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  1. TheKhopesh

    I think the capacitor should cut the time in half (50%, as it does now) should it ever be increased.
  2. Gammit

    Forgive me, but I did not see a pop-up that described implants when I logged in to PTS. I searched in keybinding for any buttons associated with them and found nothing.

    How does one use an implant, equip an implant, etc.?
  3. BobSanders123

    Implants are bad. Don't put them in.
  4. Nak

    PTS will soon have some of the latest implant updates. The updates include:

    • It is probably possible to actually receive implant and charger items from drops
      • Please note that the drop message is currently a placeholder message
    • The construction interface is now called the Nano-cycler
    • Using three of the same implant in the Nano-cycler now guarantees a same tier product that is not that implant
      • Adding this functionality unfortunately broke most of the existing functionality - we're fixing it
    • A help menu is now available on the construction screen
    • Missing strings in the Nano-cycler should now be present
    • It's possible to create the Counter-Intelligence and Rangefinder implants.
      • Unfortunately, both implants are missing their UI elements on this build.
        • Counter-Intelligence will make the implant HUD element turn red when the user is spotted
        • Rangefinder will add a distance HUD element near the reticle
    • Shortening the construction animation with a mouse click should now cut the animation even shorter
    VR Training
    • Unowned implants are now available for use in VR Training
    • Energy should not be consumed while in VR Training
    • Implants that should work while in a vehicle now actually should work while in a vehicle
    • Implant packs should no longer show up in vehicle loadout Horn slot
    Implant Packs
    • The placeholder message list of items that were received from implant packs is now gone - instead, the implants that were received from the pack are listed immediately upon purchase
    Known Issues
    • Different implants can't be slotted with each other in the Nano-cycler
    • More than three implants can't be slotted in the Nano-cycler
    • The item drop message uses placeholder UI
    • The Counter-Intelligence and Rangefinder UI elements are missing
    • Certain implants are not available for use on the MAX yet
    Lastly - after some internal discussion prompted by your feedback, we are moving forward with selling chargers and implant packs for both SC and CP. As mentioned by some of those in this thread, as long as players can acquire implants and chargers without paying any real money, and as long as a player with no implant can win a fight against a player with an implant of the highest tier, we feel like the opportunities for both payers and non-payers are fair.
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  5. libbmaster

    This is excellent! Liking it so far!
  6. FourTwoFour

    Nice to see that you're listening :) Now all we need is that Sensor Shield gone. You're just making the Motion Sensor unreliable, which will lead to everyone switching to Recon Darts for consistency and reliability. Inconsistency like that is a bad idea no matter how you look at it.

    Infils can't be caught off-guard which is why they need sensors/darts. If a heavy catches them without them knowing, it's over.
  7. Xuerian

    If this is the stance you take in H1Z1 too, I'm going to kick back and watch the bonfire, it won't be as forgiving.

    I really wish Smedly wouldn't go all Molyneux and say things that don't get backed up.
  8. NDroid

    I'm still hoping you would consider the negative impact Awareness will have on Stealth based vehicle gameplay. The Counter-Intelligence implant won't help since if you're flanking you're generally already committed to it and knowing that you've been spotted will do little to improve your chances of survival.
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  9. Badname3109

    I would like to add to the list that I don't like this
  10. Nak

    I noticed several people in the forums, reddit, etc, mention that they want a way to know when their concussion/flash/emp grenades don't affect their targets due to a target with an implant that resists the effect.

    Luckily, there already is one - a small resist icon flashes on the grenade ******'s HUD when a target of the grenade resists the grenade effect. Please feel free to check it out and let us know what you think. Thanks!
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  11. FourTwoFour

    That's great. As long as there's things like that it's fine. Do you guys have any plans about the Sensor Shield? The way it is now will be abused by players like me (taking full advantage of it) completely ignoring infiltrators (at least the motion sensor ones). You'll force people to switch to recon darts because the sensor shield doesn't affect that. Not nice.
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  12. Nak

    Players with Sensor Shield aren't completely immune to detection tech.

    They currently can be detected by the motion spotter, recon darts, and scout radar when the shielded player is sprinting.

    They can also be manually spotted by enemies as long as they aren't cloaked.

