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  1. Liewec123

    i use dual pouders with maxed lockdown on my TR and i don't find them difficult to aim at all.
    though i haven't played them in awhile, was that 40 ammo bug fixed?
    it was too easy to run out of ammo already when you have a nice lockdown spot and are blasting away!
  2. OldMaster80

    The only problem I have with the Ravens is they have a ridicolous range. NC Max Units can bomb enemies from such a distance you will never be able to counterfire effectively.
    This is a screen I took a few days ago, that max you can see had destroyed my lightning 2 seconds before: that's the effective range of the Raven (you can still see the trails of the Max Units bombing the other tanks).
  3. FateJH

    Yes, but that damage is entirely in alpha strike and at the cost of mobility. Ravens have a platform that is both much more stable against retaliation and also capable of the mobility that makes landing retaliatory shots harder. Additionally, a Dual Raven MAX will quickly out-damage an AV MANA turret. It make not have the alpha damage; but, it shares the same Damage Type modifier as the turret against most important targets, and it's better at keeping up pressure on a target.

    A dual Raven MAX will exceed the damage of a turret on the third shell before the first reload. From there on, the Ravens will surpass the turret throughout its cooldown periods and its refires.
    Oh, you silly NC. I love you lot but seriously: please don't adopt the VS trait, "the inability to understand why your weapons are good." You can't out-repair Dual Ravens. You can outrepair a single AV MANA turret, and hold for a decent amount of time against two; but, you can't outrepair Ravens with an equal number of Engineers. I'd love to be able to tell Sunderers to move if they get under attack some times but it doesn't work if I'm not the driver.
    Smoke is good to cover for advancing Infantry but it doesn't obstruct/interupt the spotting mechanic, cause unmoving vehicles to move, or reduce the size of a hitbox.
  4. andy_m

    A MAX armed with dual Ravens does not stand a chance against a Lightening armed with L100 Python HEAT...
  5. 4wry

    I just wish they would have nerfed the annoying sound. :D
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  6. EliteEskimo

    What are you aiming at? If you are shooting at MBTs have fun getting instantly downed since hitting an immobile max is piss easy. Locked down pounders don't even have half the effective range of Ravens and Falcons are easily a straight upgrade to pounders outside of locking down to kill a deployed Sunderer.
  7. MajiinBuu

    What do Raven missiles look like? I mean the actual projectile? Anyone have a screenshot of one?
    I like to imagine that they're flaming blue ravens, and the whistling sound is their screech...
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  8. FateJH

    They probably look the same as the static projectile loaded into the chamber, just with stabilizers extended.
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  9. Liewec123

    the trick is to get a spot where you are just peaking over cover so you can fire away and still be hard to hit, most rocks on open spaces of indar are good for that, also i disagree with falcons, they used to be great year ago when they were more like a grenade launcher, but now you can't even see what you're shooting at due to the ridiculous smoke effect.
    plus new falcons move too slow for my liking.
  10. CrazyMike

    Shut up you whining little babies.
  11. FateJH

    I've seen the current iteration of Falcons. Just firing one comes close to completely obscuring your vision for a second or two, and it's thick enough to make walking around it nontrivial. What's terriblwe about it now is that you can't even judge aim and drop because you can't see where a missed shot lands.
    When did they start causing that much smoke, and why did the NC let it happen?
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  12. MarvinGardens

    Damn I hate nerfs. I play all 3 factions so whenever they nerf something, I get affected by it no matter what. Every time they nerf something, it's like they cut off a piece of the fun pie and flush it down the toilet. What's sad is they hardly ever add slices back(unless they add more weapons/vehicles.), they just take fun away.
  13. tf2hero

    plz forgive me
  14. MahouFairy

    Another nerf caller. Have you finally realised that weapons are meant to kill?
  15. Liewec123

    i think it was PU02 or 04 i forget the exact update, they used to be a grenade launcher that fired a projectile much like the pounder so it was easy to see, i guess they thought it'd be awesome to have dual wield rocket launchers (which it is) without thinking of the practical effect thata huge smoke plume has when you're aiming at something thats extremely small in the distance.

    q spotting kinda works, but if you're adjusting aim you need to keep losing it so you can Q spot again so the dorrito doesn't vanish.
  16. Ianneman

    Yep, and VS/TR can't use theirs against Ravens since the users just sit behind hills, inside buildings, behind cover lobbing them over without a single chance of retaliation. Weapons are made to kill indeed, so make the MAXes actually killable. I don't give a damn about firepower, speed of the missiles or whatever, it's absolutely stupid to be constantly bombarded by MAXes sitting back without a single chance of retaliation.

    With infantry, it's OK, but when you're such a big exposed target it's absolutely stupid. I could take a 3x damage increase for the Ravens if it meant that projectile guiding was taken off.

  17. Eternaloptimist

    So, doesn't the raven balance out against the poor medium to long range AI power of the NC Max shotty compared to other faction AI weapons? Some kind of asymmetrical balance maybe compared to other faction maxes? I'm not an expert here but it seems like we ought to consider overall strengths and weaknesses rather than just looking at each weapon in isolation.

    I have to agree though, that buying a fracture for AV was a big waste of certs.
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  18. Elkren

    Okay....First off the MAX AV weapons should be used in coordination with your armor or other MAXs. Not one MAX climbing up a hill and nuking a sunderer to death. That lonewolf stuff was why they were nerfed. This is not COD. It's a team based game. You would get the pre-nerf results having a galaxy fly low into some hills and dropping off several raven maxes with engis behind an enemy armor column or sunderer placement.
  19. axiom537

    Ravens aren't OP, they are a 450 cert weapon that was effective at what they do...I think the better request would be to give Fractures a slight buff, so that they would be more effective at hitting targets in the 300m range like the Ravens. Or you could use your newly buffed lock down ability and take advantage of the velocity buff & reload speed for those distant targets, or use your AP Anchor Prowler...

    The NC really do not have the same long range AV capabilities that the TR and VS have ie.. the AP Anchor prowler and the Lancer, which are both extremely effective in the 400-450 m range, like the Ravens used to be...

    I understand there is a difference between pulling a MBT VS a MAX or ES Rocket Launcher, but that fact remains, that the NC are once again without a long range AV weapons platform that is good at hitting distant or fast moving targets. So now we are left letting our Sunderers and other vehicles getting obliterated in less then 4 secs by Anchored AP Prowlers sitting 400-450m away or Magriders strafing back and forth beyond 300m completely immune to our Phoenix or Ravens and pretty much every other rocket launcher we have to shoot at them.

    The Ravens like other Factions MAX's are 450 cert/pull weapons, they should be able to go toe to toe with most vehicles and fair well, the ravens did, just that and yes they were top of their class, but so is the Prowler, I guess we can start to see your support for nerfing that vehicle since it out performs the Vanguard by as much if not a greater margin then the Ravens beat out the other maxes.

    If the other Max's weren't performing as well, then they should have been brought up closer to the ravens level. You might complain about the pounders, but they are cert magnets and devastating up close to vehicles and Infantry and even the fractures fair well in the mid to long ranges vs vehicles, especially with the lock down buff. Maybe not quite as well as the Ravens, but they still do pretty darn good, especially with lock down, which gives them a velocity of somewhere between 235 -250 m/s
  20. axiom537

    Kinda, like an Anchored AP Prowler, sitting on a mountain, just absolutely laying waste to every vehicle it can see, with little threat of being touched, except by a Raven Max or a Lancer...