[Rant] Guys, get rid of the queue changes NOW.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by OldMaster80, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. OldMaster80

    This thing is at serious risk to waste all the efforts you made to bring new features in the game. I understand playing against overwhelming enemy forces might be frustrating but this is not the right way to solve it. In order to fix a problem you generated a much bigger issue.

    Connecting and finding out there is no continent where to spawn because you're queued is awful. I 've always had only 1 character, I'm TR since when Planetside 1 came out and now I'm here stuck waiting. I should be firing planetmen and I'm writing this instead.
    You force me to create a new character where I have NOTHING unlocked. I'm punished just because I had to work overtime and because my faction has like 5% population more than the others? This is ridiculous.

    On Esamir, which is the less populated continent at the moment, the queue sais 10 minutes but it's not even updating at all: after 15 minutes it still says 9 minutes. Having an active membership would only make me save like 1-2 minutes in total.

    It's unacceptable, probably the most game-breaking feature I've seen since beta. If you don't want to get rid of the new queue system at least open all the continents! Let us spawn somewhere!
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  2. HadesR

    They should keep the same parameters that they have 10%, 150 people etc etc ... But rather than lock you out ... You gain zero XP while playing the over pop'd faction (s)

  3. SpeedFreakPS1

    What so the China red army TR can have massive pop dedicating half of it (which equal the entire vs pop) to minecraftside while the other half zergs the bases? No, I don't think so!
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  4. Taemien

    Just an FYI, the display showing membership wait times is bugged.

    We don't have wait times.
  5. SpeedFreakPS1

    BTW, out of all the changes in this patch, the queue changes are by far my favorite. It's nice for the VS to have a fighting chance on Connery even if still at -10%
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  6. Badname707

    The queue times are pretty much a killer for organized play. It seems it's near impossible to get an entire platoon to switch to a new continent.
  7. Hoothers

    Someone joined the TR bandwagon overpop to easily win alerts...now crying because the game balances the factions ?
    What about vanu, as we were always underpoped...your remarks of git gud, and laughs, remember?
    Sry, next time don/t FOTM
  8. Hoothers

    Reason is that those 2 factions heavily outnumbered vanu for years, enjoy the VR guys :rolleyes:
  9. Hoothers

    You go and sit in VR, most of 4th factioneers and those who rolled on the overpop faction need to understand that other factions needs alsoa fighting chance
    You had years to win alerts back to back with 40-50% continent pop, it is over now.
    Vanu was always underpopulated.
  10. HadesR

    At most I've only had a 30 second queue since Launch ... But then again I'm not playing the over pop'd faction
  11. OldMaster80

    I didn't join to win easy alerts: I've been TR for more than 12 years. And on Miller is not easy win for 1 faction. Hell this system locks people out of the game for undefined time because of a 5% population advantage! It doesn't make any sense. My outfit has been TR for 3,5 years and now we should all... roll another character? I've spent a massive amount of money in TR weapons and cosmetics. I'd rather not play at all.

    You really think forcing people to sit in the VR is an improvement?!?
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  12. Hoothers

    as i said, dont fotm and join the op , because sooner or later will come biting back
  13. Armcross

    Instead of 2 how about 3 unlock continent in Connory, will this fix the problem?
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  14. Costa200

    I play NC on Cobalt. Over 10 minutes waiting for everywhere other than Amerish... Screw Amerish. I never liked it, never will. So it either wait to death or play somewhere i don't enjoy. Not going to happen. There are other better things out there.
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  15. OldMaster80

    I don't care about waiting to join my team. What you and the devs have to ******* realize is on Miller population right now is too big to force it in just two continents.

    If this system is here to stay then we need devs to keep 3 continents open at the the same time. Forcing people to stay in the VR before they can play their favourite faction is complete idiocy.
  16. Hoothers

    this screenshot is taken right now during alert, all i can say is ENJOY VR, fotm reroller
  17. RainbowDash9

    a lot of us didnt join "because theyre op" i joined back when the game out because i liked how they looked. nothing more, nothing less. and here we are years later, all of my stuff that ive unlocked, some with certs, some with money, and i cant play.

    The system is a lil flawed, and has to be tweaked. if VS is underpowered (it really isnt, i to this day still hate fighting them), that doesnt mean the other two are op. If emerald has told me anything, its more that VS is a bunch of midnight neckbeard warriors who ghost cap everything lol. you dont have the numbers cuz half of them are asleep :p
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  18. Ronin Oni

    That's your own damn fault and problem.

    40%+ faction pops were far more harmful.

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  19. SpeedFreakPS1

    On Connery the VS would ghostcap because the redarmy were overpopping them 2x+ and I have seen times where they would have 3x. It's no fun when you really want to fight on the cont. where the fights are but every engagement has you being shot in the back by 2 other players. I think this experience is the reason why I shifted to stalker primarily after I started playing the game which really hasn't been all that long.

    Now with the construction system in place a large pop advantage would be an even worse experience than it was before.
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  20. Hoothers