    So, while we believe some players will have advantages in some detection-filled situations as long as they carefully control their movement, we also feel like the effect isn't absolutely overpowered.
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  13. ScrapyardBob

    I'm still not convinced that you're still not addressing the balance issues:

    • No implant should grant complete immunity to an already established game mechanic.
    • Implants should offer no more then a slight edge over someone without the implant.

    That means something like the Sensor Shield should, at most, reduce the detection distance by 20-30%. Immunity to a concussion grenade should simply lower the effective time, but no more then 20% of the duration. Something like Safe Landing should only add 5-10m of survivability.
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  14. MrJengles

    The problem is countering mechanics leaves extremely little room for maneuver and balance. I wouldn't give up and remove Sensor Shield etc. but SOE have to be open to limitations, even trade-offs.

    For example, people point out that using detection tools will be unreliable and you'll never know whether it's truly clear or not. So, what if you received an audio ping and icon whenever someone using Sensor Shield is in the radius? Now you'll know when it is working fully and when you'll need to go hunting - but you still don't know where exactly they are.

    Additionally, what if Sensor Shield had its very own drain+recharge mechanic that's only consumed while you would otherwise be detected. It would last a long time while walking and drain fairly quickly while sprinting.

    Infils could have 0 drain while walking and less drain while sprinting.

    Just some thoughts...
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  15. MrJengles

    More thoughts...

    Why is it a good thing that every single player will have access to a self-heal that reduces their reliance on Medics?

    Making individuals more and more powerful (I think I saw someone mention the term "super-soldiers") isn't always better. It may attract certain solo players but PS2 has a huge amount of teamwork and tactical minded folk who are actually put off by being more self sufficient. PS2 should be embracing those aspects.

    I proposed one, seemingly, less objectionable default implant on the first page but here's, quite likely, another:

    Projectile Indicator - Hit markers appear on the player's HuD when shot at to indicate the general direction of the attacker. The death screen will also show the general direction of a killer. [This implant is not needed to show killers that have been spotted].

    Death map was disliked by many. The reasoning behind it was to help new players learn how to play but almost everyone else felt it damaged stealth and flanking tactics. Sounds perfect for the same approach taken with Engagement Radar - it's accessible to new players but most will opt for a different option in that slot.

    The best part is this is essentially a toned down version of awareness, so that implant can finally be abandoned. Death map was eventually accepted tolerated only because of the general directions and comparison to hit markers.

    Taking stuff away is just as valid as giving us new things. Those that switch back will appreciate them even more.
  16. Wobberjockey

    you may not know this, but it's already possible to avoid both the recon darts and motion sensors on live.

    no additional immunity is being granted here
  17. Skeith

    the way your introducing sensor shield still screws up infiltrators

    if a player has sensor shield enabled (let's say an heavy assault) he knows that he doesnt have to sprint if he wants to remain undetected,and since you guys thought it was such a brilliant idea to let the enemy know that there is a motion spotter nearby on the minimap,they just need to not sprint to screw us over,

    im sorry SOE but you are going too far with counters to our class, we have darklight scout radar and now even sensor shield and awareness

    why the hell there are so many hard counters to a class that cant touch vehicles and with such poor hacking options?

    i would understand if the infiltrator has the same utility it had in the first planetside(you know injencting viruses, hacking doors,vehicles hacking and the ******* C4) and in that game Darklight was the only counter, but nope you scrapped the whole concept in the infiltrator update.

    the point it you want to add counters that's fine but give us something to compensate for that.
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  18. toxs

    nice now i can spend my 8000 certs!
  19. Alpha8

    Implants still need an off switch for when I'm not actively using them. Please add this.
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  20. TwoHeadedDevil

    I agree. I am also unsure of the direction this method will take the dynamic of the gameplay. I want to pick up a weapon and go to work, building things is for nanites. If I wanted to run around collecting drops and creating things from the collected components, I'd visit a forge in Dragons Prophet. Where will it end? Will I need to find 6 barrels and a motor before I can build a chaingun? Long story short, like the idea of implants, they just need to be straight up purchased items (CP or SC) with the ability to upgrade with CP like any other item. If it ain't broken...
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