RAWR! Another Vanu is OP thread!!!

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  1. SecularPope

    I would like to acknowledge beforehand that I recognize the big purple dinosaurs will flame me and SOE mods will likely shut down the thread under the auspices of it "not being constructive" when in reality they simply want to avoid discussing the imbalanced in their game.

    My conclusions are largely drawn from the perspective of playing my main (TR) as well as a secondary Vanu character.

    My personal belief is that the imbalance of the Vanu stems from their vehicles. Yes their infantry weapons having virtually no recoil, no bullet drop, and the fastest reload times is a bit ridiculous, (the Vanu argument seems to be "but our damage drops off at range more, when in reality the vast majority of PS2 fights occur in close / medium range) however is quite easy to overcome. You can easily mitigate their weapons advantage by shooting them in the head before they see you. Playing with a modicum of strategy affords you the ability to do this. However vehicles are another matter.

    Magrider - Probably the best of the Vanu vehicles. It says alot that I would take a stock Magrider over my fully upgraded Prowler (I actually do hate the prowler, I roll in a Lightning period these days) is either a testament to the Magrider being OP, or the Prowler and Vanguard being terrible (I haven't used the NC tank but I hear it handles like a tail-less whale). I tend to believe the former. This obviously stems from their extreme maneuverability, which allows them a great deal of efficacy in armor columns. Yes I blow up solo magriders all the time in my lightning, mostly because their drivers are terribad, but my real problem with the magrider is how well they function in synergy with one another. Multiple magriders have no problem getting good firing solutions around each other, while other factions armor columns are severely limited in this regard. The only magrider "drawback" is its low top speed which actually plays very little role in the game.

    Scythe - I have heard purple people feeders insist that their ESF is the worst of the bunch, but I have two main points as to why it is the best. Neither of them is because of its "superior maneuverability", albeit both of my points are equally stale at this moment in time. The first point being the obvious, they essentially have a hitbox shaped like a piece of paper, with a huge gap cut out of it. This allows them to fly places other ESF's cannot and makes them that much harder to hit. You can argue "mossies are OP" all you want but the fact of the matter is we have this huge bulky tail and a massive hitbox. Now I do not consider myself an expert pilot but I have spent around 24+hours in game flying so I am not terrible. I shoot lots of people down. I FULLY RECOGNIZE THAT USER SKILL TRUMPS ANY ESF ADVANTAGE. By far the best pilot I have run into on my server is a guy named CzechMix (sic?) who flys in a reaver which I consider to be the weakest ESF. He is super pro with that thing. I learned most of my dogfighting maneuvers simply copying what he does. All that considered.... the Scythe hitbox is a huge advantage.

    Point 2 on Scythes - Rocket (Photon) pod damage. I have seen some Vanu try and argue that because their photon pods shoot more slowly and have less rounds in exchange for more damage that they are at a disadvantage. This is laughable. Photon Pods > NC / TR Rocket solutions. Period. If you disagree you can take my rocketpods and I will take your photon pods.

    What I don't understand is how in the "balancing" of this game Vanu could now have the best vehicles, the best infantry weapons, and the best night camo for infantry in the game. I fully recognize that TR infantry weapons used to be a bit strong and they got nerfed some. My main problem is everyone knows purple is a bit OP but tons of them just say *shhhh* because they don't want the game to get balanced. It should stay something when nearly 50% of the TR / NC population on my server (SolTech) has migrated Vanu over the past two months. They generally have 15% more population than either of the other factions at peak hours. They didn't go purple for their health, they went because VANU IS UNEQUIVOCALLY THE BEST FACTION AT THE MOMENT BASED ON THE SUPERIORITY OF THEIR GEAR. Endthread. *puts on flame ******ant suit*
  2. MartianDiscoFish

    Carv: 0.4 recoil
    Orion: 0.4 recoil

    Conclusion: ''VANU HAVE NO RECOIL AT ALL''- TR
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  3. Jaloro

    You knew this was a bad idea. You knew we didn't need this thread. You knew you were just regurgitating what others have posted ad nauseam. Yet you went ahead and posted. Not only that, you posted a wall of text noone will ever read.

    A colossal misjudgment.

    And you expect us to take any opinion you have seriously after that?
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  4. SecularPope

  5. dragondrop

    I can't really talk about scythes, but any Vanu who says that the Prowler and Vanguard are just as good as the Magrider obviously never played on the other side.
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  6. Imachick

    tired subject is tired
  7. Tang60

    I play VS and our guns HAVE vertical recoil, I dont care what the stats say.
  8. TheWhiteDragon

    It's funny how predictable it is. First two posts have Vanu in the avatar, and are trying to defend their opness. The only question is if my post will be in before the lock.
  9. Tang60

    You know the Devs play all the factions,,I dont know why so many put this bullcrap on the forums.
  10. Sowahka

    Prowler eats Mags for breakfast at close range. Mag is a great sniper tank but as soon as anything gets close it's as good as dead.

    Anyhow, I had trouble understanding the paper thin argument against the Scythe. I understand that it's slender, but the moment it moves at all its whole tank-sized frame is exposed. Anyone who flies and has been in a dog-fight knows that you rarely see only the slim dimension of the scythe, in order to only be able to see that you have to be flying at exactly the same axis as the Scythe, behind it, and it has to be moving in a percectly straight line, any movement or turning on his part will expose the whole frame of the Scythe.
  11. Fear The Amish

  12. Negator

    Sorry what? the CARV and Orion have identical stats. Why do people like you make these ridiculous sweeping generalizations that simply arent true.

    What is wrong with you?
  13. ZoeAlleyne

    Solution, Magrider's have the best mobility in game allowing them to get to areas what infantry cannot even run up, they can bounce in and out of cover while keeping their armored from pointed towards the fight. Cut Magrider armor in half! Use your mobility advantage to not get hit, when you do get hit it should hurt more. Me in my Vanguard has to soak up hits since if i turn sideways to move in and out of cover my side takes more damage. Prowlers blow, they should get extended range while planted such as a siege tank in Starcraft. Give NC/TR a Loadstar so i can get my Vanguard dropped on top of those Magriders on a hill and watch them run.
  14. CommodoreFrank

    They're not identical. The Orion has better ADS movement speed and hip fire accuracy, which are pretty significant differences. The Carv only wins in ammo capacity. Personally, I just see Vanu weapons as insultingly easy to use, not OP.
  15. Negator

    Sorry, i meant the actual firing characteristics. Anywho, are you implying other weapons are 'hard' to use? Are we talking like a 5% difference? Define 'easy'?

    i play all 3 factions and have fun. My KDRs and anecdotal evidence all imply the 3 are equal. I prefer NC stuff.
  16. Terrex

    The VS vehicles are broken as hell. Anyone that says otherwise is in denial. Knowing what I know now and my flying experience in PS2, the Scythe dominates the other two without a doubt. I'd gladly transfer my char over to the VS for the Scythe alone.
  17. MrK

    VS are streamlined, not OP

  18. Negator

    "broken as hell' from a mossie pilot.

    What is with every nerd's sense of entitlement and importance nowadays?
  19. CommodoreFrank

    They have better hip fire accuracy (generally, not always), no bullet drop, and the same recoil as TR guns. These things together make for a very user friendly weapons platform.
  20. Negator

    The only relevent point there is hip fire, which is marginally better, but in no way makes them 'insultingly easy to use' unless you believe VS just run around hip firing all day because ADS is hard. You could also say TR guns have more ammo (generally, not always). Or that NC guns do more damage (generally, not always).

    it's almost like, we have 3 different factions with different characteristics of some kind....