Radar "scrambler/jammer(?)": LA Tool Idea

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Wind_Walker, Feb 12, 2016.

  1. Wind_Walker

    I'm going to start off by saying I have just spent all of 30 seconds thinking of this, so I'm just spitballing right now.

    Now then, what if the LA had a deployable similar to the Infiltrator's Motion spotter, but instead of auto spotting moving enemies, it would display numerous false signatures (the arrow, not the dot) all over the minimap? This would work in a bubble range, like the motion spotter. the false signatures would move in random directions, creating a sense of chaos. Being a deployable, it would be destroyed by EMPs and gunfire. I remember seeing this concept somewhere, but I can't remember right now.
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  2. Stormsinger

    You just described Infiltrator decoy grenades - they were removed due to non-use. That said, I'd love to see them return - they were a fun toy to annoy people with. :p
  3. Wind_Walker

    Wasn't that only one false signature, though? I loved the idea when it was out, but I think the reason it wasn't used was that EMP nades had so much more potential
  4. Demigan

    Deployables are extremely bad for the Light Assault, which is moving all the time.

    I think false signatures are a good feature, but it needs to be bound to the player and not a deployable. The simplest solution I have is to allow LA's to activate the ability with "F" and it burns jetpack fuel. Each higher upgrade spawns more random signatures on the map.

    This makes it a good reactive ability. A spotted LA can use it to make it to obscure his escape. If there's any spotting devices you can confuse your enemies and make it harder for enemies to properly pre-aim and fire on an edge, or have them scamper to the wrong area because they can't be certain where you are. With just a few LA you could even simulate a large attack, while the actual attack is coming from a different direction.
  5. FunBotan

    LA + static deployable = bad bad bad idea for multiple reasons, especially because it would be undestructible for anyone who's not another LA.
    I like the direction though. My perfect LA would be an agile badass dude who jumps all across the battlefield and messes everything up. C4 is quite messy already, but we need moar of that stuff.
  6. Wind_Walker

    Hmm. Since LA doesn't have a use for the F key (or whatever you bound it to) it might work by activating it instead of equipping and deploying it.

    Alright, I take back the deployable bit, you have a point. The intention still seems right up the LA's alley. I doubt it should work off of jet fuel, though. Perhaps a cool down mechanic like vehicle utilities?
  7. Nehlis

    Not against the idea at all, but it seems like it fits better on infiltrator.
  8. Wind_Walker

    Under other circumstances, sure. But it seems that infiltrator is more recon, and LA is more flanking