Random thoughts: Spam, Resuurection, and Points

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  1. LuNaTIcFrEAk

    This is just my opinion after many hours of playing this game, and I want many more fun hours. Some of these suggestions will be detrimental to my own game play and probably piss off a few of my outfit mates, but overall I believe they will make a better game. Not looking for an argument just speaking my mind.

    Spam, spam, and more spam:

    In the game right now munitions of all types are wasted at an alarming rate, some sort of control must be added. A game with more controlled fire and less spam could only be a better game.

    Resource tick for all ammo resupply, 4 resource points per click at vehicle/air ammo supply points, 2 resource clicks for infantry/max at ammo packs. Make those HE tank drivers think twice about randomly spamming precious vehicle resources at a base, make ESF rocket podders consider the value of their target vs resources for their next ESF. Also stop infantry from constantly spamming endless AV rockets or spamming doorways/choke points and reward good controlled fire vs holding down the left click.

    To make this fair, AI & AV turrets would both require an actual clip size. An ammo pack dropped at the base of the turret would resupply the turret and a resource cost. Bonus to this is every turret engineer would finally deploy his damn ammo pack. I am sure having AV turrets actually run out of ammo/resources would make a lot of vehicle players happy.

    I have been on both side of an impenetrable medic ball and they are just too powerful, and just don’t make for an enjoyable game play experience. Current mechanics of med tools, res grenades, & resurrection needs to have a downside.

    A timer system, something simple such as every time you are resurrected 5s gets added to the timer of your next resurrection. Med tools and res grenades will not work on you till you have been dead for the duration of your current timer count. Re-spawn or staying alive for a set amount of time will reset the timer to zero.

    Points for base capture/defence/WDS:
    If you have obtained a certain amount of XP within the duration of the battle timer you should not have to remain idle in the hex in order to be rewarded. Giving people the flexibility to move on would make a world of difference for the battle flow. Alternately, arriving in the final seconds just to get the full reward is dumb, but thanks for the easy WDS points.
  2. IamDH

    I know this is going to sound stupid but spam makes the game funner.

    Would adding resources to ammo boxes make people think twice before using them? Hell yes
    but what problem are you trying to counter?

    Giving ammo to turrets makes the game more realistic but it will also detract from the fun of some players. No one has ever had a problem with unlimited ammo in the land of Space Rednecks/Spandex Warriors/Red team

    To comment on the "medic ball" which i keep hearing about. I have NEVER encountered this
    The revive ability is strong only in a condition where it is you vs 2-3 medics or a larger force of medics vs a smaller force (in which you would probably lose either way). When i imagine a medic 1v1ing another class such as HA the medic will usually use due to lack of a good personal ability. What use is healing yourself when i have a shield AND a medic restor

    Im not saying that heavies are OP, i think the game is balanced as it is. The medic ball is a very rare thing that only smart coordinated people use so i would say lets not nerf that
  3. starlinvf

    Two words......

    More Nanites