Re-buff the sniper rifles

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by deiviux90, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. deiviux90

    I know they were kinda OP, but that's exactly what a sniper rifle is, its a full-on recoil, 93% chance 1 hit kill to anybody, and i know they have shields, but the people i shoot never have them and the suits they wear do nothing, so i dont understand why a (i forgot the names of the guys in blue, white and black, the rebels?) have a high dmg weapon on the class, and they cant even kill a guy with no armor or buffs with a sniper rifle
  2. Vepo

    1) You are using the wrong rifle
    2) You aren't landing a headshot
    3) You suck :)
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  3. Masterskunk

    "the guys in blue, white and black, the rebels?"
    Not sure if serious...

    The sniper rifles are perfectly fine how they are. Just aim for the head.
  4. Incarnadine

    Sniper rifles are perfectly fine how they are...

    If you are having trouble with them, you're either doing it wrong, or simply not a sniper. Not everyone can play everything... Some people suck at air, some at tanks, some at sniping, some at FPS, it's how it is.