[RANT] The number one reason I hate this game

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by UberNoob1337101, Mar 21, 2017.

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  1. TR5L4Y3R

    and they are right k/d shouldn't matter in the slightest as this game is about territorycontrol
    and yes people giving directions that players are capable to follow is what helps winning a continent ... were is the problem in that exactly i don't quite understand ... it simply is a matter of fact that teams requiere a good leader/captain that understands how the overall battle works and gives directions/orders accordingly ... it matters that the players go allong .. it's when they don't that strategy will fall apart .. however the team with a solid and working strategy will beat any zerg because zergs are not well coordinated .. or at all for that matter
  2. UberNoob1337101

    You're correct, technically. In reality, co-ordination matters very little, because 99% of organized players are in tiny squads that can't come close to the power that, let's say, half a platoon or full platoon of uncoordinated players that merely rush points, unless you're trying to tell me that a 6-12 man squad can even remotely come close to the power of similarly skilled zerg platoon.

    Co-ordination is a great advantage and zerging isn't the most powerful method of taking bases, but it's powerful enough that nothing that doesn't have it's numbers can beat it. Tactics give you an advantage, but they sure as hell aren't required for you to win any fight, which is stupid.
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  3. TR5L4Y3R

    If you raise the dmg of rocketlaunchers to be on par with c4 then you basicaly risk making vehicle usage useless ... why pull a tank if infantry just can 2 shot it from range? that way sunderer placing would be even less effective because once found you just need a harraser full of ha's one shoting it
    and having to constantly bring new sunderers is fkin tedius with how slow they are ... it's ammong the most important things to do but is tedious and would be even more so if it would get destroyed from range by infantry even easier
    it would be no less frustrating
    than to get oneshotted by snipers in the open over and over ...

    yes spawncamping is a problem and basedefenders need more ways to safer navigate a base be that multiple spawnpoints, soft spawns or fortified spawns discouraging attackers from spawncamping ... the battles need to be were the capturepoints are at ... however weakening armor imo is not the way to go ... i am rather for adjusting nanitecosts ... make maxes cheaper to something like 300, slightly increase the costs of lightnings to have them pulled just twice in a row increase sunderers and mbt nanitecosts to be around 400 or 450 ..
    libs and gals should be a flat 500 to 600 .. esf's and valks should be possible to pull twice max with full nanites ..
  4. TR5L4Y3R

    well if you are outnumbered like 1 to 3 ... good luck i guess but 1 to 1.5 or 2 with a realy good team? otherwise it may come down to composition and which side uses its composition best .. but this also the problem with ps 2 it has A LOT of variables to know what works best other than pure numbers ... and i don't think you can blame new or casual players to just follow the zerg because they simply may not know anybetter ... one thing i know for sure ... namecalling and insulting like some people tend to do here wont solve anything
  5. LordKrelas

    Well, this is a rant thread.
    So I think everyone here for the most part is aware of this.
    It's literally to blow off steam in a literally labeled Rant Thread: Aka don't take it too serious.

    And trust me on one thing: We all have salt about something.
    Some of us more than others, but eh!
  6. Sil4ntChaozz

    Zergs are worse on PS4. Hardly any coordination but as someone who has no leadership skills I don't know how to change that.

    The number one thing i hate is disorganization.
    Number two is when
    1) Everyone parks at the same three spots at the Crown, they never get destroyed and eventually the base is taken.
    2) I park there, it's farm city for the inhabitants of the Crown.
    3) My sundy is in a tactical position but... teammates don't like my parking space so they remove my Sundy and park theirs there.

    I don't know what to actually do about it but it's still instant rage quit.
  7. Demigan

    I agree with just about everything you've said, except this.

    The problem has never been spawnroom heroes, the problem has been with spawnroom campers and the base design, it's always been and will always be that way.

