[Suggestion] Reactivate Galaxy Spawning

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Phaze, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Phaze

    I know why it was removed, but I think with all the balance changes... now changes to the spawn menu for defense - it would be a good time to bring it back.... even if it was with a longer timer.

    Parking Sunderers behind rocks is boring. Galaxies hovering in odd locations... people spawning on the tops and jumping down... crashing a airpad, deploying shields and repairing.... that stuff was more engaging.
  2. ChironV

    Make it an expensive cert, and put in a cert for shield in addition to spawn. They did it before in beta.
  3. DoctorWhose

    Wait a minute, are you trying to ruin defense again?

    Besides, Galaxy spawning will come back squad-based.
  4. scalesscales

    They could balance this out against sunderers by increasing the spawn time while galaxy is landed but have it be less of an increased timer if the galaxy is unshielder and/or hovering.
  5. Random63

    it was removed because it caused ghost capping.

    Galaxy just landed and capped all and moved on behind enemy lines (far from fights). That was beta a huge deal because except the big facilities all ground changed hands each minute.
    In live ghost capping happens because nobody defends so it is present anyway.

    I suggest bringing it back so that we can at least fight somewhere else then Hvar - Crown - Zurvan all day long.
    because right now all that happens is a massive zerg of tanks spawns when you reach the facilities and by the time those are dealt with the next wave is off cooldown
  6. NeoGhost

    I completely agree. I think they were hastily removed before we understood how offense/defense would look. I actually the change to sunderer is a major reason we feel a most of the major painpoints that we do. With Gal spawns we wouldnt need dumb jump pads up to biolabs and imagine hiding a galaxy somewhere as spawn instead of sunderer.