[Reaction Video] NC Reaction to TR Striker Nerf

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SoggyCow, Sep 30, 2014.

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  1. TriumphantJelly

    Don't dare talk to me about bias: what, 4, 5 or 6 changes/revamps in as many months: VS have only recieved nerfs in that time.
  2. Vearo

    The Grounder is the GtA launcher for the HA, and is quite comparable to the new striker in that they both have dumb-fire against ground vehicles and are capable of engaging air. Their role is similar.

    I think that flares theoretically work against the new Striker, but that it requires timing precise enough that one may dismiss it for the most part. It uses the same code as the Coyote (however it is spelled) Missiles for air tracking.
  3. FateJH

    You're thinking of the MR1 Fractures. The ASP-30 Grounder is the TR anti-Air lock-on rocket launcher.

    None of the arguments presented have yet offered a compelling reason why the Striker could hold a candle against any other rocket launcher available to the TR HA in the same situation. With the Coyote effect radius only as large as it is currently, that includes going against Air.

    Edit: since no one else is proposing anything, I'll at least try to offer fertile ground to try and build an argument. The revamped Striker will be second only to the Lancer is terms of projectile speed in the rocket launcher category (180m/s).
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  4. pnkdth

    Lol, my bad. I'll go into a corner and slap myself for that one.
  5. Geneaux

    Complaining about it apparently justifies your position. News Flash: TR and NC have gotten nerfs as well.

    And there goes your argument. You are full of yourself, your font color and sig shows it.
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  6. Flag

    Yet he's not wrong.
    I can think of a few buffs/revamps for TR and NC, and a single one for VS.

    That single one being the heat change to the auraxium weapons.
  7. Richter03

    After watched this video, I WANT THAT FIRE AND FORGET STRIKER.
    (He talk about striker at 3:17).
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  8. Geneaux

    Not a new concept for me. It's been a common pastime see VS complain about nerfs, especially when they're very few. But when TR/NC do so, many will pull so many fallacies and assumptions JUST for the sake of putting them down and vice versa if VS get an unfair buff aka pre-nerf ZOE and we all know how that went: complete s***fest.
    The last nerf to the Magrider I can recall was I believe last month, and it was a nerf to all 3 factions, and it wasn't limited to vehicles at all.
    The last Mag nerf was 8/5. The only only other documented mention on the Magrider I could find was on 4/16: Magburner buff.

    I can hear the huffin' and puffin' but nothing is being blown down.
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  9. Flag

    Nor did I ever say the VS were the only victims of nerfs. Far from it.
    And seeing how the Magburner "buff" did nothing for max rank, I hesitate to call it a buff.

    While I know that at least some of the buffs that have been given to TR and NC haven't been crazy overhauls and probably justified (like the extra ammo on the Air hammer, the velocity on Marauder grenades etc), the most the VS can say we got was a weapon (Spiker) that qualifies as worst weapon at it's release in the game.
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  10. skifton

    What would you do to "mitigate it's effectiveness"?

    It's a lock-on. Not to mention it still has clipping issues with terrain and buildings (it will go through/around them to hit it's target sometimes).

    Tough to "mitigate" lol. That said, I think the 100 dmg is too low....but I also think they'll probably change the damage resistance values to make up some of the difference. And being able to dumbfire it, while not consistent with it's intended functionality, is a pretty nice ability. You can use it to suppress a doorway, or do some damage to vehicles.

    I will admit though, having over half my health gone from one clip of Striker is pretty ridiculous. They've been more powerful than the Grounder for a long time. (Coming from the perspective of someone who gets shot by grounders and strikers a LOT).
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  11. Geneaux

    I know, but I'm already suffocatingly frustrated of those that do. I can't see past near-sighted people.

    Spiker is still a very new weapon. Which undoubtedly get tweaked and/or buffed in the coming months, we should give SOE at least that.
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  12. Shockwave44

    Can't kill a tank with a pistol. You can with the striker.
  13. Flag

    Then take it out on those people.

    Given how long ZOE has been left in the ditch I'm not overly optimistic about that happening any time soon.
    That, and having a charge mechanic as they currently exist as in game on a side arm is a flawed concept. I believe Wrel made a video about it, where he outlines a lot of the critical flaws with the gun.
  14. Geneaux

  15. Vixxing

    It still will be OP at killing ZOE-Maxxes...
  16. Vixxing

    Also... Congrats TR you got a Lasher! "OMG our striker sucks!" -No it dosent its the best suppression launcher in the game, just use it in teams! "we cant kill stuff with it!" -again its a teamplay weapon why should weapons kill ppl? Its the best supression launcher in the game! (welcome to VS Lasher,zoe,spiker,phaseshift)
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  17. Geneaux

    I do.

    Yeah I watched the vid too. The weapon's few strengths are simply overshadowed by its alternatives. Its not even worth the certs, let alone SC at this time. They should've put more insight in its actual use than what is and what it does.
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  18. Shadowomega

    Hey, Vixxing Till the Rocklet aka Rocket rifle comes out in a month or two.
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  19. Vixxing

    Use your suppression Launcher with care red ones! (ill be on the other side of the fight with the equal mighty Lasher!)
  20. TriumphantJelly

    What, the font colour I chose for a "typical VS comment", in a thread where it's about a nerf when VS have recieved no noticable buffs other than Magburn normalization in, what, half a year (but a few nerfs [Direct/Indirect])?
    And my signiture, the one I changed 2 days ago in good humour? Righty-ho.o_O

    I'm not short-sighted, I just made 2 narcissistic comments, used a bit of mock indignation and have a signiture that appealed to my sense of humour. Insulting players really doesn't get one anywhere except causing frustration, and if ones sole intention is to frustrate, that's t-t-T-TROLLING!

    Also, I never said that NC/TR haven't recieved nerfs. To quote; "There goes your argument".
    Yes, VS complain about nerfs, we're always so childish: Problem with that argument is, there's no reason or evidence that that is inherent to VS. It must therefore be a few (or even many) individuals. I can name a few people on OTHER factions (seemingly): But, naming and shaming rules.:rolleyes: Also, seeing people ask for VS nerfs has become a passtime for me, although it's died diown recently in the wake of the Striker.

    And I'm not full of myself, I'm starting to think I have some form of anxiety or inferiority complex (yes, I know they're different things, but it's possible for one to lead to the other).

    Also, how am I the near-sighted one here?
    For all I know at the moment, that's the first time you've ever seen me comment anywhere, yet I'm the near-sighted one?
    I'm sure the Striker will recieve buffs; It'll under-perform compared to the other ESRLs (and any other RL at all for that matter) in the same way that the Lasher does with other LMGs/ESHWs, and that recieved buffs, right? RIGHT? Exactly.
    So I'm inclined to buff the striker, but not so much as to make it OP: I've suggested multiple different ways to do that in other threads.

    I doubt Spiker'll recieve buffs: ZOE hasn't, Fracture hasn't, Punders haven't got a nerf, nor have Ravens, or even at a stretch the Lancer/Vortex haven't either.
    But good to know you don't (seem to) inherently and unreasonably hate VS, only me. Also I didn't get the "see past" quipp. But that's just me.:p

    And you DO use a multi-'splosive-launcher (for what little you gain from it) indoors: The Lasher! Yes, teammates are drwan to the inside of your barrel and teh continuos stream of underwhelming damage, but it's still fine. Sort of.

    Wow, took me a while.
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