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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Varoth, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. Varoth

    So over the passed few weeks, I've noticed an increase in weird things happening with my loadouts. First off, I had this weird thing where my lasersight on my Serpent was just gone. Plop. Didn't have it anymore. Never reported it, I mean, it's a 100 certs anyway, and I don't play Engi or LA too much. That said, now all of a sudden, my serpent in general just won't stay in my loadout slot. It keeps switching back to my Solstice. Then there's the fact my HA grenades keep swapping from any (conc or AV) to frags over and over. Lasersight won't stick on Commissioner either. And finally, today I've noticed certain loadouts have just completely reset back to default, appearance and everything. Wtf is going on?
  2. pizo1

  3. Ninave

    They combined advanced attachment and their normal counterparts, locked them again and refunded the certs spent (silently, no need to reclaim). They however could not unequip the advanced attacments you might have equipped and this led to guns that have them being wonky until you unequip the non-existent attachment or buy it again.

    What you describe is the prime example of having some advanced attachment still equipped somewhere in your loadouts. Go through them, every gun, even the ones not equipped atm and unequip all lasers / grips and this should go away. Then buy / equip what you need again.

    It was in the patchnotes, but people still don't regularly read them...
  4. Ninave

    Ah, I could have just copy&pasted my old message. Happy to have helped. :D
  5. taxidriver

    Yeah i also still got one issue with a medic-loadout ragarding the Reaper DMR. It always still loads the gauss rifle instead of the reaper, no matter how often i change/rename it.
  6. Ninave

    Then just go through those guns, un-attach their attachments, put some other gun on and test if it still resets with that third gun. Then re-attach what you need and go back to Reaper.
  7. pizo1

    Allready did mate thx )