Randomly the screen will go black (Radeon 7900 series)

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Zargas, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Zargas

    When i start up the game i start some kind of random countdown, after a while my screens will turn black
    The sound and everything else still works
    (Mumble, spotify, Steam)
    So i can hear the sound of the game, music and mumble speech
    Heck i can even write on steam chat
    BUT the screen does not come back without me restarting my PC

    I had no problems during beta, this just started during the weekend
    It is a pure planetside 2 problem, tested a few other games with no trouble

    GW2, Star wars The old republic, Medal of honor WAR, Hitman, Borderlands
    And many others do not show this problem
  2. TSR-SeanF Customer Service

    We have been seeing some odd crashing/video problems from players who are running Mumble with PlanetSide 2. As this is the case, I would suggest disabling the Mumble overlay to prevent some odd issues you encounter. To do so:
    1. Open Mumble and access Configure
    2. Go to Settings, then select Overlay
    3. Disable the Overlay option and have the customer access PS2 once again.
    Once this has been done please try accessing the game once again and see if your problems persist.
  3. Zargas

    I have done that, actually the first thing i did was run the game and not use mumble
    Same problem
    I tried running the game with nothing else in the background
    Problem still exists and as i said i can lock it down, randomly the game will just go black and that is it
  4. TSR-SeanF Customer Service

    My best advice in this case would be to go ahead and open a support ticket so we can try and determine the cause of the problem. There are several factors which can cause this issue, so we will need to take a look at your current system specifications in order to see what exactly is going on.
  5. Zeroba

    Hi there. Recently I've been getting an issue that I think may be the same as OP. My screen will randomly go black and say "No signal input" whenever I use the Light Assault TR Night Scope. If I never use that scope, the game runs fine. Scope in with that sucker, my video card drivers die for whatever reason. I'm on a Radeon HD 7770 with the 12.10 WQHL drivers.
  6. TSR-SeanF Customer Service

    Usually that "No Signal Input" message means that the resolution you currently have set for the game is exceeding what your monitor can handle at its native resolution setting. If you can, open the UserOptions.ini file in your PlanetSide 2 directory with a text editor (I <3 notepad personally) and change the following values as they appear posted below:


    You will find these values under the [Display] section of the text. Once they have been changed save & close the file then try accessing the game once again. If you are able to get in you may want to try some different resolution settings for full screen until you can find one which you like and will allow you to get into the game.

    If you continue to get driver related crashes you may want to try a version prior to 12.10 and see if the problem persists.
  7. Zeroba

    The resolution is fine, but like I said, it's only related to a specific scope I use. I can play the game fine, but with the one scope it causes the black "no input" screen after scoping in and out a few times. No other scope does this. I heard that it may be my PSU falling short. Let me say it again. I can play JUST FINE. But that ONE SCOPE causes me issues.
  8. Zargas

    Development on my side of the problem

    Today after the latest patch i still crash BUT

    My second screen does not go black it does however change to light blue
    Considering both my screens have a black background color i find that to be weird
    Oh and my sound goes all weird now when i crash, sounds like a giant bug flew into a bugzapper

    So now i have a black screen and a light blue screen and while sounds are played i get this weird BRRRRT sound
    yeah, this is weird

    Again Planetside 2 is the only place i get this bug, not been able to get this problem with anything else
  9. Tinholt

    Have been experiencing the same problem for the last couple of days with my Radeon 7900s. I did get a message once saying your drivers crashed and resolved itself (those are the times when the game only blacks out for 10 seconds or such), but most of the times the games crashes and I have to end the process. Since this morning it has been happening an awful lot.

    So I tried unparking my CPU cores, although my FPS increased to 90 (from a previous 60) it did not fix the crashes.

    Which I still find quite disturbing as my computer is less than 2 months old.
    - 512 GB SSD
    - 32 GB Memory
    - 3 GB AMD DUAL HD 7900 series
    - Not to forget mentioning it can be clocked to 4.3 Ghz

    These specifications should give me quite a bit more than 90 fps at a spawn (I'll refrain from posting the FPS in battle as I keep crashing every time).

    Up till now I have switching off all programs, even windows related, but yet a solution has to be found.

    Any optimization that can be done? If so please let me know, as this is not my cup of tea.
  10. OldMaster80

    HD7970 Ghz Edition here, and drivers quit respondnig pretty often for me as well. I'm currently using 12.11 beta 8, but I also had this problem with 12.10.
    I often have this black screen as well, and in order to prevent the game from crashing to desktop I play in Full Windowd (which makes possible to recover the game from the application bar).
  11. Zargas

    I actually need to restart my PC, the screen does not come back after any amount of time

    I will today do a test, my GF has the same computer
    Right down to the keyboard, however she has a red case and i doubt case color is a factor here :p

    I have the chance to run on the same hardware twice i might as well do it ;)
  12. Tinholt

    An update on my side.

    Completely wiping all the ATI files and reinstalling the drivers does not provide a solution.

    Setting the profile to application settings in Radeon's Catalyst Control Centre does not provide a solution.

    However, if I am completely honest, this issue is not solely related to Planetside 2. Several games also crash on me, however luckily less often. Might this have to do with the fact that AMD is going to outsource its graphic cards and processors to Invidia/Intel? I mean a game like Sleeping Dogs should run perfectly on this video card.. however they do not?

    Is there a correlation between this transition of AMD -> Invidia and the optimization of their graphics card and not being a priority. Thus resulting in problems with new games such as Planetside 2.
  13. OldMaster80

    Question: do you use AMD OverDrive? Because I'm doing so, and I'm afraid this could cause a little instability.
  14. Tinholt

    I do. I have, however, tried it without it on low settings. You know, like the default settings, but it didn't resolve the problem for me at least.

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