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  1. Ianneman

    Why do they have lock-ons? What is the justification for it?

  2. Pikachu

    They are guided not locked.
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  3. JudgeNu

    Yes they are guided not lock-ons.
    Have you ever tried to dumbfire a strafing Magrider?

    Anyway they have already nerfed Ravens a bit, I think, I don't use mine anymore since PPA got nerfed.
    Plus I have become quite efficient with my AP.
  4. _itg

    Yes, Ravens have had their velocity reduced, which brings their effective range down to about 300m, and their splash damage reduced, which makes them slightly worse against infantry.
  5. Haquim

    Yeah I've tried dumbfire at a strafing Magrider. God forbid they suck as much as TR specific AV.
  6. Ianneman

    That's even more overpowered
  7. FateJH

    We should make the Ravens active lock on weapons. I don't see what they'd be losing at this point. The NC already specialize in weapons that offend your ears and your sensibilities. A little more couldn't possibly hurt.
  8. DrPapaPenguin

    Not really because you need to maintain line of sight and because they can't do sharp turns, so interception is all up to your aim.
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  9. Ianneman

    No you don't, there's dudes shooting around the corners out of doors and over the tops of hills all the time, otherwise I wouldn't make this thead.
  10. DrPapaPenguin

    I don't don't, they are easy enough to dodge if fired around corners due to their large turn radius. Tried it in a Prowler.
  11. Pikachu

    Sounds like phoenix rather than raven.
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  12. EliteEskimo

    Ravens are still Op. They do way too much damage and their effective range was only brought down from 450 to 400 meters. They should be brought down to 300 meters and get a minor damage Nerf. If the NC complain, keep in mind that even after those nerfs they will be superior to Fractures.
  13. HadesR

    If they are brought down to 300m they wouldn't need a damage nerf .. As they would be well within retaliation / combined arms range ..

    And yes nothing should hit from beyond render range .. Yet the Lancer remains untouched throughout all these changes ..
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  14. AlexR

    I see same people thinking that AV MANA turret is OP but Ravens are still OK. Lol.
  15. EliteEskimo

    The Fracture doesn't even come close to 300 meter effective range, so if the Raven didn't get a damage Nerf would the Fracture get a major damage buff?

    Ya, the Lancer is ludicrous but every time it gets brought up on reddit the VS mass down vote it. Either way, when NC infantry get pissed off they pull Ravens to ruin armor battles, for the VS its Lancers and to a lesser extent Vortex maxes.
  16. HadesR

    Fractures should be made to do around the same dmg as Ravens and be tweaked to be effective within the same ranges ( 300m ) .. In the same way Pounders needs tweaking to suit more of their AV role and less AI.
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  17. Liewec123

    people shouldn't still be moaning about ravens.
    vortex do similar damage and you dont even need to steer since they are practically instant between clicking and damage,
    even at long range.

    and pounders are a powerhouse of pain, if you can aim them (which honestly isn't as hard as people pretend it is) they are amazing.
    plus they are brutal for AI.

    so yeah, vortex and ravens are easier to use, pounders do more damage.
  18. ColonelChingles

    It's kind of hard though, sort of for the same reasons as extending Pounder range.

    Most slow, dumbfired rockets simply aren't going to be that effective against armor at extreme range, because vehicles will most likely move. The Vortex makes up for this by being a very speedy projectile, so long-range combat is easy. The Ravens can engage up to 300m because you can correct their trajectory in flight.

    With the Fractures, they simply fly too slowly to be effective if you can't correct for damage. If you increased their velocity, then they would just be weaker 6-shot Vortexes which is kind of dull.

    So I feel like Fractures need some sort of weak guidance. A few options that already exist in the game (that aren't the Raven or Lancer):
    1) Ground Coyotes. Will automatically track to vehicles within a certain distance.
    2) Ground Flak. Will automatically detonate within a certain distance of ground vehicles.
    3) Ground Lock-on. Sorta like 2x Strikers.
    4) Camera Guided. Maybe guide in a swarm of weaker missiles?
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  19. Improvisus

    So... you guys know that the Engineer AV turret is more powerful and steerable than a Raven, right?

    Honestly, I would not mind a lock-on raven as I could then lock and walk away and not have to STAND THERE GUIDING THEM. I'd also be able to lock through light foliage, smoke, if a Mag Rider turbo's away behind a rock they'll still follow. Hrmm... With carrying extra ammo, I could have 90 per arm, that's 180 Raven's to lock on with VS/TR air present.

    Sounds like a Master Plan to me.

    The current rounds of Raven nerf's brought them down to about worthless. Previously, a MAX with Raven's was only effective if you had height, you are far enough away that the launch isn't noticed, and the person in the vehicle decides to not move and/or repair it, had extra ammo packs. So, I usually had to ever-so-slowly clamber up a hill, with extra ammo packs and no shield, to do some serious damage on a sundy that with all the people spawning no one bothered to switch to engineer to repair it. Now I don't even bother, at least previously there was some reward for my effort.

    So, just like with the Phoenix, the Raven is only good for assists, maybe.

    Really, all one has to do to defeat a Raven or Phoenix is drop some smoke. An engineer with a repair tool and a smoke grenade launcher will immediately render them useless. A nerf is not required if teamwork will more than suffice. I think in a game like PS2 with hundreds of people on the battlefield, that assuming you can do it alone and survive, is impractical. Especially as I am seeing more and more people level up simply due to time in the game. A newbie player simply won't stand a chance going at it alone, the time for that is long over.

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  20. EliteEskimo

    Are you serious? Ravens are like cancer to any open field armor battle, just sit a few on a nearby tower or mountain and they crap over any armor battle. Ravens are not remotely balanced and anyone saying otherwise should try a Fracture on for size. Falcons are a balanced AV secondary. Pounders are crap for AV duty and lack even medium range capacity. Make them like the old Falcons and call it a day.