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  1. CuteBeaver

    Thank you for making this change!

    Providing this information to the player makes a world of difference. I like how the "nay nay" sound is different then others existing in game so we can listen for it as well. Would it be possible to tighten up the icon(s) to the player being hit? I'm just asking because many times infiltrators will EMP groups of enemies.

    Beyond that minor detail its absolutely perfect.
  2. ILoveLucy

    The addition of implants as currently implemented on the test server is going to dramatically change this game. I personally think it will be a change for the worse.

    I was seriously considering buying a subscription to the game, 99.99$ for a year seems pretty reasonable. But with the impending addition of implants I will have to wait and see how this turns out before I make any kind of long term commitment to this game. I am really unhappy to see that this mechanic is being forced into the game when it is clearly not needed apart from being a place to dump station cash and earn SOE more money.
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  3. CuteBeaver

    Lucy this is the time to tell SOE exactly what about implants is bothering you. All you did was taunt SOE with how you didn't spend 99 dollars and offered no course of action for them to work towards earning it. -_o

    What is the deal breaker regarding implants for you?

    For me (any many others) it was not knowing when someone was countering my EMP's. This removed allot of tactical value from the game. Well SOE surprised us and fixed that up. We now have a warning sound, so please give feedback. This one of those rare times its perfectly awesome to complain about what you don't like!

    **places soapbox under Lucy** Try it, its fun!
  4. CuteBeaver

    RE: Shield Resistance Warnings:
    (I have had second thoughts )

    Please remove the warning icon displayed when grenades are resisted. At first it seemed like a wonderful idea but this can backfire on the implant user and give away their rough location when attacker would otherwise have not known. The warning sound is enough for us to know the grenade is being resisted.

    Maybe I am over thinking but I would not want someone being at a disadvantage they didn't deserve either. The sound is more then enough, Its our choice to engage at that point. Again sorry for changing my mind here so suddenly, but at first I didn't consider ways to abuse the mechanic. I suppose if you had to include the icon for the hearing impaired, trying to place the icon at point of impact might work? Or is this already the case? I had a hard time consistently seeing the icon and honestly couldn't tell if it's position was based on my test subject, or the point of impact.
  5. ILoveLucy

    HAHA, what a cute Beaver.

    Do I have to spell it out for you? I have already stated what I dislike about the implant system. What more can I say? I see your angle, Beaver. You want me to dissect the implant system for its faults and help make it more palatable for everyone. No. What I am saying is that implants are being added to the game unnecessarily. It feels as though implants are being crow-barred into the game, not to add depth and fun to the game. But to add depth of profits for SOE.

    Don't kill the golden goose.

    One mans opinion.
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  6. Xebov

    Im fine with that so far, but i miss some things.

    1.) I miss a Hotkey to manually turn the Implant on and off, so we can manage our Energy without constantly running to the Infantry Terminal.

    2.) The Hud only shows a Battery like Icon below the Implant. It would be far betetr if it would show real numbers so we can see how much Energy we have left in total numbers.

    3.) could you enable XP at the VR to make testing for drops easier?
  7. RIctavius

    So I got on the test server after the infamous 93% glitch and tried out the new toys given to us. Firstly the

    implants ....... what's all the rage again? Apparently people had a massive fear of a bout of pay to win attitude sweeping the game, but frankly if the mindset exists in some players - its surely lacking in common sense.

    Firstly, the products available given for actual purchase are at most random (as clearly stated on the box), the highest available tier given to the market is tier 2 (don't change it , this is a good thing).

    Secondly the use of crafting is at most an interesting system (which doesn't seem to use up the energy pool in manufacturing) - relying on a "randomized" of allowing players to interchange a surplus of implants for one they may not have (depending).

