Random Spawn Bug

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by HeadshotVictim, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. HeadshotVictim

    Sometimes when I respawn (mostly at Sunderers) I can see the sunderer I want to spawn at from above for ~15 to 30 seconds. I cant move but everything else is just fine.
    Sometimes I see myself from above. I can watch how I am shot down down by a ******* BR2 guy, but I dont have ANY option to do anything against it.
    Is this happening only to me?

    With GU5 it got interesting because what happened normally only with Sunderers now happens with Bases as well.
    AND (as if **** like wouldn't be enough) my game freezes when this "feature" occurs at bases.
    With queues to get into the game it is pretty ****** up.
    If I am supposed to wait to play, then I won't accept to get kicked for no apparent reason just to wait 20 minutes AGAIN to get access to the server.
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