Railjack - A Good Rifle

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  1. Jawarisin

    So I'm going to answer this, then I'm done. So for ease of answer I'll be answering in your quote in yellow. If you REALLY want to reply, feel free to copy paste. Green highlighted is what I'm mostly talking about.
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  5. TheShrapnelKing

    Ok, I need to know if I'm dreaming or not. I'll test this when I get play next.

    Yesterday I could swear that if I pressed the fire button on the Railjack at the same time as I decloaked, at almost the exact time the decloak animation is finished (where, normally, you are unable to fire your gun), the 0.2 second delay on the gun is over and it instantly fires, so you can immediately recloak.

    I might be mistaken but that's what it felt like.
  6. BillHaverchuck

    Ok I am done Auraxiuming this gun just for the sake of infiltrator challenge.

    It was by far the worst sniper rifle. I am suprised that no one else has noticed that the gun has hit detection issues, I ve never experienced that with any other sniper rifle. This was by far the most frustrating thing I could easily have +200 kills if there wasnt any hit detection issue...

    It underperforms in short-mid ranges ( until 100m for sniper). The delay is just a nerf for the those ranges. Compensating for the delay in short-mid ranges and especially when the target tries to avoid your shots is very difficult. Not to mention CQC fast zooming, in this situation the opponent can easily kill u until you aim + fast zoom + shoot + delay .... This is why I used my pistol more and I almost auraxiumed the mag-shot. I ve never used my pistol so much, sometimes I felt like I stalker cloak.

    It also underperforms at countersniping if the enemy sniper has seen you. The delay just gives extra time to enemy sniper...

    There are three areas that this weapon is superior to the longshot. It is fairly silent without suppresor so dropping behind enemy lines and sniping from a big distance gave me the opportunity for Kill streaks until my ammo runs out... Moving targets at long distances are easier, if you get used to the delay (follow the target with croshair during delay leading slightly). And of course less drop.

    For me it is a sniper rifle for those guys that play super-defensive at long ranges farming people or drop way back enemy lines killing them from a long distance as well. I am not that type of sniper. Other than that you can stick to another sniper rifle, obviously a little more damage and speed dont worth the delay and learning a new mechanic that messes up your skill with normal sniper rifles.

    Obviously dont buy that gun unless the hit detection issues are resolved...
  7. xXepicnesXx

    What is your internet speed and your computer like BillHaverchuck it could just be lag on your end I do understand that you don't have issues with other sniper rifles but it could just be you I think that is why no one else has noticed it.

    I have the fastest internet that Comcast offers and a AMD FX-8350 CPU
  8. OldMaster80

    Yeah, probably it's not a problem. NC cried a lot when the Railjack has been implemented, mainly because it covers the same armory niche of other sniper rifles and they said that small delay was unfair. It came out the Railjack is probably the best faction specific sniper rifle introduced with the Infiltrator update :D

    I'd love you guys to tell me how many times you've been killed by the TRAP M1 or by the Phaseshift. Personally I started a long trip to get the Auraxium with the TRAP and it's extremely hard, my K/D dramatically dropped: it's a sniper rifle covering the same niche as a scout rifle, but it's actually less effective as you need 6 (6!!!!!) hits to kill a target. And the 3 fire modes that should grant increased versatility are useless.
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  9. xXepicnesXx

    Seriously an argument about a small delay that mostly isn't even all that noticeable, I mean I understand that it currently might have some hit detection issues, but I can't be sure of that right now, why not just buy the thing with station cash to actually try it out don't use certs because that is a waste of your time.

    Plus I think that the delay is reasonable for the fastest bullet velocity in the game. I mean why can't we all agree on one thing that the Railjack is right for some people but not for others.

    I mean in all honesty it is an okay gun with a few issues that some people don't like. Why do we have to complain about it when we don't even have to use it.

    The next time you are in a fight on indar, amerish, esamir, or hossin, tell me please just tell me would you use the weapon when you are out popped 2 or 3 to 1 and the opposing faction has air and ground dominance would you even bother to ask about the railjack, Heck no I wouldn't I don't use sniper rifles in this situation, and with the server merges for Europe and such coming soon why would anybody want to use a sniper rifle especially one with a .2 second delay, in a fight like this on a somewhat over crowded server that is really hard to find small fights on when you have a really crappy computer and tons of lag in large fights.