    The good and bad thing is the lack of uniformity in this process, good that the system is practically invulnerable to abuse and exploitation. Bad for micro managers who want to at most reduce surplus something they don't like and being rewarded with something they might as well don't like either.

    point two to crafting, good job SOE - crafting the implants doesn't auto upgrade any of them anyone (very very good news or bad) rather relying of replacing implants in the same tier class.

    what does this mean - (You know how all of you were burning effigies about P2W?) yeah this system is supposed going to compensate for the rush of implants and standard charges a player might obtain during a 7 hour play session or better yet week of no sleep. Cheap, no so desired implants that can be merged into something good (at random! remember that, their aint no game god here) As well the subject of chargers being an an issue?

    Chargers have been (reading feedback from the dev team) given to be available to purchase (super charger - which give 30K energy in the pool , so buy for a month practically) as well obtaining standard through combat

    but since there no fights going on the test server is cannot be ascertained the likelihood of getting chargers compared to implants.

    Loosing impants ? It may happen if you dont pay attention - currently implants do not stick onto the troop loadout of your classes (such like XP boosts) instead its been made easy for one loadout to interchange implants at the go (via infantry terminals) -

    uncertain- does the deplete of energy pool is affected by the time offline (X.P boosts has this as a default setting).

    So this is my feedback to implants , how they effect combat I cant be certain.
    But anyones angry remarks are very much welcomed.

    Final note to even break the system - a player must first waste his SC or certs in trying to obtain so many implanets at t1 and t2 THEN spend at most to an hour in the crafting chamber (to hope to the RANDOM GODS ) that they unlock t3 , even then t3 implants are meant to be energy hogs.

    see you on the battlefield.
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  8. MrJengles

    By now it is apparent that the vast majority of players have not liked any official iteration of the implant system so far. You can find an occasional positive comment but not many.

    The community is rarely so single-minded on any topic so I would hope that alarm bells are ringing at SOE. When was the last time the community was against anything to this degree? ZoE MAXes, perhaps?

    I appreciate SOE engaging in the discussion with the arguments put forward on page 7, explaining why you find implants acceptable. I would note at this point that counter-arguments were made pretty quickly that I completely agree with, notably:
    I'd add that tactics and counter-tactics create fun, dynamic gameplay - both are like individual moves on a chess board that can be seen, avoided or themselves countered. Whereas implants simply halt a tactic without creating and employing your own - like suddenly declaring that your opponent sacrifices a piece (or, at least, roles dice on it) whenever they attempt to take one of yours, just as they're trying to, and then giving them their turn back without making a move yourself.

    Leaving that aside for a moment, in the end does it really matter what the rational is if players still despise the result?

    Currently, it feels as though the whole Implant system is being shoehorned into the game, obliviously damaging core tactics and teamwork aspects that already exist in the process, rather than adding or improving on anything. This leads to a number of comments that the current system would have a net negative effect on gameplay and you'd be better off abandoning them.

    This isn't something the current "tweaking" is going to solve. It needs a full redesign.

    I'd like to ask, what are SOE's thoughts regarding the following?
    • Class roles are being homogenized instead of reinforced. Why not have some benefits / implants only available to certain classes? Also, teamwork / support actions (like healing) should be encouraged more.
    • Implants have not been tied into gameplay systems, such as requiring facility ownership. As a stand-alone layer they feel like an unnecessary distraction rather than adding to strategic depth - the area most crying out for development.*
    • Providing players with positive, yet limited, benefits to their own play is greatly preferred over negatively affecting, or hindering, opponents for good use of tactics, I.E. Awareness, Sensor Shield, Clear Vision etc. Why have disgruntled players on all sides when everyone could feel they're a bit more effective?
    • Crafting is simplistic and boring. It holds none of the appeal that item-heavy MMOs, with rarities, recipes and player markets, utilize. It's an MMORPG system that has no place in a game so completely ill adapted for it.
    *Throwing out a suggestion: high tier implants could be tied to facility ownership, then you can still keep the majority always accessible while players are driven to strategic goals.

    Does SOE accept that there is a massive difference of opinion between the developers and the PS2 community on the best direction for implants?
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  9. JibbaJabba

    Can I have an implant negating implant?

    I use thermal almost exclusively - This obviously puts me at a disadvantage over distance but I pay that price.

