Re: Server Merge - time to quit the TR?

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  1. Durendal

    I would them congratulations on completing their self fulfilling prophecy.
  2. Ripshaft

    Pop balance changes with time, I've seen all 3 faction overpop on jaegerson for extended periods of time, largely due to weiners who bail on a faction they think is hard done by. Change faction if you want, someone better will take your place, and auraxis will keep turning and fighting.
  3. GoEErs

    Let them leave. They will migrate from one faction to the next always finding some fault and issue with whatever weapon they have. It is a never ending drama and one I will not participate in. I have no problem KILLING with the weapons I have. More Vanu to kill for me.
  4. WarmasterRaptor

    I iz an ork n' all our gunz works well!! Da Mek boyz said so!
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  5. Ranik

    We Needz moah flashy bitz on that shoota! I'z a propah flash git!
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  6. EliteEskimo

    Make a thread about this and be prepared to get trolled/flamed into oblivion your fellow VS players on the forums:p
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  7. Grimno

    "3) TR - at least if you're a Waterson player - is getting completely screwed and gets nothing out of this. Awful TR players on Mattherson are going to bring Waterson TR down to lowest-popped faction, will never win alerts ever again."

    Oh thank ****ing christ it's not just me.
    I'm Waterson TR and all day.. ALLLLL day I've been screaming "What the **** happened?! Why are all the TR now so ****ing stupid all of a sudden?!"

    One NC tank defeats three TR tanks.
    Every air battle is a TR loss.
    TR try to rush a Biolab when the connecting point they need to keep in order to even cap is being taken!

    I played with a Matherson guild. And oooh my god.
    I used to make fun of the fact that the Waterson Guild the 382nd had this, notorious way of bailing on allies who needed them at the drop of a hat. What could have been a victory, is now a sudden defeat.

    But i'm sorry for ever saying that about them! The group I was with... never stayed in one place.
    "Oh this area is overpopped! Let's go support!"
    They LITERALLY stayed there long enough to push em off the cap and retake the cap point, then they left!

    No sunderers blown. They literally used over 25 people, to change a cap for about 20 seconds... and they were gone.
    And they did this FOUR TIMES IN A ROW....

    People are so focused on "Oh more battles more battles durrrr!"

    Waterson had battles. Some were awesome. Some sucked. But it actually felt like a balanced bit.
    Now... there's battles everywhere and TR are running around with their thumbs in the air (They couldn't find their butt to stick it in)

    So, sadly it has gotten to this point. I can't do it anymore. I can';t... I have tried, I have tried, I have tried.
    I've got a Level 48 TR, and I have to abandon him.
    I could not believe, how aggrivating the past two days have been cause of this. Like, I've had rage moments before but I literally just made a VS character for the sole purpose of shooting as many TR as I can.
  8. Aelyn

    People who say it's fun to play underpopped, you're right... to some extent.

    However, when you're at 25%, never win any alerts, can't capture a base without getting overrun and often get stuck at the warpgate because the other two factions focus >75% of their forces against you (yes, this actually happens from time to time), it's not fun at all. It doesn't become some majestic meat grinder where you can just sit still and hold the trigger to mow down kill after kill until your cert wallet bursts into flames like you seem to imagine it. Well, enough with overdramatizing. Long story short, 90% of the time, being underpopped isn't very fun.
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  9. EliteEskimo

    Once I see your PPA it serves as a dinner bell for my Prowler :D
  10. GoEErs

    Others may leave and that is their choice. I will stay and fight the good fight, the righteous fight, the honorable fight. So bring your hordes of Vanu and NC traitors so I may gaze on those I will destroy. That even sounds funny doesn't it.:D Play the game the way you want and have fun. You're playing for the wrong reason otherwise. Even if I disagree with my TR brethren on this issue I will not debate them. They have free will to believe whatever they so choose.

    I just have a blast playing the game and don't mind a challenge. I don't run from challenges. Perhaps that's my downfall but I'd like to think it's an inner strength pushing me to excel and forcing me to play as I do. I go it alone and wouldn't have it any other way. I am proud to be TR on Emerald and damn proud to be Lone Wolf.
  11. Neuromancer

    From what I recall, the TE zerg and buzz failed pretty hard in PS2. Safety in numbers, and trash talk required, in order to sound important. Anytime they fought the VS they usually ran, and blamed "OP, or ZOE"!!!.

