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  1. Stray Cat

    Dev1: (sad voice) "I'm tired of all these lame players asking to nerf this sh_t and un-nerf that sh_t. I didn't sign up with SOE to rebalance the same crap week after week **sigh** "
    Dev2: (annoyed) "Yeah, BORINGGG... hey, remember that sprint item, what wazzit? Implants?" :D
    Dev1: (excited) "Good Johnny Bejeezus Freaks, yeah I remember that! We missed implants in last year's burndown."
    Dev2: (grinning) "Let's put that in for the next build, that'll give em something else to chew on for a while"


    Dev1: (sad voice) "I'm tired of all these lame players asking to nerf this sh_t and un-nerf that sh_t. I didn't sign up with SOE to rebalance the same crap week after week **sigh** "
    Dev2: (annoyed) "Yeah, BORINGGG... hey, remember that sprint item, what wazzit? Crafting?" :D

    And then I wake up and it was all a bad dream
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  2. Xebov

    The best way i can think of is simply remove chargers completely from the shop. If you sell them vor CP it would still be a problem, with all the XP Boosters around.

    Maybe you should think about selling some very low chargers for Infantry resources, so players have them as a buy option next to MAXes/Grenades/Explosives.
  3. iller

    Another thought occurred: If this is a cert sink for BR100's, then why would BR5's be expected to buy chargers in the first place?
  4. Adeon

    And? In UT3 you can damage tank with pistol, is it should be possible in PS2? On large maps and facilities radar is necessity, also it allow you to relax and don't focus all the time. Nobody can be concentrated all time. All game for enjoying, not for working.


    Go on, "developers", finish this game with those implants, kill all current balance. Let see how many players will like it.
  5. The XLNT Man

    Implants as they stand are too broad, too useful in any situation. IMHO they should have very limited, specific uses with serious drawbacks to balance them. For example, in PS1 there was an implant that would highlight cloaked infils but limit range of vision to about 20m. Implants should not be game changing, only game enhancing. If they take away the functionality of a major aspect of the game (Regen & Biolabs) or remove a layer of skill (EOD & Auto Spot), then it could pose a problem.
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  6. salembeats

    Being alert of your surroundings is required in every FPS game, especially since radar can't pick up all possible threats. It can tell you that something is there if it finds it, but it can't tell you that something isn't there if it doesn't.

    If you'd like to relax, this game might suit you a little better:

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  7. PA1NKI11ER

    Safe Landing........ I just can't understand why any rational gamer in mind could think that is what this game needs..... :confused:
  8. ALTRego

    I'm not really sure where to start with my impressions of the this implant stuff. Almost everything I have to say is negative. Probably the only positive thing I have to say is yay for a regen implant. I really don't know how you can call it Planetside with this implant system. Take it all back to drawing board and start over.

    Planetside 2 needs to make a mark on the game itself not just keep feeding off the name of the original game. It hasn't done that yet. I suppose I was hoping to see it here in the implant division and depressingly let down again. We need a game changer here guys. Your going to have to reimplement some of the ones from the old PS1 days and then add on to those. Really, EMP Sheild? First off I need to equip it, need a rapid equip method meaning something like a hotkey for each implant category. That would ensure the users actually value each implant they receive. Back to the EMP Sheild idea, really just EMP's, why not make it all special nade functions. Face it what are the odds of being able to equip and use the proper implant at the right time with the current system?

    I'm sure other have addressed the random nature of the crafting system. Yes again the recipe system is the best way to go.

    The recharging system seems a little over the top to make this a game about crafting and not territorial conquest. Too distracting.

    Guess I was just expecting too much to ask for a implant system that was anywhere close to practical. In this day and age where we get random charges on our grocery recipt for things we did not purchase we tend to over look the sturdy dependable things that make our lives so rich in enjoyment. Yes we need a implant system but is this really the one you expect to implement?
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  9. Peter Cherico

    Does Clear Vision allow others to see grenades? Don't most have the warning icon anyway except for the Conc which detonates on impact?

    I fail to see how grenades play a role after clear vision is implemented by the defenders.
  10. Dinapuff

    Clear vision made you immune to conc nades.

    Which means breaching a room (as an organised squad) becomes very hard / close to impossible against entrenched squad unless you get very lucky with the frag / av nadespam. Because if you dont run clearvision yourself then you will get counterconced and die really fast.

