Random guys stealing your gunner seat

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Endlave, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. Endlave

    Hi there,

    I know this is just a minor problem and probably isn't worth even making a fuss about, but recently I have seen people getting into the gunner seat of the vehicle I have previously been gunning for while I get out and repair that darn thing. I think that's just a real dick move of said people. I want to be a good gunner and help out my partner with repairing the tank, but if I have to fear other guys stealing my position, I can do nothing but remain inside like an as*hole while I wait for the driver to repair it on his own. Now that just ain't right.

    As a lone wolf, it's already plenty hard to find someone with a tank that isn't equipped with a basic basilisk and whose driver is also willing to give you a chance instead of instantly locking you out. I can understand the desperation of people wanting to get into that seat, but for ****'s sake...If you see two people repairing a damn tank, chances are that one of them is the gunner, so be a decent human being and please keep your hands off.

    Now, I know I could just squad up and roll with some people so that they can keep their vehicles squad only and blah, but I have been there and done that...it's not really as much fun as lone wolfing. I actually like being flexible with me deciding when to redeploy to another fight or staying at the current one where i am having fun. And mini-squads don't really work as the drivers I meet usually are either in a squad already or simply ignore the squad invitation.

    It would really be nice if there could be a thing, like, keeping the gunner seat locked for 10 seconds or something before opening it to other people. Seat stealing is not happening all the time, but it's happening enough to be a bother. I would really appreciate something to prevent seat stealers or however you are supposed to refer to them.

    TL;DR: I like gunning, please don't be a dick by stealing the seat I have been in just five seconds ago. That's all.
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  2. Pelojian

    my advice is if you have been gunning for a good amount of time with the same driver ask him to create a squad by inviting you then ask to set the vehicle lock to squad only. then when the driver is stationary in the driver seat and you are out repairing nobody can take your seat unless the squad is disbanded.
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  3. 70g50

    If I have a gunner I invite him to a squad after some time but I leave the vehicle lock open because the seat switching problem is to confusing in hairy situations. But I understand him these seat stealers are everywhere and as the driver you often don´t notice that there´s another guy in the second seat. But if I notice I will kick you out and kill you.

    Edit: Best is to hop in front of my tank if this happened so I see you.:) No garanty this will do with other drivers, they might run you over. ;)
  4. LodeTria

    You don't redeploy if you're gunning in a tank and it dies down for a few minutes do you?
  5. sustainedfire

    Lots of things going on in this situation.

    It's not your seat if you are not squaded. You even wrote that you're likely to redeploy on a whim. If you're not going to be reliable, then let someone else take the seat.

    People cannot always see who is around a tank in a big battle, and that leads to the situation you described. People jump in and have zero idea it was being gunned. You might have even jumped into a tank that was already gunned while they were repairing!
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  6. Endlave

    What? No, I am not redeploying when gunning. I never have. I am just redeploying if I am derping around as infantry. I hardly ever even ditch the vehicle if it gets critically damaged unless it's downright hopeless and the driver got out first. I am a loyal gunner who even guns with a basilisk if he has to. (Though I am not really preferring it...it's not very fun at all. Especially at longer ranges. Feels like shooting a peashooter.)

    I understand, but I still feel like most people do it on purpose sometimes. It's almost as if he waited for me to get out, spamming E next to the tank to get in the second I would get out. That's just not nice.
  7. Calisai

    The vehicle seating options and lockouts are an F'ng joke

    You can choose between Squad/Platoon... meaning any squadmate can jump in your vehicle... And take the drivers seat, DEPENDING ON WHO ENTERS VEHICLE FIRST

    Or you can leave it unlocked and have any joe schmo jump into the seat... even when you both are out repairing the vehicle.

    Or you can lock it and keep everyone out of your gunners seat.

    Seriously... Why can't we make ONLY the gunner seat squad/platoon another option?