    Now we're about to have people not show up on thermal? What did I spend the certs for if it is about to become unreliable?
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  10. GhostPup

    MrJengles has perfectly put what SOE aparently lacks the ability to recognize...
    FIRST: implants being recharged via station cash and certs... recharging with certs: youre now forced to either NOT recharge or use up your hard earned certs on implants instead of using them to upgrade your favorite classes and vehicles... aka putting yourself at a disadvantage by using certs on nonpermanent items.. aka once theyre gone your certs have nothing to show for them... or your level 100 with pretty much anything you play certed out and dont care about certs as much in which case congrats youve now turned the implants into an "elite club only" item ... thus forcing the rest of the player base to have to purchase them to keep up... with this system PS2 is now a PAY TO WIN unless youre in the ELITIST CLUB
    SECOND: implants that hinder your enemy's ability to play is only going to piss other players off... if im playing having fun and suddenly MY ability to succeed is hampered because someone paid alot of money to slow me down... im going to get pissed... if i sneak up on a group of enemies and kill one there should be no reason tht guy paid money so that i would get lit the **** up on the map and with a nice hey im right here triangle over my head.. suppressor or not..... if implants are a MUST they should be things that boost your OWN abilty... like the few tht you have that are such as you experience less jiggle from explosions or getting shot... perhaps one tht reduces recoil... or allows me to run 10% faster... non game breaking implants that still give players a fun boost to their experience....
    THIRD: implants are direct counters to tactics... in this game my outfit has gone from running big open recruitment and open zerg platoons to competitive ops playstyle because its more fun to us that way... if our tactics get so easily and unknowingly countered with no possible counter on our part to their counter.. then what use are tactics at all? what use is playing smart if someone with money can counter your smarts with their wallet...

    to finish this post off im going to tell a little about myself... over the past year and a half i have been playing this game HEAVILY... i have clocked in over 2000 hours total in live server game play..(not including time spent on PS2 events and competitions) i have 42 days on my highest level character.. i have spent well over a thousand dollars in station cash on this game not including the 15 dollars a month every month for the past 8 or so months in membership... not only this but my outfit has hosted minor events to help promote sony as well as large scale competitions from straight up outfit v outfit scrims to community clash preseason events to every connery server smash event... my outfit has helped promote tactics and smart playing styles in this game as well as gathered masses of players that would have otherwise quit the game into platoons where they learned the fun and teamwork of this game.. im here to inform SOE that the outfit that i lead, Band of Anarchy, in connery server was perplexed to hear that this was actually being put through... IN FACT when we found out about this the day it was input on the test server (during a training session of ours we discovered its existence) the second we found out about this most of the players in my outfit logged out of the test server and began scouring STEAM and other game sites for a new game for our outfit to move to and begin playing instead of PS2... this is no joke... if this system is input into live server... i can be pretty sure my entire outfit... full of players like me that have paid thousands into this game... will leave... if this goodbye for the afore mentioned reason... then goodbye soe
  11. GoodFight

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  12. TheBlazing

    Also, I should point out that right now implants just feel like something the devs wanted to add to the game just to be able to say "we have implants from PS1". They don't really feel as if they were designed to properly interact with the game, it feels like they have just been thrown there.

    They don't really feel like they serve any real purpose. Please fix this SOE, there are already enough identity crises in this game.

    And again, I beg you, remove those implants that allow you to go "lolnope!" and undo the effects of another asset (thermal reduction, clear vision, EOD hud etc...), and keep and expand upon those that actually add additional functionality to the character.
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  13. Torok

    I think 95% of people against Implants are overestimating the impact that they'll have on the Actual game.

    I for one am for them and can't look to test out different loadouts with different implants, possibly without spending more than a couple thousand certs on the Initial ones, planning to unlock them all through subsequently drop and craft.
    Which is something many are clearly not taking into account.

    Random drop and Crafting, they will come in handy for months to come, it's not like you need to have them all already, that is impossible even if you were to buy them with SC as even that is random and the reward is very little.

    Who'll live will see
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  14. GrouchoNietzsche

    And I think there are some devs disguised as normal players that came in this post just to talk wonders about this implant system.

