Railjack Bullet Drop Misinformation

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  1. Kulantan

    Contrary to popular forum whine, it does have bullet drop.

    The problem is that the rife's scope is zeroed much further out than normal.

    In that video you can see two thing: first is that I am a terrible sniper and second when I had the crosshairs on the dummies' heads there were no headshots. To headshot closer targets you have to aim at the chest rather than the head. This is because the gun's scope is zeroed at 300ish meters. This gives the impression in other videos that the gun has no bullet drop.

    The Railjack doesn't have much drop and it does have a very high bullet speed, but it actually does have drop. Once the zeroing is fixed (which I hope it is) the drop will be more obvious at long ranges and it will be more intuitive to shoot.
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  2. MasonSTL

    I noticed this too. To tell you the truth when I tried it the bullet drop was backwards. The further I was from the target the lower I had to aim. But that was with the default and the 8x, the 12x was almost dead on target. It reminded me of my airsoft gun I had.
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  3. Chipay

    Be suprised by what good snipers can do with it (also close your ears)
  4. IamDH

    What? I dont get it sorry

    If it does have drop then why do you aim at the chest to get the head? I genuinely dont know what "zeroed" means
  5. MarkAntony

    zeroed means that the scope is "manipulated" in such a way that the crosshairs and the bullet aim at the same spot at a certain range.
    for example: If a rifle is zeroed at 300m that means that if you are shooting it something at 300m you have to put the crosshair exactly where you want to hit.
    If you want to shoot something below 300m you have to aim slightly below what you want to hit. And above 300m you have to account for bulletdrop again.
    "Zeroing refers to calibrating a weapon sight so that the crosshairs meet the expected point of impact of the weapon's projectile at a specific distance. When aiming at a target the same distance away, zero adjustment from the crosshairs is needed."
    from the BF wiki.

    So since the OP says that the rifle is zeroed at 300m it makes sense that at ranges below that you'd have to aim lower. That's why you have to aim at the chest to shoot the head.
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  6. Vikingo

    Att 300m the bullet goes where the cross hair is, any closer than that and the bullet go over the crosshair, meaning you have to aim at their chest with the crosshair in order to have a headshot.
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  7. Pixelshader

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  8. Crayv

    Zeroing is where you adjust the sights of something to where the round is expected to hit where crosshairs are at specific distance. It you have something zeroed to 0m (basically every gun in this game) the round will hit at crosshairs at very close range. If you have something zeroed to say 200m the round will hit at the crosshairs at 200m but starts to drop after but you shoot at something closer than 200 the round will hit above the crosshairs.

    Basically it is adjust the angle of the scope in relation to the gun barrel. So you adjust the angle on your scope to where it looks like you are aiming straight out but the gun barrel itself is at an angle in order to compensate for drop.
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  9. Santondouah

    If the gun is "zeroed" at 300m, it means that the bullet will go exactly where you aim at 300m, above where you aim before 300m, under where you aim after 300m.
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  10. S7rudL

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  11. xArchAngelx

    I'm sorry to say it, but I think you just suck at sniping...lol.. I made my own video:

    I missed one shot because I aimed too high. All of the shots are from 130m - 200m.
  12. Kulantan

    Look carefully at the shot you missed, you were high on the head, but not off it. If the Railjack did follow a flat trajectory then you would have hit that. It has a ballistic trajectory.

    Have a careful look at my video. All the missed shots were taken with the crosshairs on the targets' heads. I don't deny that I suck at sniping, but that isn't why my shots missed in my video.
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  13. JudgeDeath

    If only infantry weapon bullet drop ment jack in this game.
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  14. xArchAngelx

    But if you look at the shot right afterwards. The Crosshairs were almost in the exact same spot, just more of the "middle" of the head...not near the forehead as the shot that was missed.
  15. Xasapis

    I wonder what inspired the OP to make this post. Considering the PS2 physics, it's more beneficial to have high speed bullets than no drop, for two reasons:
    • The higher bullet velocity, the less you need to compensate for bullet drop. This is pretty obvious with the regular infantry weapons and how the only way to experience bullet drop is to equip a silencer aka, lower the bullet speed considerably.
    • Higher bullet velocity makes hitting moving targets a lot easier. This is the main and only reason to use high velocity ammo over soft point, as the soft point produce more damage in all ranges at the cost of bullet speed.
  16. Kulantan

    The fact that people were being flat out wrong and whingeing about the VS faction trait being on an NC weapon.

    I don't have an opinion on the balance issues around the Railjack. I don't sniper enough to have an accurate gut feel for sniper balance and I haven't used it outside of VR on Test.
  17. JudgeDeath

    I doubt the main issue about the Railjack OPness is the seeming lack of bullet drop ...

    Its the insane velocity of the projectiles that obviously translates to the lack of bullet drop, unless you go nuts with the physics engine.
  18. Van Dax

    keep on fighting the goodfight. the kneejerk half ***** testing has caused way to many ****storms here and delayed quite a few things getting buffs/nerfs until after release (i.e the cerberus)
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  19. Xasapis

    So you basically made a thread to inform people that the weapon doesn't have bullet drop. The bullet speed is just so high, that it's hard to tell, that is all.

    VS ESF nose guns have the same issue, you know.
  20. MasonSTL

    do it again with the default scope and the other lower power scopes, you'll see what he is talking about better