    Because the scenario was detailing organised squads on both sides. I decided to cherrypick my argument and make a statement about how it is good that SOE did not go forward with outright immunities.

    It is the same with sensor shield, but now that running infantry still get detected it is not as important anymore. When there is immunity on the table the better players will gravitate towards this as their standard loadout. Because while the situation you might need it for has its own niche in the ps2 metagame. You can force the niche to happen more often than not by virtue of putting yourself in it.
  11. NowBreathingManually

    How about not touching the cash shop this time?
    Award drops based on a separate XP bar unaffected by boosts.
    No certs, SC or subscriptions involved.
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  12. Vivicector

    I don't want to make some of the core game mechanics being randomly countered. Yea, the problem is random heavy counter. If I throw an EMP grenade in the room, I expect people there to be without shields and interface. But after implants will be there, the random chance of somebody in there having an implant and staying mainly unaffected will always be present. When using sensor darts, I will have a random chance that some infantryman with sensor shield is now moving there.
    It effectively screws up the whole affected mechanics since you can't trust your equipment to work.
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  13. elkikko92

    why don't you put implant based on the territories you control?
    Really, you are doing nothing about metagame
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  14. Adeon

    This main what I hate in implants, it ruining all current balance.
  15. Peter Cherico

    It's no longer immunity, the effect just doesn't last as long. Your screen will still go blurry, but maybe for only 5 seconds instead of 10.

    The point im trying to make is that there will always be a counter to any such implant.
    Even for Awareness: if an infiltrator makes a kill on someone using Awareness from the roof of a Tech Plant to the next base over (Hvar to the NW garrison for example) Th e kill is outside the 50 meter range where you auto show up on the map, and you only need to cloak for a second to get rid of the triangle above your head. People will find a way around the auto-spot. How many people have their minimap zoomed out that far anyway? And for CQB SMG Infils, a quick cloak will remove the spot, just like it does now. Once they cloak, back to using Darklights.

    The Balance is in the game, but people don't look at the big picture. They are looking at one implant at a time through their playstyle. In order to decide if something is OP or not, it needs to be looked at from all perspectives. The new, well updated from the original, ZOE ability is the same way. it seems UP now, but the speed and ROF is better for longer range engagements than it is for close range like it used to be. Tower stomping is still an option, but one v one with a scatMAX will leave the purple crab man laying on the floor as Smurf God stomps off to find an engie to top off.

    Big Picture People!!! Think Big Picture!!!
  16. Peter Cherico

    Because then people complain about too much MMORPG in their MMOFPS. Good idea, not enough fan base (like us) to warrant it.
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  17. Dinapuff

    Well. Like i said. During the last implant itteration the old Clear vision provided immunity which was clearly ripe for abuse and we rightly called them out on it.

    These implants that they are left with are fine as they are, but people are going to find the big offenders and flock to them. Forcing SOE to run on a buff, nerf cycle until everything is irrelevant.
  18. TheKhopesh

    The Advanced Shield Capacitor armor should be altered to adjust for this as well though.
  19. NowBreathingManually

    It's far crossed the thresholds into RPGishness...
    Any more and no one will be able to argue against "wallet warriors".
  20. PA1NKI11ER

    - Capture Three or more tech plants and you're awarded access to an implant like clear vision, EOD HUD, Awareness
    - Capture Three or more amp stations and you're awarded access to an implant like Hold Breath, Awareness, Sensor Shield
    - Caputre Three or more bio labs and you're awarded access to an implant like Regeneration, *cringes* Safe Landing, Marker

    And if you do not control one of those facilities, then you cannot have access to those implants, or at least the higher tiers, or energy discount rates! And that would encourage SO MANY MORE PLAYERS TO PLAY THE GAME AND BE REWARDED FOR IT RATHER THAN just RANDOM CHANCE!

    This will get you the $$$$ SOE needs
    This will get you the PLAYERS SOE needs

    Because there is a massive incentive to go for those facilities! To constantly fight to get better, more improved gear that will allow you to see dramatic and dynamic changes in the battlefield! Players will be happy to fight more and see there work pay off in higher tier perks/implants or less energy drain than just getting certs! Please Nak, take this in consideration with the team and how it would tie into the metagame, continental locking, and Hossin!!! Implants tied into playing the game that has an overall impact on that outcome of the metagame = HAPPY PLAYERS = MORE PLAYERS = $$$
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