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  1. Ianneman

    Let me put it like this.

    If you're a tank and from 300m away a MAX on top of a hill or base with a Raven is bombarding you, there is not a remote way in hell you are going to hit him, so your only option is to run.

    If you're facing him, you can drive backwards which is slow, and you can get ****** in 3-4 clips in no-time. If you're facing back or sideways, it's even worse, since the projectiles can actually be guided to hit the back of the tank. Even a maxed out Magrider will NOT outrun Ravens, and maxed out Prowlers definitely won't either.

    So it doesn't matter how clever, experienced, good a tank driver you are, in normal battles you can ALWAYS move tactically, avoid getting into confrontations you can't face, avoid congested areas, etc. Lasher's are great, they are strong, but its user needs to maintain a line of sight and it doesn't have a 300m range, and can't be directed at will. They are perfectly fine the way they are.

    But, if there's a MAX lobbing Ravens at you, you're either ****** when you retreat, or you have to retreat in any case since it's absolutely pointless to be anywhere within range of a Raven. And considering those have a 300m range and they're on biolab pads, on every mountain base there is, that leaves precious little place to fight at all.

    I wouldn't give a damn if the Ravens had triple damage, triple speed, triple explosive radius, it would STILL not be as gamebreaking as these guided projectiles. They are absolutely ridiculous, it's not a matter of overpowered or overdamaging or whatever, it's simply a broken game mechanic that is abused more and more and more every single day and ruining the game for a lot of people.

    I needs to be removed.
  2. axiom537

    The Raven operate LOS = Line of Sight, if the Raven MAX is hitting you, then you can hit them as well. Rather then run away I would advice you to move closer and cut the angle down and make the MAX move forward and become more exposed.

    How many vehicle Kills do you think is appropriate for 450 Cert AV MAX to kill per hour? You keep saying they are game breaking, what standard are you using to qualify that statement? Are the NC winning an Overwhelming majority of alerts? Are TR and VS vehicles performing much worse then NC vehicles, because of the overwhelming OP'ness of Raven Maxes? Please show me what metrics you are using to justify your rhetoric...