Rage teamkilling

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  1. MaKiro2

    Today i played this great game again, and then a teamkiller showed up.
    he tk me and than saifd: remember me?
    I remember his name, he was from tr br 100 with same name ...
    i tk him back and he started to tk other people...
    its **** annoying to have someonje like this scum in ur spawn room...


    his killboard..

    that gets me salty these **** players, who get destroyed and then ragetk...

    and report dont do anything to his main..
  2. Yuki10

    I have an entire outfit on Connery [NEWS] going after me :D for a week now....

    I was at a sundy for biolab offensive and this NC idiot runs up to me and knives me, then runs away. Ok, i thought it was an accident, then he runs back to me and knives me to death. So i spawn at sundy and as he knives me again, i give him a few shots but dont kill him. So he gets his little pink panties in a bunch and goes after me with his entire outfit. These two are the most persistent so far and really go out of the way to find me on one of the continents...

    Looser #1

    Looser #2

    Now every time they see me in a battle, they are trying to kill me. Too funny when they die trying..
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  3. MaKiro2

    and they killed u without a reason?

    i got killed because i killed his tr account and raged -.-
    and now he deleted this chat ...
    and u cant do anything about these kids with there br 100 who want to hold their 2kd and cant die
  4. Yuki10

    Yup. they killed me first, when i re-spawned they tried again but i shot back to let him know i don't like it (but without actually killing him) and after that they went on butt-hurt-rage.

    And yes, there is nothing you can do about it except change name or make new char.
  5. Cynicismic

    This never happens at the VS master-race. The inferiority of the other Empires is exemplified in their total ignorance of who is actually on their side...

    On a more serious note, just report them and move on. If the problem persists, then move away from them so that they can't find you. If, by some rare chance, they do find you, move away again. It's very easy to counter such pathetic players, because their intelligence resembles that of a mouldy cabbage and beetroot pie. It's annoying that they do this, though if enough people report them, they will be punished accordingly. Even if they don't get banned, wait for their weapons to lock and then laugh as they wobble around uselessly accomplishing nothing. Better still, hop into a Lightning or an MBT and paint your bonnet with their blood. Road-kill team-killing allows some lenience, after all, so give them a taste of their own medicine.

    Seriously though, report them and move on. There's no point in wasting anything on players whose sole intent is to ruin the game for everyone else.
  6. Ianneman

    Yeah, I have this long-standing "rivalry" with a ****** who knifed me once so he could take my sniping spot. Some people are just ******* dicks and should be treated as such.
  7. Hatesphere

    I had something similar happen to me a while back. never TKed a soul but they got all but hurt. they gave up trying to grief me when I didn't respond after a few attempts though. most of these guys get bored pretty quickly I find, unless you are easily triggered.

    Aslo pet peeve. its loser* and lose. loose would be to make something not tight.
  8. Akashar

    Well I plead guilty when some random craphole from my own faction waits for me to drop my 2c4 on a sundy to pull his dumbfire and rack up the exp. Honestly, I can't resist the urge to kill them to death. With toothpicks.
  9. RedArmy

    ive heard some NC outfits when they put out a hit on players, they pay $1 per kill that you Screenshot