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  1. Xind

    So I'm reading a lot of things about how the Shotguns are being perceived as overpowered and similar things were posted when SMGs made their debut onto the scene.

    How would people feel if:

    Shotguns (all types) became limited to Medic, Engineer, and Light Assault.
    SMGs became limited to Infiltrator.

    This would reduce the frequency of these weapons to some extent. It might allay some peoples concerns that HA is the end all class and I feel it would quell a lot of complaints about weapon versatility.

    I play all Infantry classes, so this change is of little concern to me personally. Just thought I'd add my own bias for comparative purposes.
  2. phreec

    Uhm, the main culprit behind these nerf calls are shotguns being used by mobile LA and SMG's by Infiltrators so it wouldn't change anything...
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  3. Xind

    I haven't really encountered the issue with LAs. I see mostly HA wielding shotguns, lately.

    My issue with SMGs came about when I started to use it on my HA and realized it simply outperformed my LMG.
  4. GSZenith

    yes remove shotgun from LA!, but really who thought this was desgin...really you must have the brain of a <insert something with 0 logical thinking (99% of humans fits this as well)>
  5. CaINEz

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  6. ClickMe

    Thought this was gonna be about Quality Assurance.
  7. Mefi

    HA is tough but in the game an effective HP bonus is less viable than a possibility to flank enemies/catch them off guard, IMO.
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  8. hawken is better

    Here it comes.

    In my opinion, the two biggest problems regarding shotguns are:

    1.) Generally speaking, CoF.
    2.) Needing multiple headshots to kill someone.

    The first point is very simple; remove the CoF from all weapons. The only elements that should dictate where your bullets go are recoil, movement, and where your gun is being aimed (an obvious one). Adding some random algorithm that causes your bullets to fly off in all random directions just for the hell of it is ridiculous, almost as ridiculous as the flinch mechanic.

    On to the headshot debacle. I don't know how most people react in CQC exchanges, but I normally aim for my opponent's head/upper chest to try and kill them asap. One of the biggest problems with this game (once again, in my opinion) is the fact that pretty much the only weapons that kill with one headshot are shotguns (and with the addition of the pump actions, they kill in one body shot, too) and sniper rifles. On more than one occasion, I've put a bullet (or two, three, four, etc) into a shotgun wielder's head, just have him turn around and kill me in 1-2 shots. This needs to stop. As basic as it sounds, I feel that every weapon (from the basic TX1 Repeater, to the RAMS. 50) should be able to kill in one head shot.

    Alright, I'm ready to be crucified.