Rangers now on MBTs

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  1. SoljVS

    Good job DBG this paired with the hornet/thermal nerf completely and utterly neuters air of any kind of effectiveness.

    Now every tank you see will become an additional source of flak against something that already has enough threats as it is.

    This game has the most pathetically implemented air aspect of any I've ever played. Game is headed down a dark path.
  2. JohnGalt36

    I've been running Ranger on my tank when soloing four years. Now it's glorious.
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  3. OgreMarkX

    I've had a ranger on my Prowler for ages as well. Before it was cool.

    Now that it's cool, I have to take it off and put something useless on top. Just like me wearing a scarf in July.

    Being hip is hard, you wouldn't understand.

    PS: For what it's worth, ya, hornet nerf was excessive. But I actually enjoy flying my mossie more now than ever before. Too many times in the past I knew an ESF was OP and no fun for my targets. It's good that it's been adjusted.

    What remains OP are my good looks. No amount of nerfing will help there. Connery TR, you're welcome. You have me for another month, then my people need me and I will be gone for 6 months.
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  4. SoljVS

    Hornets can't do anything now. They will out rep your damage hop in their ranger and pop you a few times. The damage isn't high enough for hit and run. Hit and run should equal high damage but lengthy reload. Not just outright laughable damage.

    DBG should just come out and say it. We don't like air, we are too stupid to master something in the game so lets just slowly phase it out of existence through repeated overt nerfs.
  5. OgreMarkX

    Correct, even two hits with hornets on an infil doesn't seem to kill them. And most hornet kills on tanks are now vulture kills...eg, stolen from ground fighters who've already damaged the tanks. It takes so many passes on an enemy tank that unless I am unfettered in my attacks, a kill ain't happening. One hit from a VG cannon and my ESF goes splat.

    So ESFs are pure deterrent focus now. Not killers. They should rename ESFs to Harrassers. And rename Harrassers to Tank Killers.

    The nerfs are excessive, yes. Good balance is hard, but DBG lets OP things (and bugs) sit for months, and same for over-corrections (nerfs).

    I suppose a new "NS ESF AT" weapon will be released that will 3x the power of hornets...for a few months, then nerfed into oblivion once sales of them settle down.
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  6. SoljVS

    DBG ISN'T EVEN TRYING to balance they just want to kill air without saying it straight to our face. It's like when you know a relationship is over with a girl but she won't just come out and say she wants it to be over so she keeps beating around the bush lmao. I can ask my 9 yr old nephew and he'd come up with better balance solutions than these monkeys.
  7. DeadlyOmen

    Lamenting works performed arbitrarily will bring nothing but angst.
  8. Liewec123

    ranger is pretty awful, and also makes you a free kill to enemy MBTs with an actual secondary :p

    so you're basically saying that ESFs A2G is finally on par with G2A?

    all anti air weapons are pretty much deterrent unless there are multiple sources,
    G2A launchers for example are pitifully weak, it take around 4 seconds to acquire a lock on a stealth ESF.
    and if they're dumb enough to let you get the lock, they still have time to fly behind terrain to avoid the rocket,
    and if they STILL let the rocket hit them, no worries, the ESF needs to allow all of that to happen THREE times to die...
    (with fire suppression)
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  9. Tar

    So you think it would make sense instead. if the rocket would 1hk ESFs?
  10. Liewec123

    i didn't say that, i was just pointing out that dedicated AA is nothing more than a deterrent against anyone with a brain.
    like a ranger on a tank won't be getting any kills unless there is a particularly braindead ESF hovering around and letting you spray them for 7 seconds.
  11. Tar

    so... according to you it's "pitifully weak", but should not be stronger? Well that's a decisive position in the argument, I congratulate you to your wisdom!
  12. Corezer

    what he is saying is that it being pitifully weak justifies the idea that aircraft, in turn, be only able to deter tanks due to being similarly weak, without being present in numbers.

    I wonder what you do when a player who knows how to aim a vastly superior Walker is on the ground? Do you get vaporized so fast that you don't know what to come onto the forums and complain about?
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  13. Zagareth

    Stop whining an live with it... MBTs were always able to mount Rangers. If you didn't notice, then you are just a fool...
    Highest threat for ESFs are Vanguard Cannons anyway and no kind of supposed AA can top that.
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  14. Liewec123

    again, i didn't say that.
    Corezer understood, i'm saying that if people now feel like their ESFs are no more than an annoyance/deterrence,
    welcome to the world of G2A.

    but if you really want to make G2A better then sure, there are several things that would be nice.
    for flak (skyguard, ranger, bursters) personally i'd keep the low damage but i'd massively tighten the CoF and buff the velocity.
    for lock ons maybe don't give a warning when a lock is being acquired, only when the lock is obtained,
    or buff the damage to be a 2 shot through fire suppression instead of 3 shot.
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  15. CrimsonEclipse5

    Heh. At risk of being exceptionally abrasive here, but honestly, OP is asking for it.

    I haven't so much as a single shred of sympathy for anyone who flies in anything besides a Valkyrie. Your playstyle is capable of singlehandedly ruining any sort of fun being had by both your enemies and allies at any given fight. You've been nigh untouchable for years now, and your mournful wailing lamenting those times is music to my ears.

    With that being said, what actually changed? I didn't think the ranger was altered at all in this patch...
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  16. FieldMarshall

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate that this is an actual "Ranger OP" thread. Let that sink in.
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  17. Diilicious

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  18. Ziggurat8

    ESF are such a minor threat to an MBT I wouldn't put a ranger on any MBT load out I can think of. Libs, now they're a bit scarier. Not sure a ranger will save you from a Lib bent on your destruction if they're competent. Think I would rather have another dedicated AV weapon.
  19. OgreMarkX

    Yes, I am saying that.

    But factor in a few more things.
    1. G2A launchers don't take nanites (I know not a huge thing).
    2. G2A is just 'part" of a strong kit.
    3. G2A can be <trigger warning> dumb-fired at all targets.
    4. At any given time, there can be magnitudes more G2A going off than ESFs flying in
    5. In otday's world, it's much more difficult to isolate and respond to G2A shooters than it is to isolate and respond to an inbound ESF that can't kill without 4-6 passes of direct hits each without any target repairs in between
    Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the nerf, I still have fun flying and using hornets. But if someone says the nerf was too much, then I agree.
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  20. Pelojian

    now that the tables are turned and they have been nerfed we can enjoy their misery as we recall the excuses they made for AA being UP, while we use the same arguments the used for UP AA against them.

    "use numbers AA is a deterrant" ~ airside
    "deterants don't do anything unless you mass them and then you get hit hard by a personel shortage in the base infantry/vehicle fight" ~ groundside
    'tough luck' ~ airside

    "use numbers air is a deterrant" ~ groundside
    "deterants don't do anything unless you mass them and then you get hit hard by a personel shortage in the base infantry/vehicle fight" ~ airside
    'tough luck' ~ groundside

    argue for a balanced game, not one that benefits your playstyle only, if you agrued AA = deterrant as an airsider it's justice that now that's exactly what you are now, deterrents and counters, real ones work by their firepower and manpower requirements being low.

    all AA users wanted is the decent ability that when A2G are doing their attack runs with high dps weapons that AA can respond with high dps AA weapons that are limited to the range an A2G aircraft can reasonably threaten ground forces.

    the only time aircraft would be in range of this kind of AA there are attacking ground forces or attempting to, landing or being lured by enemy air into ground AA's envelope.
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