[Suggestion] Railgun for Magrider

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  1. CUBEone

    Rail gun like in quake games, but with anti armor penetration and possibly penetrating multiple vehicles, no splash damage, small area contact, semi high damage, charge firing, you would need to charge up the rail gun before firing it making it slow. Semi fast bullet speed, no drop-off. Very visual to other players and very loud, 1 bullet and reload. Any other suggestion or changes to this are welcomed.
  2. Campagne

    Big old nope right there.

    Railguns = NC
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  3. Scatterblak

    Dude, there's no way. The nerfer patrol will come out of the woodwork on this one - TR and NC have the mag trailing the prowler and a vanguard in just about every way other than the extremely useful and deadly ability to slowly strafe from side to side - there's no way they're going to sit still for any sort of suggestion that might make the mag able to hit harder (not as hard as a prowler or a vanguard, obviously, but harder).
  4. Scatterblak

    Because the Vanguard needs a buff. :D
  5. Campagne

    It absolutely does. :p

    But in any case everything about a railgun is NC by nature. Including railgun aesthetics.

    Also if NC got it it'd be **** like Railjack so no big deal.
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  6. Cluelessclem

    That would be just what I want to see. A mag boosted on top of a building and sniping with an armor penetrating shot. Yeah, that wouldn't be op at all
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  7. Quovatis

    The old Saron used to be like that. It only had a 1 round clip, but it insta-killed infantry at max range with no bullet drop. Even the harasser had this same gun for a while. It was OP, so they nerfed it to hell.
  8. Demigan

    On the PTS they were working on new topguns for a time. The VS got what you described: a gun that could be charged. The charge could be held indefinitely and even at 0 charge it would be able to fire. It could penetrate vehicles and was actually pretty balanced in terms of DPS and trade-offs concerned.

    However, NC's weapons from the small-arms to the tank canon are all supposed to be railguns and requests for an NC equivalent has been posted since the game launched.

    Naturally the NC got a truly NC weapon: it was a Halberd, but most of the reload went into a charge mechanic. The charge needed to be full and you could not hold the charge. Even at full ROF it would be worse than a Halberd, it could only OHK if you scored a headshot, it has a higher muzzle velocity but also a higher bullet drop for some reason. In other words: the VS got a very good charge mechanic that was lenient and offered versatility, and the NC was supposed to get a Halberd that was harder to aim, did not complete its reload until you started firing and dealt less damage.
    The TR got basically a Gatekeeper that fornicated a Vulcan and had mutated superbabies. It fired rockets that had a small laser-guided ability with the Vulcan's DPS.

    The Mag trailing behind the Prowler and Vanguard? Care to prove that? The Magrider has more DPS than the Vanguard at the moment and in general scores better per Magrider pull than the other two. At the same time the VS do not display any superior skill at using NS vehicles in any way (including teamwork) so the "we more skilled" argument doesnt fly.
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  9. BrbImAFK

    Yeah, I'm with Campagne on this one. Railguns = NC. Now, if you wanted to reskin that as some sort of extra-powerful gamma-ray laser system or something, I'd be fine with it in principle.
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  10. pnkdth

    Railguns is NC flavour. However, even a low-velocity version (the old Saron which also had the charge up delay when firing) was nerfed so I'm not sure how well it would work in practice if it followed the Railjack-design. Similarly, the Lancer has also taken several nerfs because of this reason, and since 450m/s is being called "hit-scan" but people who dislike the Lancer I don't imagine an 850m/s weapon is going to be particularly well-received either. Such a weapon would have to have such pitiful DPS it wouldn't be fun for either the user or the target and would constantly fall into the category of being useless or overpowered.
  11. Liewec123

    The best mbt in the game obviously needs buffs, hell, Wrel would do it too. XD
    His VS bias goes that far.

    Meanwhile NC are over in the corner looking a Nimitz Reactor saying "wtf is this crap!"
  12. DDaly

    Can we support having fun/unique weapons instead of boring balanced pea shooters kthnx
  13. Johannes Kaiser

    One's funbringer may well be everyone else's funkiller. That's why it has to be balanced.
    If you make a weapon that is super OP but it's hilarious to die to, then we can start talking without taking balance into account.
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