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  1. eveninglionforum

    I was fairly disappointed with the event. The commentary was poor (As much as I love you Higby...), the planning was poor (whos idea was it to send the entire server into a single territory...) Lack of initial reset meant that (at least on Connery) the VS already held half of Amerish at the start of the event, then they change their minds afterwards and reset the damn thing. not to mention the huge technical issues that plagued the stream throughout the entire event. Stream crashes and major lagging at the beginning, and after that was fixed; lousy audio for the last few hours. Overall, pretty disappointing.
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  2. Justicia

    NC and TR on Miller didn't even reach the Bastion :D
  3. Mooge

    Twitch Stream - Fail. Between audio drop outs and other tech issues I couldn't watch it.

    In-Game - Pass. I play on Briggs and the idea of collating results across all servers was brilliant. I really liked the challenges (40 minutes to take Bastion etc) but without a map reset I felt these should have been spread over all three continents instead of handing a home field advantage to the NC. There were also no rewards for the players, not sure what these could be except maybe decals for participating or some bonus certs maybe but moving forward there needs to be an added incentive to 'win' on your local server.

    Overall - Pass. It was not without it's flaws but I would like to see more of these in future. Perhaps with footage from all sorts of servers and maybe even a weekend long version with presenters in each time zone? It could get bigger and better.

    "Failure is not a measure of falling down. It is a measure of not getting back up."
  4. Latros

    Stream: Utter Failure.
    Commentary: Bias&boring and acourse a failure...
    Planning: Failure

    On Helios we at least had good fighting and the event lead to great fights however it showed how poorly the servers and game are at handling the battles, we had a 3 way empire battle at Bastion that resulted in people rendering 10feet away and lag and crashes and more... was a good battle but showed how weak the current server/system are.

    Also the lack of fairness... Helios had 0 resets VS had advantage for first challenge and won, NC had Bastion for second and won... 3rd challenge VS already had over 50% but NC came back to win it however challenges should have been fair and reset should have been across all servers.

    Stop the Dam server hopping bs for this... picking connery ruined connery for all its players... half of the empires were nothing but BR1s spamming fresh chars.

    There needs to be server and more individual rewards.... All the empires fought like hell on Helios and the NC ended up winning in the last minutes of the 3rd challenge yet even winning those 2/3 challenges we get nothing... Punishing players for the other servers is a bit ********.

    The only possitive out of this was there was some great and fierce fighting during this on Helios between all three empires and that was great and I hope more events bring this out however... it will get old again quick if you get left out everytime because your server is a stepchild.
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  5. Peligun

    Being FROM Connery I was excited for this event but after it started not so much. It was on MY server and because we had so many people loggin over into it the Que time to get on Amerish was locked from the moment they said which continent it was going to be on till 20 minutes after it was over so I didnt get to participate in the slightest -.-

    Commentary was god awful, that one female reporter was super bias and clearly had no idea what anything was, she maybe got an hour brief on the game beforehand and was given stock questions to ask showing she had no insight into the game.

    Obviously this was all for show for MLG to get recognized as a E-Sport but come on, most E-Sports do games on private servers so not to intrude on others fun

    Overall, a giant PR stunt, shrouded as a gaming event, and I got no real action say for Holding the Crown the entire time on Indar, which we all know is just tons of fun every time -.- and Fail...
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  6. Vlas

    Piece of **** FAIL.

    From now on SoE, let the players make the events. We are more successful and have more fun.

    We dont turn it into a




    K smoking contest. We just play and have fun and rib each other.

    ****** bunch of *******.
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  7. Riekopo

  8. Cybrknight

    With no continent reset on Briggs we had to slog all the way through to the bastion taking time to take each connecting base. 40 mins limit to do this and take a well entrenched base at the end of it? Not a hope in hell. Next time you do an event tlike this SOE, reset the continent first as well as give the player population a 30 minute heads up. This way everyone gets an even and fair start.
  9. Meh.