    There are clips here and there that he made, showing a victory now and again, but anything that was a failure was quickly deleted.

    Don't get me wrong. Running a zerg of 2 platoons at once is incredibly difficult, and he is probably one of the best players I've seen pull that off. He also alienated most of the server, forced the entirety of TE to quit in one day (some left for other outfits but were mocked by him for it), and Buzz set up a Hitler themed website after (that is not a joke or mild way of saying it, but a literal description including pictures and Hitler ranks for the members).

    From there, nobody really played in TE, including in BF4. BF4 failed fast for TE. Multiple members were banned for using hacks, even though they admitted to Buzz that they used hacks they were allowed to remain in TE, and it went down from there.

    I'm glad to see a villain return. I look forward to it. But don't give credit where credit isn't due.

    As far as their recent attempt at WoW goes, i really don't know. They didn't last long, and aside from a few poorly edited youtube videos, nobody really heard of them again. Buzz constantly mocked WoW and said he wouldn't go back, made fun of the panda expansion (fair enough) and then forced the core group to join him in returning for a short time (total hypocrisy). The only thing i heard is that they were a shell of what they tried to be, and people just considered them an annoyance.

    So there you have it. The history of TE since leaving PS2, not to mention some of the players are perma-banned in PS2 for using hacks, but are still allowed in the outfit outside of the game.
  12. GoEErs

    Even if you hate us you are always welcome to come back. Be well Grimno and safe travels.
  13. LIKE A BOSS!

    And once you see my c4 you scream like a little girl ;)
  14. Darsh

    The only one to blame for all this is SOE for creating a game which caters to the instant gratification crowd, and allows every player to instantly redeploy almost anywhere on the map like a god damn magical pixie. If ppl could only redeploy at their warpgate and respawn only at any spawn tubes / sunderer located in the hex they died ( or the nearest spawn location if there are no spawn tubes in your current hex), we certainly wouldn't have this issue where entire outfits redeploy every 2 minutes. Outfits would have to attack or defend a location and commit to that location for a while.
  15. Konstantinn

    You might want to quit NC, they came in 3rd in first real alert on emerald. TR is doing good, always did, always will.
  16. TheShrapnelKing

    Quit TR, LOL no it's time to quit NC. Their performance is abysmal, I don't even want to play another alert.

    This afternoon it was awesome having huge fights, but now it's clear I have once again picked the losing side.

    When I first go the game I picked the losing side too, but at least they were losing because there were simply so many enemies, not because the enemy was any good. The Emerald VS are too ******* badass to stop. Equal pop with VS = VS Wins, it's that simple. In fact, the NC is so incompetent I've seen them get held up at bases for half an hour even if they have a 2:1 pop ratio.

    I could deal with it when I first joined, but my patience is already being tried now. I simply don't want to put up with being on the losing team constantly.

    Emerald NC: Win some alerts or by god I'll just go shoot lasers with the Connery VS from now on.
  17. Astealoth

    pop balance seems fine but mattherson VS and NC seem to be in some perpetual alliance. Played 2 alerts since merger and never once saw a fight break out on the NC VS border and they both single mindedly pushed TR without any particular reason, even to the detriment of their own faction in some cases.
  18. novicez

    @OP VS on mattherson population-wise is never overpoped, it's just that 2/3 of the total TR and NC pop are somehow magically stuck on indar, even though their brains tell them to hit redeploy and click warp to alert continent it magically snaps to indar.
  19. EliteEskimo

    You had better come from a high place with drifter jets and/or an ESF since I'm constantly moving, typically have a gunner, and have Max Proximity radar. Either way you'll likely just meet your end like the vast majority of LA's and infantry that try to come after me..... Have fun with the following situation ;)


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  20. EliteEskimo

    As someone who has played Planetside 2 on Mattherson since it was created I'm calling you out for your bogus statement. Late night the VS still have the most population consistently giving them a sizable advantage. Also you are saying that the Mattherson VS is "never" overpopulated?....


    Yes clearly Mattherson VS were never overpopulated...:rolleyes: