Re: Server Merge - time to quit the TR?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Frostiken, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. Frostiken

    So, server merge.

    1) Waterson VS are capable, but slightly underpopped and never do too well on alerts.
    2) Mattherson VS are absolutely idiotically overpopped and dominate every other alert.

    3) Waterson NC are capable, and also tend to have more population. Share alerts pretty fairly with the TR.
    4) Mattherson NC are moderate players, slightly underpopped, rarely win alerts due to VS overpop, but if VS don't win it, NC does.

    5) Waterson TR tend to be a little underpopped but not too badly. Typically manage to neck-and-neck alerts with the NC.
    6) Matherson TR are absolutely useless and win almost no alerts ever. Extremely underpopped.

    So it looks to me like:

    1) VS are going to be dominant and easily have the biggest zerg.
    2) NC are probably going to be able to fairly contest against the VS but still be outpopped by them.
    3) TR - at least if you're a Waterson player - is getting completely screwed and gets nothing out of this. Awful TR players on Mattherson are going to bring Waterson TR down to lowest-popped faction, will never win alerts ever again.
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  2. VSDerp

    well if buzz like hossin and stuff TR will get a big boost of players from him.
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  3. Ranik

    Pretty sad that only a major figure could try to help pull population back.

    Maybe if SOE actually gave the underpopped empire better advantages than small XP/Resource bonuses...
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  4. VSDerp

    but i gotta say TR on mattherson has gotten alot better over the months.
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  5. Skooma Lord

    If people keep on quitting their faction like that then the problem will only continue to get worse. As far as I an tell the T.R. on Mattherson has not been too badly underpopped lately though (last 2 months or so).
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  6. Frostiken

    So people on poorly-performing factions should suck it up and deal with an inferior experience, so jerks on overpopped factions can keep having fun?

    After this merge, Waterson TR players will have no reason whatsoever to ever play again. They're going to go from a close second to a distant third. SOE's stupid +12% XP isn't going to fix that.
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  7. Wafflepancake

    hey if you wanna leave TR and join VS or NC - feel free to. One more target in my crosshairs..

    I personally am looking forward to having battles like they were a year ago
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  8. Megaman3300

    I think you're overreacting. Mattherson TR is extremely competent, especially given the level of BS that we have to deal with on a daily basis (double-teaming during alerts, DA and AC capping shenanigans, AOD :p ). In fact, this past Tuesday we won a Biolab alert while down 9% on pop! Matt TR has several great outfits that do amazing work in the form of DOG, 903rd, BWC, VG, WOLV, HYNB, and several others that regularly cooperate and operate on a very ameniable and effective level. Yeah, we get screwed over sometimes. It happens, we had BCP and TE, and they were universally (and I do mean that word) loathed across all three factions, and once they left a massive power and reputation vacuum formed in the Mattherson playerbase, not that ZOE helped anything either. But now that the "BCP's left, everyone hurt Matt TR!" mentality has died down, and a few VS and NC outfits hop over to assist during hours of extreme TR underpop (hat's off to you, Virtunov), things are much, much better.
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  9. Elrobochanco

    On Mattherson NC actually has pretty hefty pop a lot of the time, not always mind you but they can pull the numbers to outpop the rest on busy times. VS doesn't really have an overpop so much as they are the only players who stick around during alerts. Which means in stats tracking we have the most alert wins and the most population when it happens. TR is finally healing and getting back on track, communications may be improving along with morale.

    I expect Emerald NC to be the super pop faction, VS to still be actively fighting, TR will depend on if Watterson/Mattherson organized outfits gel well before the possible relapsing of horrible infighting. When they have to deal with worse than the current zergs gobbling up new players from WG.

    TR certainly has potential for hardship ahead, but that's not much different form any other time. Who knows it might turn out to be great, nothing but sunshine and unicorns.
  10. Rhumald

    I don't know how things are going to play out after hossin's release. Matterson wasn't always VS ovepop, there were plenty of players to make up both other factions when SolTech merged with it, but I know a lot of players swore off PS2 until the Hossin released, so we'll have to see what happens in a week or two.
  11. Nerd Mode

    1. Waterson TR is underpop more than VS from what I see; if someone has hard proof that TR isn't the whipping post most the time, show me. There are "moments" where TR is not the least populated. NC is usually standing at highest population. It doesn't really matter though, VS and NC have more competitive teams (TIW, ZAPS, OPTR, 3GIS, C150, PBRS, XOO) and more zerg (PHX, PotP, VDRS, DVS). TR lost NUC which, when they were active, were arguably the best organized team/outfit in the game and could bring amazing results regardless of population. What does TR have now? ODAM (lawl) and a few small teams, which may be good, but not enough to make a difference IMO.

    2. Mattherson TR is severely underpopulated and lacks anything worth...anything; they got BWC (they still around?) and 903rd and AoD? After the server merge, TR from this server will still be right at home being overrun. VS from Mattherson has a few teams with any amount of concentrated skill: AC, GOTR, DA maybe NNG but the zerg makes up the rest and in this game, if you have a massive population advantage, a small pocket of opposing skill won't do anything except maybe cushion the blow a little. NC has some teams that matter, I guess, but I don't play on Mattherson as much so I just don't care.

    3. Post merge: wins will go to NC and VS, the scraps will go to TR. We can only hope that some nice in-fighting will occur on VS so that we can all be amused.

    4. Connery currently has better fights and more overall activity than both Waterson and Mattherson. I wish I could server transfer to Connery but since this game is still 10 years behind the times, I had to start from scratch. Yay.

    Disclaimer: if I hurt anyone's feelings, I apologize.
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  12. Diodeone

    Yep pretty much dead on. Been saying this for weeks. Not one single person with TR character as their main toon has really supported the merge on either Waterson or Matherson. I think it would be good to just give out server transfer tokens for anyone with a TR account on the new server. Do that and problem solved.

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  13. Diodeone


    Now add them to the store as Higby promised.
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  14. Ownasaurusrex

    Frostiken what are your TR character ingame names?
    Since you're a traitor, and the Terran Republic executes all traitors... you're dead meat.
    This post is additional evidence with which you can ban PwnasaurusRex for premeditated teamkilling.

    I hope the TR is underpopped, thats what makes the game fun for me. I do not want to be in the faction thats overpopped, that means the other factions get all the enemies to kill.

    What makes the game fun for me is the act of fighting against insurmountable odds. even though I die, everyone dies its a game, but i god darn die trying. It's the sheer thrill of it. QRY and PREY on the same faction? bring it on.. those types of dogfights are what makes this game for me.
    and anyone else not proud of being in TR just message here and trash talk me. ill give you a nonconsensual colonoscopy ingame.
  15. Yuukikun

    Well you stated both options. It's up to your own personality to chose between being a jerk or a man who can do a bit more effort for his teammates.
  16. Neuromancer

    LOL. Buzz is a nobody now.

    TR will have pop coming from Waterson, but TE is gone. It's essentially a nothing group now.

    They failed at BF4. They failed in WoW. They couldn't find anyhing else to play. If they come back, it's way too late for TE to rise again. Maybe for a couple weeks. Buzz was on today, and he was shunned by everyone in command chat, and had no numbers with him. Nobody cares about him anymore, and TE has broken up, with some of the members being banned for hacking in PS2, and the rest not caring to bother with their nonsense.

    He's a nobody now.

    Buzz is a has-been, and TE is too. I didn't mind the kid, but he won't be a factor in PS2 again.
  17. Diodeone

    Each person should have the option. If you don't want to transfer that's your choice. People should be able to transfer and SOE can earn some station cash from it as well (last time I checked they were in a business to make money)

    Plus its an idea that has already been promised on numerous occasions.

    Higby wrote 2-21-13:
    “Server transfer tokens will also be available afterwards for players who would prefer to move to a different server in the wake of the transfers.”

    “Once we’re certain that we aren’t doing any more merges we’ll put the server transfer tokens up on the store.”

    2-21-13 (PC GAMER)
    “Higby states the merging process will occur seamlessly without any additional requirements from players. SOE hopes for a "more consistent and full server population during off-peak hours and a more players to support better utilization of all of the continents in the game" as a result, but it'll also soon offer transfer tokens for affected soldiers wishing to join the fight somewhere else.”

    2-22-13 (INC Gamer)
    If you don’t like where you end up after the move, server transfer tokens will be made available which will let you switch servers.”
  18. Nerd Mode

    If these tokens happen, I think it would be awesome if most the TR vacated Waterson/Mattherson and went to Connery, let the zerg happy have at each other. Make it happen!
  19. Regpuppy

    That just potentially adds to population issues on another server while also worsening the one on the server they were on. Something that's not really in SOE's best interests. Especially now that we're down to only two US servers. Not to mention the fact that in spite of everything, server populations randomly fluctuate. For awhile, Waterson TR was overpopped to ridiculous levels.

    What needs to happen is a larger bonus for being underpop. As well as a bonus for taking any action against a faction with greater population than you and an xp reduction for any action done against a faction with less population than you. Enough to encourage the middle pop faction to "do the right thing" and not beat up on that weaker third faction.
  20. -Synapse-

    Populations aren't set in stone, a little while ago Waterson TR was massively overpopulated, now they're nearly rivaling VS for most underpopped faction on the server. Things change, even if it's bad for a while after the merge it will get better.

    And remember: Loyalty until death!
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