[Rant] Guys, get rid of the queue changes NOW.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by OldMaster80, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. RainbowDash9

  2. Metalsheep

    Any system that alienates players from the game simply for the team they chose is a bad one. As a PS1 vet, faction loyalty runs deep. If i wanted to play as VS or NC, i would have rolled a VS or NC.

    It saddens me to see that there are players that would rather see people not able to play or even quit, than come up with a better solution to overpop.
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  3. Ronin Oni

    Hopefully they'll finish up black ops soon, which will allow overpop faction to fight for another side, but with more of their toys and earning certs on the same character (for those who refuse to alt) which, by joining a lower pop faction, also allows more of their own faction to hop into battle.

    That's the ONLY acceptable solution/improvement.

    Steam rolling 40%+ pop was destroying the game.

    And it's rotated through the factions, each faction has had their time as the overpop, right now it's TR.

    So either roll up an alt or friggin DWI. I've ALWAYS swapped factions when the faction I'd been playing went overpop, so I'm GLAD yall mogos have no choice now.
  4. OldMaster80

    So I basically have yo get used to the idea I won't play with my outfit anymore because I can only play after 8pm and my faction has 5-6% population more than others? Miller is not Connery we do not have faction twice as big as the others.

    Ronin you've always been a reasonable user: it's 5-6% not 40%!

    Notice that I'm not crying because I pretend to overpop the enemy. The problem is 2 unlocked continents during Miller prime time are not enough. If Esamir and Indar are queued hell let me play on Hossin or Amerish don't push me in the VR!

    I've been in the same faction and outfit for 12 years and now I have to restart a new character because devs can't come up with a decent way to balance fights. This is ridiculous.
  5. Ronin Oni

    That's an different issue creating a problem.

    If there's pop for a 3rd continent to have fighting, they should open the 3rd continent, obviously.

    That's a change to a related, but different, system. The pop limiters are vital though.
  6. Thunder33

    On Cobalt you can only play VR now as a TR because its a long queue to all other continents. Indar is full, Esamir is full and Amerish is empty, but its a 30 min queue for Amerish so you cant play there. It was a FNO today but its so long queues so I cant play today.
  7. Hoothers

    haha you weren't saying the same thing when you were steamrolling alerts with 50% population?
    enjoy fighting in vr for now
  8. OldMaster80

    You see the problem?
    They could affect respawn timer, nanite gain, cortium gain... the system they created literally prevents some users from playing characters they've been upgrading for more than 3 years.
    Seriously the person who invented this must be crazy.
  9. Hoothers

    Tired to lose alerts to 50% nc or tr
  10. Hoothers

    we lost alert
    enjoy fighting on vr, fotm reroler, i am tired as vanu to be steamrolled by fotm rerolers, VANU NEEDS BUFFS....MOST PPL PLAY TR AND NC BECAUSE HIGHEST ATTACK SPEED OR MORE DMG PER BULLET...HELLO 200 DMG/BULLET WTF ?[IMG]
  11. SpeedFreakPS1

    Really? Then you should have empathy for the VS position of having the majority of their fights ended in them being left shooting from the spawn room while endless barrages of gatekeeper spam prevent them from stepping out.

    Thanks for your support on this one.
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  12. Hoothers

    he doesn't, he is a fotm player who chosed OP factions now he cries
    he wont feel remorse, all he wants is free kills
  13. Metalsheep

    And players who are unable to play, and thus quit, is not doing the game any favors either.

    In a game that relies on players to generate content, limiting a players access to the game is shooting yourself in the foot. Even more so when a player has spent money on their character that they cannot play.

    And waiting for a speculative system that had only been slightly discussed and theorised is unacceptable.

    Overpop in PS1 was handled with incentives rather than outright gating off players. Lower pop factions got boosts to earned XP, and depending on bow severe the overpop, modified other stats. High pop factions had their XP reduced, vehicle timers increased, NTU drain modified and even had spawn timers increased and at severe levels of global overpop, HP increased or decreased accordingly.

    There are other ways. This isnt one.
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  14. Hoothers

    When i asked for modified stats on underpop faction, aka more dmg per projectile, all u tr jumped on me saying NO NO system is fine.
    Yeah , system is fine , FOR U, AND UR 50% POPULATION, while VS is rendered to redeploy side, only fight behind shields or ghostcap continents when alerts are on....
    I asked for more dmg given to low faction, everyone from NC and TR start yelling trying to preserve their OP status
  15. Sergio Lima

    So much hate, each faction has had their time as the overpop, VS WAS, TR WAS, NC WAS and NOW TR again. Its a cycle, but limiting the player to play is not a good idea.
  16. Septus

    open up VR to be cross faction and/or allowing TKing in certain areas with no negatives, make deaths not count to k/d record.

    this would allow people to practice with all weapons on real targets and give people something to do while sitting in there. maybe even give 1/2 xp (but not kills or ribbon progress) for tking in those zones and encourage players to helps newbies out by letting them get mentorship and drill sergeant ribbons. Put mock bases and facilities in there to learn the layout.
  17. Devilllike

    be happy there are queues it means we got players and crowd
  18. Septus

    I would love all those things, I wish they would have tried those things first, increased respawn timer and less nanites would be fantastic, and make a lot of sense in lore, you have less nanites to go around between everyone. maybe even have increased capture time. Also, unfortunately this new system still allows and encourages the overpop faction to ghost cap off continent

    I am just glad they are finally doing something about overpop, it had gotten ridiculous on Connery. I am sure we will see much fine tuning in the days and weeks to come, of this system and the construction.
  19. Pfundi

    I know you guys all love this black ops nonsense, but thats just the same. It keeps me from playing what I want how I want. I'd rather play something else than something I don't want just to play Planetside.
    Do you understand what I mean? It was kind of hard to express this in English.
  20. Diilicious

    you kinda seem like GoPlayNc on Cobalt, are you their blood relative?