their current charger depletes and eventually they end up in a deficit. I don't what alternative there is to that unless there was a means of "stockpiling" T3 compatible chargers from doing specific tasks that WOULDnT be seen as "farming" to those players.
  18. Klypto

    I think their point is moot.

    Like scopes, I believe very few people are going to actually spend SC to buy that stuff. It doesn't mean it's not worth putting in the SC purchase ability in, but it's not as extreme as they make it out to be to require taking it out.

    To me, the people who would spend SC on that have either too much money or too little brains or both, and would be even less common than the average SC user / spender. I would like that they have the option to waste spend money SC for that if they want to and support the game.

    My view could be a bit distorted though since I earn certs far faster than 99% of players.
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  19. Trumblez

    My biggest issue with the charging system for implants, is that having it cost certs would basically make it only be used by BR100s, or players who have all the items they want already unlocked (or paying members who can unlock everything else with SC).

    The entire charging system for implants should be scrapped, unless you make it cost something like infantry resources to charge. Making it cost certs just means that new players will be put at even more of a disadvantage, as they have to choose to either charge an implant to be considered useful in a squad, or save up for that shiny new gun they want. This would have a negative impact on the game, as it would make grinding feel even slower for non-paying players, or make them feel as though the game is pay 2 win, because only people with XP boosts or boatloads of SC can afford to drop certs on charging implants.

    Charging system should be scrapped.
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  20. AllSkillorNoThrill

    Nak, I <3 you guys for the absolutely brutal code you have to add/take away to execute these implementations and on top of that, the personal/on the clock time you guys spend creating and upgrading this masterpiece but, you're killin me xD This specific post I have to disagree with you on. I created a post demonstrating why 1 specific Implant (EOD Implant) is going to to have some serious consequences for a lot of dedicated players who have spent so much of their time acquiring the certs to upgrade a playstyle that will no longer be usable for its main purpose - The Anti-Vehicle Engineer a.k.a. the Bomb Maker.

    I know you are extremely busy but if you have the chance to sqeeeeze just a couple mins in to read my post I'd really appreciate your thoughts on what I had mentioned concerning an Implant to counter certain Implants. My example was an Implant that will when fully certed totally "cloak" the players explosives minus grenade indicator unless yall thought it would be a cool ida to toss that in as well? just a suggestion for you guys love this game love the work yall do. Thank you for your time Nak.

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