    Truthfully I don't care for the UES I wanted to hear about the up coming updates lol.. which they said last firday.
    But if I had to rate it, I say it was petty bad far far worst than I expected. Looks like SoE did not even want to throw out much money on the event. Meh w/e not my problem I just want them to ******* fix the game as they say but watching this and other stuff I don't have much faith in them.
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  10. ThundaHawkPS

    The entire event was poorly conceived between the objectives ("hold X base, which could have been and probably was pre-capped") and cramming everyone onto one continent for a massive lag fest. I tried watching the stream but it was never in a watchable state for more than 30 seconds. Refreshed a good 30+ times over an hour or so.

    The time and resources spent on this event should have honestly been devoted to development. Improved stability and objectives beyond squatting on bases ((I.e. spawn a LLU somewhere in a field or on a big hill in the middle of 3 territories and have empires fight over it to bring it back to their capital)) would have made this event more watchable and playable. As it is, I don't know how many 'new' fans they could have possibly attracted with this event. This game isn't ready for e-sports, though I hope one day it might be polished enough. I have ideas!

    Whatever grand "event" SOE decides to hold next, I hope it's more directed towards their existing fan base--the players that log hours a day, buy station cash, and genuinely enjoy playing and supporting this game despite its faults.
  11. Thornton14

    When the fighting reached 500 people on waterson the lag was unplayable. Shoot somebody and 2 minutes late u get a kill. Fail.
  12. VSDerp

    Twitch tv FAILED
  13. wowie

    This was a bad PR stunt and I'm glad that I didn't play today.
    No amount of XP will ever make me endure the lagfests I've been hearing about.
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  14. Ozrik

    Massive Fail on all fronts.
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  15. Grimlore

    Wonderful from the beginning. and even better when I saw the scorecard. Then I saw the TR vic on the game when I reloaded it and falcon punched the wall. Fun time, but a popularity contest means its pointless to actually try to win. Just get your outfit to vote for the victor and then just farm certs.
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  16. riker

    it would have been great IF they had
    a sperate commander for each faction for each server
    that commander could talk to the whole faction
    a stable twitch stream
    or a secondary youtube stream
    played on indar and amerish, no esamir tho
    had a more organized system, interviews held before the game started
    no stupid online vote
    trophy for 1st second and third,
    decent gameplay time of each faction
    audio, lets be real the audio they had sucked so bad you cant call it audio
    kicked the afks
    been a little more serious
    comentary should have been more tactical, more militaristic
    not had a goddamn chat bar next to the video, should have put that on another website
    overall better organization needed
  17. Rawrgas

    I would rate it a 2 out of 10.
    1.No continent reset on the first event was a terrible idea, and they should fire whoever thought not doing that was okay.

    2. I'm conflicted about the second event. I have never had more fun playing this game then during that event, brought me back to PS1.
    but as the same time I've never seen a more broken version of this game then during that event.

    3. The Final event was good, definitely brought out some epic moments. especially on some servers from the screenshots. but yet again, on some servers they didn't reset anything (I heard they did on Connery)

    4. Finding out the whole thing was a giant PR scheme, and meant little to nothing for actual Planetside 2 players? Terrible.

    I felt we should get a medal, title, decal, or something showing that we took place in this grand event that solidifies PS2 stepping into E-sports. I suppose even asking for the launcher front page was a bit much.(lol)

    They can still fix the bad ending, not just for Vanu, but for all players involved with this epic moment of PS2 History.

    I hope they do this again, and fix everything that went wrong with the first shot.
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  18. Iksniljiksul

    If Connery was your server then yeah, bad play here, you should have been able to get in and character creation should have been locked for the day while only those above a certain level should have been allow to log in.

    If Connery wasn't your sever, well then, what the **** were you doing there?

    The event was on every server.
  19. xthorgoldx

    Idea: Pass
    Execution: Fail. If an event can be easily mistaken as a coverup for a server stress test, you've done something horribly wrong.
  20. TheNabica

    The battle didn't matter apparently, it was all about the votes, so TR "won". TR was the worst in the scorecard.
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