Reading this forum is saddening

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Shaken_U, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. Shaken_U

    90% of this is asking for nerfs to a class.

    Why can't I kill a heavy?

    1. You didn't headshot him enough. He has a full 600 more heath.

    2. You flat out didn't hit him ( IE 20% acc)

    3. You tried to take him on in a head on fight. (He has 600 more heath. You're asking to lose)

    Why does the heavy have 600 more heath? Clearly OP.

    The heavy has 600 extra heath because it's the main infantry class. Ha/La are the only two classes in the game specifically designed to kill stuff. Every other class has an ability that supports the team. HA/LA is only there to kill stuff. No other job. Yes, your guns are there to kill stuff but it'd be moronic to send someone into a war without a gun.

    Inb4 medkit spam

    Like you wouldn't do the same as a medic with your AOE? It's just more prevalent because heavies have the extra 600hp. Every class can tank medkits. I do it all the time as a LA. (It's fun to watch people fail to kill me.)

    TL;DR Get gud to kill a heavy, they're designed to kill stuff on purpose.
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  2. Shaken_U

    Waiting for tears. Bring em.
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  3. qiray12

    Those infantry farmers just want a even easier time, and the SUPPORT classes want to be equal to the HEAVY ASSAULT.

    They are heavy for a reason.
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  4. Endlave

    no one is crying over the health. Just the shield. I shouldn't have to unload a whole magazine and still be unable to kill a heavy. I also shouldn't have to have godmode aim skills and let 80% of my magazine rounds connect with a heavy's head to kill him.

    I don't care about his extra health, or that his usage of health kits would give every heroin addict wet dreams. His launchers are fine and I couldn't care less about all the stuff people are crying about regarding the LMGs. Just, for the love of god, do something about the shield.
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  5. Springjack

    If anything the Heavy class is a tribute to uniqueness. I would say to buff the other classes, in weird ways, but then nothing would be normal and everything will be chaotic. Before your brain explodes from that sentence, like mine has...
  6. RegiusTR

    Playing 2 years.... Still a OP class. Will it be nerfed? No. Should it be Nerfed? Yes. Does half the DEV team play NC? Yes. Does half the Dev Team play Heavy? Yes... This is why NC, and Heavy are OP... If a Dev wants to have fun in a game, and the Manager wants to get **** done... The Dev team needs to be happy. So they allow OP things for the Dev Team.
  7. Drag0

    Just make the weaker classes more effective. Nerfing a class with a huge nerf bat will also cause HA players to have to relearn a new playstyle. Maybe it seems like a minor gripe to me this is huge.

    Just slowly make buffs to the weaker classes and watch it slowly pan out. Huge sweeping nerfs can kill a game.

    You got a large group of players that hang out on forums that might want something. But you also have a much larger group of players that rarely if even ever visit the forums that are busy enjoying and playing the game. Then one day they log in and there stuff is changed for the worst and they had no idea there was talk about this happening then finding out a group of whiney ******* were a big reason for this... well the squeaky wheel will break the rest of the wagon if it gets all the grease.
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  8. Spiritualised

    They're called heavy for a reason. Nothing wrong with them. Coming from someone who rarely plays HA
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  9. phreec

    Put a 5 second cooldown on Medkits and you fix the "OP" Heavy.
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  10. johnway

    When i first played this game i caught on quite quickly that there was something about HA that always killed me (i was an engineer). So when you can't beat them, join them.

    The game became even more fun and since i was playing as NC on colbalt, the gauss saw 200 dmg weapon made me smile and we became steadfast friends.

    but i do concede that whenever i try another class leading to me dying a lot more i go back to HA just to stay alive. The HA seems to have all the bases covered. Take more damage, a big gun with lots of ammo, an AV/AA weapon solution, explosives (c4 and AT grenades) there's very little to play as anything else 90% of the time for me.
  11. xthezerohunter

    I think they need to change Heavy Assault. It shouldn't be a person. I'd make it a truck bigger than a Sunderer that moves 2x as fast as a Drifter LAT, but can only attack using a horn. The horn has a 5 second cooldown, but it does enough damage to leave a MAX at 1% health. Shields are active by default but has to be recharged by killing people. I'd also make bases like The Crown transform into giant fcuking robots that can punt enemies away. When this gets put into the game, it will fix everything.
  12. Vorpal_Spork

    I kill heavies in half a mag with a carbine or 2 to 3 shotgun shells. I'm also PC master race currently playing on the PS4 version and I suck with a controller and don't use aim assist. My aim is far from "godmode". Do they kill me more often than other infantry? A little bit. Then again I'm fine with them winning fights slightly more since I can repair and give ammo and fight is all a heavy can do.

