Rail attachments for Pulsar C

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Soze, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Soze

    I'm curious to see some feedback from other VS Engies that love the Pulsar C as to which rail attachment they prefer. I'm running with FG1 right now, and while I don't feel like I suffer horribly from cone issues in CQB or see a ton of benefit from the laser sight, I also hear more and more people saying FG is a waste for many VS weapons, and the Pulsar C specifically.

    So, short and sweet two word answers would be welcome, as would longer ones :)
  2. Stanis

    FG if I'm using at range.
    Laser if hip firing/cqc.

    That is where those attachments have an effect. It's only 100 certs after all.

    I have a Pulsar C w/FG build for range work on LA, that is the default for my Engineer also.
    I then use the VX6-7 with 2x Scope for CQC on LA.
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  3. Nuubo

    Same here.....
  4. Angelus359

    friend of mine uses compensator with advanced foregrip and a 2x reflex... nails everything