ReachCast Community Clash - 7/18/2013 Mattherson Squad Showdown

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Torkz, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. Torkz

    I am looking for two outfits willing to go squad v squad this Thursday at 8cst on Mattherson. The battle area will be picked at the beginning of the event and will last 2 hours. Several dog tags will be given away to the winning team for them to distribute as they like and the event will be recorded with observer cam.

    If your outfit would like to participate email me at or contact me at @reachcastshow on twitter
  2. blessedpatrick

    Hey Torkz NNG would be interested so I'm getting a foot in the door for us, our big fancy MLG dude is en route home from work and when he gets here he'll deal with all the logistics, keep an eye out for NoBomba or Krunk.
  3. Ender

    Torkz! 12 v 12 officially? (Obviously, people will stream snipe etc :p )
  4. Torkz

    we are working on ways to prevent that :) , first couple may be a little rusty but should be fun.
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    Well this sounds fun.
  6. Ender

    Jeez a guy goes back to work and its already been decided? Tough world, count DA in next time ;)
  7. Torkz

    yeah we are adding all interested outfits that email us on a list for next event
  8. Phrygen

    so.. who they facing?
  9. Ender

    NNG Vs. BAX
  10. randomss

    Should be a good fight GL to both teams.
  11. Phrygen

    My money is on BAX but both are good. Then again I run into BAX and DA as an organized group a lot more than I do NNG.

    BAX and DA, given that they are both 50 man outfits, seems like a more appropriate match-up... but 300 for NNG isn't that huge i suppose.
  12. blessedpatrick

    That's the beauty of it being 12 vs 12, and my moneys on us, cause reasons.
  13. Phrygen

    I wish both NNG and BAX the best of luck.
  14. blessedpatrick

    I look forward to this, hopefully it will become a regular sort of thing I would love to face off against black widow company, ye guys are such (various curse words etc). This is entirely due to being good fighters and good at the game,
  15. Torkz

    Depending on how the first several go we plan on having more of these. All depends on how much of clean fight we can work out and how the community responds.

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