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  1. Takoita

    Pardon my French, but this seems exactly the same pile of poop, just turned a little bit to the left. Where is the supposed 'rework' this idea supposedly went through? My sight and mind might be going in my advanced age of 23, but this looks exactly the same as the previous variant from where I'm standing.

    Did you guys just wait for the poopstorm to die down a bit and try to push through the same thing with only cosmetical changes hoping people won't care enough to bombard Smed's mailbox with complaints like the first time? How exceedingly... politician of you.
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  2. Wobberjockey

    Implementation thoughts on the system

    1. sorting should be by tier, then by alphabetical order. i feel that highest tier should be visible first, as that is probably what i am likely to use, while the lower rank stuff is likely craft fodder
    2. give me a way to lock implants that i want to keep for crafting that aren't in a load out. nothing would annoy me more than accidentally crafting an implant i wanted to keep.
    3. implants in a loadout should listed, but not available for crafting (along with a listing of what loadouts they are in, and a button to remove from all loaduts) the pop up at the end of the process os OK, but it really should happen when the offending implant is added to the queue
    4. an add 3 or add 5 button would be useful. i can imagine having piles of implants that i have no desire for and wanting to simplify the process of processing them
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  3. Vivicector

    Looks... Awful!!! No, really, WHAT are you doing? So, no the people who don't have resources to pay for batteries will be obviously weaker then those, who can. This is NOT right. Just as well, ability to counter and bypass some mechanics by simply putting an implant SHOULD NOT EXIST. No auto-spotting. No mines detection. No sensor shield. NO. WAY.

    Implants should not be based on consumables. They should not be a way to completely negate somebody's smart play. Never.

    So, lets look at the example.
    1) If I spent a lot of time flanking the enemy group as a sniper and searching for a good position before the death screen update, I would be rewarded by several kills and enemies will have to spend time and lives to pinpoint my location and then get there. So, my work would have been done perfectly.
    2) After the death screen update, they don't need to search for long, since the first person killed will have the general direction to my position. My smart play and flanking manoeuvre is somewhat punished by deathscreen. However, they don't know the exact position and I still have an advantage.
    3) Implant update as it is. The first person with awareness implant, whom I will damage (not even kill), will have my pinpoint and exact location translated to every other enemy. So, my smart play will have no reason to exist, since my good position will be spotted for everyone in an area.

    Well, if implants will be implemented as they are not, I will quit the game. I didn't like the last balance update, but this one is too much. I just don't want to play in a P2W game, where only a direct rushes and zergs are favoured by devs and any smart play is punished.
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  4. DeadliestMoon

    Lol, you're just noticing? Doesnt matter to me, im all for implants now.
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  5. Thrustin

    You are for anything the devs shove in our faces, even if it is detrimental for the game.
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  6. Spaw 13

    A lot of players will leave the game if this comes to the Live server...
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  7. Adeon

    Yes we need a list of implants. I hope we will not get balance-ruining implants like radar, thermal and concussion immunity.
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  8. Jeslis

    still waiting for list of implants again.
  9. Kohm

    I really like how implants work, but seriously, I really wish that it should be waited for at least 6 more months so SOE could have time to fix the mess that every new update brings up till now. The game's in quite a bad shape (glitches, bugs, crashes) and if new contents keep coming without having old ones fixed, I'm probably gonna leave the game (well, too many bugs for me, how can I play well?). Glitches and bugs affect many players (members included).
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  10. Anti-Skub

    Can anyone explain to me how "chargers" are different from "batteries" and why they think that selling chargers for SC is a solution to the thing that everyone complained about the last time implants cropped up...selling batteries for SC?

    As far as I can tell the idea seems to be to call it something different, try not to mention that it's available in the store and hope no one notices.
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  11. Doomzzg

    Overpowered garbage. Now let's see that roadmap thread again
    Now let's quote what Buzz once said
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  12. ThereIsNoTry

    I don't (well, maybe I do) get why they make Regen the default one. Unless you "overpower" it:
    • new players wont benefit from it as they don't live long enough
    • medics don't benefit from it (obviously)
    • in larger fights almost nobody benefits from it (plenty of medics around)
    • and even outside of those people can rely on kits
    So the actual use of this implant is very limited and therefore a bad choice for being the default one.

    Make the default one that is actually useful to everybody (like Battle Hardened) and not a niche one.
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  13. Xebov

    Some more clarification on this points would be nice. As you wrote and ive seen on PTS, its pretty random what Implant you get, no matter what way you choose, im not sure if this much randomnes is good. It would be nice to get some info on how frequently Implants and Chargers are dropping in relation to XP.

    I would also like to see an recipe added. Currently 5 Implants of the same tier create 1 Implant from a higehr one. I would like to see the addition of 5 Implants of same tier and type create the same type from the enxt higher tier. This would remove a little bit of the randomnes of the system. You should not forget that this is an FPS and no traditional MMO where randomness is a normal part of the game.

    Im ok with the Chargers so far, but im not so sure about the "active when equipped" part. I would rather see a keybind so you can activate and deactivate the Implant as needed so players can manage there Energy without needing to run for a Terminal all the time.
  14. barunedpat

    I want an implant that tells you when you are spotted.
    Anyone else thinks this is a good idea?
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  15. Caserion

    Agreed, we need implants that focus on teamplay more than anything.
  16. Pathogenic

    Thirding the list request.
  17. Sparrow

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  18. VonStalin

    "can be crafted"
    I like it. More RPG - more involvement, more addiction, more fun.
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  19. OddChelsea

    I agree with every single bit of this. You just hit the nail on the head.
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  20. Larington

    It's not obvious enough that the Implant Energy bit in the top right corner of the implants UI is a clickable button.
    The list of implants you have could do with being sortable or locked to show only a specific tier so that when you're upgrading a large number of implants at the same time you don't have too much list position jumping as you click the 2nd/3rd implant in the bottom window.

    Alternatively, listing the implants by tier, lowest tier first would probably help quite a bit. Since the majority of the clicking in this UI will be during implant upgrading.

    Also, though it will only be a problem if you've stockpiled a lot of low tier implants, this whole process of upgrading is just a little too boring.
    As far as I can tell, your selection of implants doesn't affect the result of the tier upgrade so why not just have a button that auto fills the list of chosen implants with 5 of the lowest available tiers implants to use for upgrading, so you need only press that button then the construct button and thus save the player/user a bunch of otherwise unnecessary clicking.

    The worst thing about this is that I'm spending time on character maintenance that could be spent doing something I enjoy, I'd rather be hunting the snowmen (Actually I quite enjoyed doing that) than be sat on this screen for any length of time.

    Quick aside, I think the safe landing implant should also make you jump marginally higher, maybe I just suck with movement or dunno what*, but sometimes the game refuses to let me jump over those low fences.

    * Maybe it's related to how you can't stand up if there's a motion sensor dart above you.