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  1. JDS999

    leaders on jeager need to wake up something seems wrong how come pop on esmir is 65%nc and 35% tr and they are constanly threating our warpgate(pop was around that for an hour and nc had 2 territories left) in and when we continient cap we need 80% nc pop to take contient is something off here or is this how it is on most other servers are. feels like when i look around and go to battles i see one nc sundy and a line of ppl toward cap point or half a platoon behind rock taking cover for 30 mins just to lose sundy and start all over again. In this strateggic game ppl should be using thier brains when it seems like something extra special is going on with most nc on jeage. mabey everyone wants to farm and get ez kills and not have to think because that would hurt ones brain. for the past couple days i consistly watch battles where nc platoons cuddle behind rocks and play medic revive the other half of the platoon plays who can be the coolest sniper(while on the attack). im usally with a small squad of freinds who try to make progress running in but seems futile when 80% of nc pop in reigon is behind rock. mabey new hotfix will allow ingame characters to cert into brain accessory. It seems like a few good squads, leaders in jagur but the ones that run with zerg, are a little different. tr has had the cap on indar for serverl weeks now and nc cant pull it toger when we have 40-48% world pop. all of us will play on indar and warpgate the vs they will leave to esmir and by the time we almost have tr warpgated all nc will leave to protect bounos on esmir seems to happen to much. We always seem to attempt to take the crown when enemy platoons are there instead of splitting their forces up. i guess what im saying is that id rather play with groups of ppl that use thinking and stategey to win as apposed to zerging with mulitiplatoons with everyone in tank. seems like nc on jagger is only faction without airforce but sence air buffs havent seen enemys air platoons much anymore nc is good at making quick work of that.

    I would just like nc leaders on jeager to read strategey book one day or i must be hallucinating, feels good to type on here
  2. JDS999

    or my favorit one which i c happen a lot is warpgate the vs which have usally low pop on our server(23%), defend against their attacks and seperate them from the tr while getting steampiled(farmed) from the tr(41% tonight) on the north side of indar the leaderboard stats were up for daily kills and i found it cute that tr ownd the leaderboard for kills today aside from the 2-3 nc members and 1-2 vs members. mabey 50% of the nc pop is not in platoons and tend to do their own thing(prolly because they were in certain platoons/outfits that put them off from doing team based play) mabey more squad incentives need to be implimented seems like it would be great idea for 6 attacks to turn cap point yet only 1 defender needed to turn it back. Most ppl talk about this endless boring battle, i see it as a chess game that can be redefined every day, teamwork and intelligence is needed though. and seems like nc has a platoons worth of ppl randoms that do the oppisite of orders chat if orders are to hold amerish and esmir always people on idar. i know most leader go to different continents to post orders too.

    The way this game is getting boring for me is when outfits zerg into reigon with multiple tanks spawn camp and leader orders are pltoon 1 to a platoon2 to b and c. then repeat for next region.
  3. Zapon

    ...its funny, the NC are busy running tank zergs (JAEGER) on INdar, destroying every magrider platoon i control or run with
    the TR always have one mega zerg on Esamir- but if you put your entire continent's pop at one point, you can stalemate them for hours and eventually they'll leave.

    on Amerish ..i dunno what's going on- it's capped by whoever is on when the others aren't

    I fear the VS will have trouble, as after the patch, we took a MASSIVE hit- the XP bonus was at like 20% + , and i've nearly never seen that before

    We dont have the numbers to mount a true offensive on Indar- what with the NC camping the crown and the TR zergs and prowler zergs always pushing Tawrich and Crossroads. And the other VS leaders tend to attack the TR- which i suppose is slightly required because they are the ones who generally warpgate lock us(except when the NC pull vanguard(with shields now, they suddenly started using them- and we can't beat them at all)Zergs...

    I'd like to be able to move my platoons with other VS platoons in a manner that lets us out-muscle the TR zergs

    And going around them doesn't work- when you have 4+ enemy platoons and 2 spots with MEGA-Zergs , All TR- running around- we have to use every man we have just to hold large bases against them.
  4. Dulu

  5. ShishiX

    All I see here is Vanu and NC QQ. **** Space Australia, we're full.
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  6. Armchair

    I didn't read that terribly formatted wall-o-text either. But the rest of the NC on Jaeger need to realize that the skydocks need to be taken BEFORE pushing the TR back to their warpgate.

    Holding the north gate may pretty much guarantee default control of 50% of the map and loads of resources, but you need to crack the tough nuts like Crown, Skydocks, and Arc Bio-engineering if you want to flip the continent.

    Skydocks is pretty much in the same league as the crown for defensibility. You need to take those hard-targets before they can dig in.
  7. ShishiX

    You may not have Space Australia. It contains a terrible secret, which no normal mortal may understand and keep their sanity. We're doing you a favor.

    You can thank HSTL for the stonewall.
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  8. Gankmobiel

    Immigration is closed.
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  9. Astealoth

    Holy Enter Keys Batman!
  10. Dr. Coathanger

    You need to be extra careful mate, them space dingos will eat your space Sunderer faster then a space baby. Either way your immigration requests are denied thus far, if you'd like to refile them be sure to contact the Space Australia Space Dingos for the proper forms and/or tank mines.

    Spoiler: the forms are tank mines.
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  11. betwoobly

    Sure didn't bother reading past the first line. Before you take Indar, you must first take on yourself. And your terrible grammar.

    Space Australia is unfortunately pretty stringent on it's entry requirements. Listed here I see that you aren't very good at the game and that you enjoy run-on sentences. Unfortunately, we can't have that at SA. Sorry.
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  12. LieutenantHuge

    Did somebody say Space Australia?
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  13. betwoobly

    Space Australia.
  14. Obsolescence

    I hear all roads lead there...
  15. Jaquio

    We have leaders? Huh. Imagine that. I've never heard them.

    Oh, I've heard the sanctimonious tryhards sputtering nonsense in the Orders chat, but I usually do the exact opposite of what they say. I love when they start talking about how "The Council" says to do X or "Your Council orders you to..." blah blah blah. Council? Orders? Anyone who "orders" me to do anything in a game can choke on the fetid gelatinous remains of a thousand rotting horse anuses.

    Typically my "strategy" is to screw around until I hear some Cro-Magnon group of TR screaming about "Space Australia" in yell and introduce them to my OP underslung nade launcher.