    Just as an example, in the past we had the same complaints about Spawnroom Heroes, but we also had the old tower spawnrooms. You had to pick the hallway of death, where you would instantly get shot at from 3 sides with no real hope of escape unless you threw 5x as many units against it, or you could go to the top of the tower, which back then wasn't shielded and open to all, and get minced from 4 directions at once while you were still waiting for your jumping COF (from the gravlift) to settle.
    And you know what? people fought there. They actively fought in a meatgrinder that wasn't in their favor no matter how you looked at it. They fought till the last minute was done, and then continued to fight in the next base.

    Then the developers changed the way the spawnrooms were set up. The defenders were given the opportunity to shoot at enemies to create a little breathing space without getting shot instantly from 3 or 4 different sides.
    Ofcourse, the spawncampers just adapted and went just outside of the shield's vision, shooting anyone that comes outside anyway because after all is said and done, it's still a chokepoint in favor of the attackers that the defenders have to get through.

    And it's ludicrous! While some people are complaining about how Biolabs are terrible to assault, every single spawnbunker is a worse chokepoint to push through for the defenders, especially when some vehicles sit outside of the spawnbunkers. And this doesn't have to be this way! We can change all spawnshields to block shots from any direction if only the players are given new ways to safely exit the spawnbunker and mount an effective assault. Put a terminal in spawnbunkers that allow you to drop-pod into the base as long as you keep some antennae up and running, add an AMS utility for Medics to deploy, do something like the AMP stations where there's multiple exits all over the base as well as jumppads at the Spawnbunker to get out of the Spawn and into the fight in various ways. That all solves spawncamping!
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  8. JonnyBlue

    Yep I totally agree with you if they increased Nanite costs you would not need to buff AV weapons.
  9. LaughingDead

    Assgats that diss me because of my playstyle, then me not being able to mute them because I respect the team play element enough to know that I might have to play with said asshats and if I don't cooperate with asshats someone who actually plays nice could simply lose because someone couldn't hear the ******.

    People seem to really hate team players, I wonder ******* why.
  10. Zuprize

    Why condemn a player for not rezzing you, maybe that dude played HA for he's entire PS 2 carrer and sundely decided to play medic and isn't use with the ability, maybe he's getting shot, you died in a bad position, many other reasons why that dude didn't rez you.
    There's people that play for stats, there's people that zerg, there's people that are vehicle players, there's people playing for auraxing weapons/classes, bunch of other reasons.
    There's always something that will make anyone anoyed at some point in a game and they sometimes forget it's just a game and nothing else.
  11. QQmore

    Just wanted to say that I agree with almost everything the OP said.

    Friendlies in this game are almost always useless. I assume incompetence from everyone now. (been playing since day 1)

    The people that walk in my field of fire (as a heavy guarding a door) get mowed down mercilessly, usually with insults in prox. People spawn room sniping I stab in the head. People in the TP room camping get c4'd. The thing is that this behavior is nothing but catharsis, these people are incapable of getting better at this game and I honestly wish they would just quit, because they refuse to get a clue.

    It doesn't get better in an outfit either. How many times have your heard "redeploy to the warpgate" aka remove 40 some people from the front lines for several minutes? Then watch as your 10 minute ordeal was less than useless as the base you just took 15 minutes ago gets retaken and your gal drop did nothing but force a quick (not 5 min) redeploy from the pub zerg.

    This game is just filled with bads, unfortunately it just comes with the F2P territory.
  12. PlanetBound

    This is what you get with a public server.
  13. adamts01

    Unless those super-rockets cost nanites.....

    I don't think free to play has much to do with it. Free to play means more hackers, ******** and teamkilling, but it's this game's dumbed down nature that attracts dumb players. Just something as simple as adding in an increasing spawn timer up to 20 seconds would have a drastic effect on ho players mindlessly rush at points. If vehicles were twice as powerful but four times as expensive then you'd start seeing Sunderers with both guns manned that aren't just abandoned when they reach the next base, and many fewer ji had (don't know why they had to sensor that, ******* safe spaces) flashes and ESFs. Dealths would slow down, so killing would naturally, and people might maneuver a little more, but I think it would be a vast improvement over our current mobile lemming factories.

    If kills mattered more, then lives would matter more, then people would start thinking more.