    They had giant robots in the first game. One infantry dude with a rocket could CQC them to death. People still whined they were overpowered. >.<
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  13. AxiomInsanity87

    So you like to kill more and play the class designed to excel at it.

    This totally shows how op the heavy is guise.
  14. Nalothisal

    What the **** are you smoking? The whole dev team plays VS. And how dare you say NC are OP. If anything our player-base is UP.
  15. Vorpal_Spork

    I don't know about the ones who are left, but the original dev team was mostly NC, including Higby. Only 1 of them was VS and he wasn't anyone important. I think it was like the sound guy or something. It's been too long and I can't remember.
  16. Veolfen

    The amount of whining girls there is on that forum is incredible.
    And the one raging aren't the funniest, the one trying to explain that devs should remove the HA shield because it's a logic thing are.

    People thinking this are people coming from shooters like Call of duty, Counter Strike or Battlefield.

    The heavy soldiers are perfectly balanced. If you just want to kill people, well play Heavy, Light assault or Infiltrator.
    The HA is designed to enter rooms, win frontal 1v1 and that's it.

    The game balance isn't "Every class should have equal chance to win against an other" no it's "Every class has a specific job, the HA is the one that has the job to kill" And even with all of this, all the guns are pretty good (Assault rifle are excellent on LA, Medics and Engineers) a medic can soak up damages with his self heal and kill people pretty easily, LA aren't made for frontal fight, but for flanking people and they do it really well, same for the infiltrator, they OS from long range or kill you in a 2 seconds in close range (even a heavy, just need 4 extra bullets if he has the time to put on his shield). Engineers have a turret that butcher a HA in 1.5 seconds (2 if he has time to use his shield).

    There's no "imbalance" between classes. If you want to play CoD, CS style, just take a heavy assault with a short/mid range LMG (Orion, T9, Anchor). The balance of these game just come from their weapons, if you all play heavy, it's the same thing. You should complain about underpowered (or overpowered guns), not class balance.
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  17. JonboyX

    I know several girls playing PS2 none of whom whine, and certainly are not fussed about these forums.

    Is that not the rub though? I think so. I think it's become a bit "vanilla" that the majority of players default to heavy. You watch any base defence nowawadays: first you get redeployside(TM) of a load of randoms, all pull max, heavy or infil, then they all go ramboing the point. Engineers are like gold dust. Say what you will about the pros and cons of the heavy, but I feel a well balanced class system wouldn't have such a leaning.
  18. Veolfen

    The system IS balanced. It's just that it's normal that the "main trooper" class is the most used class.
    Most of the people just want to frag. That's why there's a lot of Heavy and Light assaults.

    A squad of 12 heavies is crushed easily by a squad of 7 heavies, 1 engineer, 1 infiltrator and 3 medics.

    It's not a problem of balance, but a problem of taste. It's like a moba where all the players want to play assassins and brawlers but no one want to play support.
  19. Maulkin

    If the game has become vanilla and everyone is playing a heavy then why do I still see plenty of engineers, medics, LA and snipers in every squad I join? Shouldn't they all just be heavies? It is usually less than half of any full squad is am in which is what I would expect. Someone above said it perfectly above: this is not CoD or BF4.

    I would understand all the crying for nerf if only one faction could have a class that had the shield but every faction has a Heavy Assault class. It not like, for example, one faction could pull a heavily armed vehicle that could do the exact same thing.....oh wait there is.
  20. prodo123

    Actually, considering 30 round magazine and 167/bullet and 20% accuracy, you would do 1002 damage. So yeah, you should be unable to kill a heavy unless you git gud or get the jump on him.

    In the squads I'm in we usually have 9 heavies, 2 medics and maybe 1 engineer or infiltrator. :p and when I'm in a pubbie and we need to get **** done, the order given is either "all go heavy" or "MAX crash" or spam vehicles.

    People play support classes because certs. Some people consider the medic AOE heal as something like a HA shield (imagine if a HA could revive people), but then they're using it wrong. When I play medic I make sure the AOE stays AOE unless it's an emergency.