    Sorry... been dealing with this $h!t mechanic for 2+ yrs and its a serious irritant to me every game session. (not exaggerating...)
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  8. Calisai

    Then you are an exception... not the norm. I've had gunners bail on me at the first sign of danger, bail on me when we are moving to the next base, bail at random incomprehensible times, etc. I've had a few good ones... but they really are the exception. I only grab pubbie gunners nowadays when i'm desperate.... I almost prefer going 1/2. Luckily, I have a good outfit full of people willing to gun for me while being on voice comms. So i'm lucky in that regard.

    Honestly, If you want to be a good gunner, ask for an invite to the drivers squad (or send him a squad invite) so you can more easily communicate. That or join a good outfit and gun for outfit drivers.

    Personally, I'll take a gunner with mediocre aim using voice comms and listening to me over a godly aimed pubbie with no ability to talk with me. Yes, I feel its that important. This is an MMO... communication is OP.
  9. \m/SLAYER\m/

    just add squad\platoon\friend only
  10. 70g50

    Or a Question to the driver like: xy wants to enter your vehicle yes no. If you sayed yes he has the ability to enter your vehicle as he likes until you give another one the permission.
  11. 4wry

    The best way to handle this is to be in a squad with the driver. Use chat or voice to communicate/ invite and set the vehicle to squad if you have to.
    FYI: an easy way of kicking people out of a vehicle without setting it to squad only is to open the vehicle menu (default: "page down" button): here you can set the vehicle OR simply click the red cross behind a player's name: this will kick him without affecting the squad settings.

    That being said: I wish there were additional vehicle settings, namely:
    * squad gunners only (randoms can get a ride, but not gun; driver seat is reserved for owner)
    * squad only with designated driver (like squad only, with the exception of the driver's seat)

    I'll actually start a thread on this.
  12. Danath

    There was something in the Road Map about managing seats instead of the whole vehicle. But not being a critical need, and current state of affairs, you can only hope it ever happens.
  13. 4wry

    What roadmap? :confused:
    I guess you refer to the one that everyone is so desperately waiting for to be updated since even before the change of ownership?
    Just kidding... :)

    Well I actually do hope that some dev is actually following the official forum and keeping track of "Things to do as soon as we finished [...]". Anyone? o_O
    Implementing this, however, doesn't seem like too much of a hassle.
  14. qquqq

    just send a msg to the tank driver, chances are he will kick him out if he liked your gunning. but ya its a pain
  15. Captain Kid

    Ask how exactly? You can't right click on the gunner name to send an easy tell. So you have to do it manually while gunning and being shot at and spotting all the while hoping you can retype the driver's name correctly.
  16. NinjaTurtle

    Sorry, I am guilty of this. If I see a 1/2 tank and I like the secondary gun and I feel I could be helpful I jump in. I've even jumped in yours a few times

    If the driver wants to kick me and go solo fine but at least I offered the help.
  17. DrPapaPenguin

    If I'm in the mood for a 2/2 Prowler, I generally don't care who guns for me. As in I don't actually look at their name and make sure to reserve the seat for them. Sorry, it's just too bothersome, as long as the current gunner does his job, Idc. However if a guy PMs me asking if he can gun for me,I generally keep an eye out for him. So maybe try that :)
  18. Alarox

    It happens so often that my gunner is basically done dealing with it and immediately TKs them.

    It is ridiculous how I have to kick someone out 5x in a row because they don't understand, and then they try to C4 me or something.

    I would squad-lock the vehicle but then you have the crap where if your gunner gets in first they take control of the vehicle.
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  19. ColonelChingles

    On a slightly related note, repairing Phalanx turrets results in the same thing.

    Here I am, happily repairing away, and just as I'm switching out my repair tool for my carbine, in pops some random player who then spends the next minute happily pelting infantry with cannon fire while totally ignoring that exposed Sunderer.

    Sigh. At least a "thank you" would be nice.
  20. ZerpyDerpDerp

    Shouldn't even be an issue, as the driver shouldn't have to ask for a gunner seat. I personally don't mind, I'll just repair and try to kill infantry, but still, the owner of the vehicle shouldn't have to ask anything and they shouldn't have to lock it to get their seat back.

    Simple solution - change request to order, when the guy trying to get the seat is the owner of the vehicle. They shouldn't have the option to say no, it's not their sundy.

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