    Because 99% of what's going on is preschool strategy. Everyone re-deploy then flood this base, now re-deploy and flood this base, now re-deploy...... Or they just push along a path towards the warpgate, and that's the pinnacle of their strategy and all it takes to win. If there were logistics and lives mattered more then you'd start seeing strategy on smaller scales, small maneuvers would matter more because all of those small goals would have more lasting effects. Right now the time you spent maneuvering is more than likely wasted because it's less dps you're putting down range to control a point, and while you were stealthing around your target has re-spawned 3 times and gotten possibly 6 kills. Thinking isn't efficient, it's all about pouring bodies at points. I don't have anything against strategy, even at zerg level, but what we have can barely be categorized as strategy.
  14. SoljVS

    This is not surprising. 90% of the worlds population are worthless, unaware, brain dead eaters. Of course it will translate to ingame 'teamplay' as well.
  15. Pikachu

    When I read this thread I get the impression that people don't really like combined arms, or they think it means segregation of tanks, planes and infantry. :confused:
  16. ridicOne

    Let's look at the updates and the time frames at which they occurred.

    Feb. 1 / 2017
    NS Weapon

    Dec. 14 / 2016
    NS Weapon
    Rocket Rifle

    Nov. 30 / 2016

    Oct. 23 / 2016
    NS Weapon
    Construction Buildings

    Sept. 6 / 2016
    Bug fixes

    Jul. 6 / 2016
    Air Balance
    Construction Buildings
    Bug fixes

    May 31 / 2016
    Construction Balance
    Weapon Balance
    UI improvements?

    May 11 / 2016
    Construction Improvements
    Misc Improvements

    April 26 / 2016
    Construction Update

    So it's been almost a year now and the only major content that's been added is construction that is still flawed within the gameplay.. How's this following year gonna look? It's kinda hard to attract new players or get old ones back when you add almost no reason to return or join.
  17. Rhello

    @title, I played PS2 for 1k+ hours, and stopped because of obvious reasons, one of them being r etarded teammates. I then played BF1 for 250h, and I'm also about to stop because your teammates are even more braindead, and there's no way to get past a terrible team, unlike in PS2. Tell yourself it could be worse, just play infiltrator until you're bored.
  18. pnkdth

    I believe the next big attempt is adding different mechanics to how bases are capped and improve vehicle play.

    Beyond that, I don't know. Do you mean a meta game? What is that? Not really sure. Seems to be somewhere between rose-tinted nostalgia glasses where we were young and games were serious business and some elusive definition that changes for every player you ask. I mean back then it seems simply winning mattered a lot more to some.

    Construction(needs tweaks) + VP + Alerts could be a foundation of a meta but it also needs to be more impact in choices like what adamts01 suggest. There needs to be a bigger cost in consumables and vehicles in general. Rather than nerfing everything down to near uselessness you can achieve asymmetrical balance through proper Rock-Paper-Scissors and design things with the mentality that there is always a bigger fish out there regardless of what you choose.
  19. Killer Medic

    Having played healer in almost every game I'm in, this is the usual plight of the healer. If you do nothing but heal, then someone complains that you're not doing enough damage. Then if you do damage, then you're yelled at for not healing.

    While I disagree with telling someone to 'die less' because it *is* the job of a healer to heal (otherwise don't play it), there sometimes are impossible demands put on us-and some people are just plain nasty. Those are the ones I'll intenionally let die and not rez to send a message that they should be nicer to the ones that can heal/rez you.

    Furthermore, for the medium assaults, healer isn't for everyone.
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  20. ridicOne

    I don't know lots of people have come and gone with interesting meta idea's and nothing changed.

    The easiest thing I could think of is remove some bases, make them have base building(maybe)+inf+vehicle cap points. Let them build around a point. With that you need to fix resource cost for vehicle play and how much cort is being used by the silo. I think if your burning a base down enough it should crack if not being resupplied. Which brings in the second problem vehicle balance if your going to make changes to resource cost you need to make changes to vehicles.

    At this point in time, I'm ok with Radical changes if it improves the game.
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