    Or this implants, crafting ******** and etc are just a system test for future similar processes in other games ( maybe h1z1??)

    This implant system is horrid shouldn't go live :
    1)we didn't ask or supprt this. It won't be PS1 implants.
    2)It won't improve a MMOFPS game.
    3)It wont make the game more dynamic
    4)Its silly (crafting) and dont fit a shooter/tactical cooperative game

    What i most dislike in PS2 is the wasting time in terminals beyond select loadouts, ressuply or pull a vehicle. Those implants potencialized the wasting time in screens.

    So many time and code wasted for such a lame result. Implans should be a better thing.
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  15. Anti-Skub

    As you acknowledged that there was an issue there, has anything been changed with the implants going live tomorrow?

    Incidentally, I realise that this kind of thing is exactly why a lot of devs choose not to communicate. If they acknowledge there's a problem and then choose to do nothing about it they fear they will make their customers angry. Please don't let that discourage you from communicating...if you're going to ignore our concerns we'd be much happier if you talked to us about why you are ignoring them rather than ignore them and say nothing.

    If you're going to do nothing about the communities concerns we are going to be pissed off either way. Refusing to admit there is a problem when there so obviously is is MUCH more aggravating than admitting there is a problem and refusing to do anything about it.
  16. NowBreathingManually

    Ha, if "EOD HUD" goes through, SOE better give those explosives a buff and refund them for everyone.
    Or better yet, let it go. Why include items in a game, then unreliably nullify them?
    That's a huge nerf if anything and uncalled for. It shouldn't be applied anywhere.

    Here's an alternative:
    Wearer of EOD implant dies to one of the affected explosives,
    they release some nanites which analyze the explosive device's remains
    and send out one pulse which spots all of that faction's explosives in a radius.
  17. Longasc

    Random Implant Pack.

    Sounds a lot like the lockboxes, item lottery etc. of other games and I am very sorry to see this again in PS2!
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  18. GhostPup

    that awkward moment you realize hossin is over a year late because the soe designers are busy blatantly ignoring the players and inputting features like this that no one wants... way to waste time on useless ****!!! go soe brilliant to the end... not really
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  19. Crovex

    Not sure why this is turning into a RPG with a crafting system and experience loot rolls to get an implant. If I wanted to craft stuff, I would hop on wow or diablo 3. Make the implants just like all the other cert tabs and let us poor certs into the implants we want and upgrade just like everything else. Make them like weapons if you want, buy the initial with SC or 500/1000 cert range and then the usual rank lvl 1 - 5 cert points.
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  20. SpectreGhostWTR

    why not make implants class-specific? and certable only, like an additional way of specializing.

    every class would have an implant slot, where you can equip one of different implants, just like in the suit slot.
    some would be passive others would be active (you need to turn it on/off and they drain battery while on. the battery recharges slowly like the ability energy bar), each class-implant would have different tiers that have greater effects or lower energy costs/faster recharge.
    BUT nothing gamebreaking. no immunity to emps or concs. just additional specialization, SMALL but helpful things. every player would get an universal implant to start with, like a small HP regen or something else, so new players wouldnt be at a major disadvantage.
    higher tiers are unlocked with certs, just like the other abilites are. so this wouldnt be some p2w thing and NO chargers, NO crafting, NO drops, NO randomness...

    for example:

    1. hold breath longer (specialization for snipers). passive
    2. something that REDUCES (not removes!) footsteps and cloaking sounds (specialization for infiltrators). passive
    3. one that reduces the time you're spotted (would be nice for snipers and infiltrators). passive

    1. EOD hud that can be toggled on/off and reveals explosives at close range (for those who want to specialize in finding explosives), but wouldnt work while in vehicles. active
    2. demo expert, you can slowly disarm enemy C4 and faster disarm AT mines. passive

    1. adrenaline pump...yes, make it useful. as an active ability that buffs speed, strafing speed, jumping or whatever

    those implants would be like an additional ability that helps you to customize your role in the squad more and improve team play.
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