    I mean come on why would anyone want to snipe on any other continent other than Indar or maybe amerish, by the way indar is good for snipers because of its canyons.

    In other words quityerbellyaching, it is pointless and worthless, the balance for the gun is what it is and it's only right for certain people, only some people will like it, why can't we just let it go, I mean we all have the chance to play as another faction once you commit to one doesn't mean that you can't play on a different one occasionally that is the beauty of planetside 2

    I don't mean to make anyone angry here, these are just my personal opinions on the railjack.
  10. xXepicnesXx

    Oldmaster80 you are right I have only been killed by the Trap or the Phaseshift a few times where as the railjack many many times.
    I mean I don't seem to understand why we are always complaining about a good thing with this game and we think that the actual bad things are okay.
  11. Vaphell

    because the winner of the turd sandwich competition is still a turd sandwich. Yes, RJ is somewhat easy to use (if you ignore all the wasted opportunities due to the delay) and it kills stationary targets as good as any other sniper rifle but that doesn't change the fact that at the end of the day you are using 1000c reload simulator 2014 with a marginally better trajectory than LS and a weaksauce travel time.

    If the Phaseshift was implemented better it would be the best one hands down.
  12. Amouris

  13. Neo3602

    @Amouris is SOE ever gets around to implementing empire specific scout rifles they should give the TR a sniper rifle and change the TRAP's weapon class to scout rifle.
  14. Alan Kalane

    Hello fellow snipers.
    I just want to say this:
    Got 2260 kills on RJ but 0 on Longshot so you can say I have no comparison but I still believe that RJ is a good rifle.
    The average human reaction time is 0.215 sec. So if your target changed direction 0.2 seconds before you pulled the trigger you're still going to fire and miss. Now same scenario with railjack you actually get 0.4 sec time to react because of the delay and you can adjust your aim before the bullet leaves the barrel.Sometimes it can make the differrence between a kill and a miss(trust me on that).
    What's more if you attempt to hit a moving target at 300m with a longshot it takes almost 0.5 sec for the bullet to hit the target.That's a lot of time during which the target may do something unexpected like changing the direction or the speed or even jump to evade fire. With RJ though it's just 0.35 sec without the delay during which you can still lead your target after all.

    To sum up using a Longshot is like using a worse version of RailJack but with 0.2 s more time to aim (if you got used to the delay). For this reason Longshot is better for sniper duels and hitting stationary targets but Railjack is better for hitting moving targets at long ranges.However if you're a good sniper you will never allow the enemy to pop your head off and may even simply ignore the enemy sniper by aiming while stealthed and moving instantly after taking every shot. I personaly was countersniped a few times but usually when I was too lazy ,self-confident or felt overly safe.
  15. Vaphell

    you ignore the fact that other bolt actions are almost hitscan within 100m and kill before RJ releases the bullet. Taking rapid shots of opportunity is possible (and that's ignoring longer mag and shorter reload times), not so much with RJ and i'd argue there are many more of these than the attempts that can be saved by the firing delay.
    Also sniping at 300m is very suboptimal. I'd say 75-150m, maybe pushing to 200m is the sweet spot and within that range RJ simply suxx. Hail mary quickscope shots in close/mid are no contest.
  16. iller

    Came back expecting to finally read some patchnotes referencing this gun. ...still none...
    still sitting @ 580 kills and can't be arsed to login to get the rest b/c it's were the last 1000credits I had to my name went.

    Nice to read that it's no longer completely outclassed by "Rocket Launcher Primaries" and PPA's
    But that's not enough of a motivator on its own. (maybe if hacking mattered, sniping wouldn't be the only reason to play INF)
  17. Jogido

    i like the Railjack since I don't have to compensate for bullet drop so much.

    that said, i think they could afford to give it a tiny buff....5 round mag...faster reload...more velocity. maybe one of those.
  18. MisterSlim

    I main Vanu, (Clearly noticeable from the profile pic) but the Railjack was the sole reason I now swing to the NC side on occasion. I main cloaker, and I love Stalking, SMGing, and above all else, sniping. The Railjack is not only the coolest looking sniper in the game (IMO of course), but it also has that element of lethality. The .2 delay may be an issue for some, especially those that are used to the Longshot (Or in my case, the Parallax), but if you take the time to learn to lead your shots, I find it very rewarding. Of course everyone won't like the same weapon or weapon mechanic, but in my opinion, the Railjack is a top notch sniper.