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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Exterma, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. Exterma

    The razor rifle is bugged i bought it with SC as i thought its Christmas ill spend a little on a game, so i bought it but it says you need to unlock it before i can use any attachments on it, i tried re logging but it would appear its bugged, they should not allow you to spend real money on a game which still has bugs on items that can be bought with real currency. As a result of this i will NEVER be spending real cash on this game again and i would like to know where i request a refund.
  2. Azulgrim

    Well i got the same issue..wrote a ticket 4 hours ago
  3. Exterma

    how you write a ticket?
  4. Jive

    This is the response I got you'll probably get the same

    Thank you for taking the time to contact in game customer support. I am very sorry you are having issues obtaining certification skills for the Razor GD-23. I can tell you that the development team is aware of the issues with this weapon and it's attachments and certification skills, and they are working hard to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Unfortunately we do not yet have an ETA for when we can expect to see a fix for this reach the live servers, however we have been assured that this is a priority issue that will be resolved as soon as possible. I recommend you keep an eye on the official forums for updates as that is the most likely place any new information regarding this issue will be posted. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding, and please let us know if there is anything we can assist you with in the future.
  5. Azulgrim

    Well i got the bug too..it would be nice, if the company just refund the 700 SC and i can buy me another wepon.
  6. Raigir

    Not to take SOE's side on this or anything, trust me I am equally annoyed I don't have attachments for this gun yet (had the gun 6 days now and still no attachments), BUT I would suggest you hang onto it for now and wait for when they fix it. It is truly an amazing weapon even without attachments. Gotta be one of the best NC guns right now by a good margin. So give it a little time, and I can almost guarantee you won't be disappointed by the gun even in its 'no attachments' form.

    SOE still better light a fire under their butts considering how long it has been in its broken state now.
  7. Azulgrim

    Well and.. i guess somepeople reconsider buy soem of the new wepons they bring in with the new patch, if this issue isnt fixed (I will) ..And.. i dont see mutchdifference to the "normal" 11 AC.. I got the Gaus S with another char and i am happy with it..i just wanted to try something different with the new .. its a big Fail
    I would suggest, they just refund us the 700 SC (cause its a bug they cant change timly) and we can move
  8. Coldcut

    Well.. i first bought this weapon when it was released last week, and like the OP stated, you can't even put a basic scope on it. I really dislike the iron sights so don't use the weapon. I'm really dissapointed that after 3? or 4 patches this issue hasn't been resloved AND the devs have allowed the item to carry on being purchased with no warning...

    This make me highly sceptical of the motives behind releasing new weapons every week and due the amount of posts being generated on the latest batch on shiny guns (items not appearing), a total lack of communication on the missing alpha squad boost and nothing beign done about the razor not working at all, i am now not going to buy any more items.

    It would seem the priority is to get as much money as possible without fixing the mess the last released items made.

    It makes me sad :( because i really like the game, but the devs don't appear to care that it feels like they are stealing money :(
  9. Azulgrim

    The bugs seems to be resolved now.. i could improv now my wepeaon

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