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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by YellowJacketXV, Nov 27, 2018.

  1. YellowJacketXV

    So Infiltrator seems to have the most presence with providing intelligence as a class-based specialty. Why not take this a step further and add in the ability for the infiltrator to provide counter-intelligence as well? I think the following would be excellent for infiltrator team-based gameplay with a few changes.

    Radar Jammer
    This would replace a tool slot, blanketing all individuals that sit within the jammer's radius from motion detection devices and scout radar. The radius would be slightly smaller than that of it's cousin, Motion Spotter, to compensate for the fact it is more defensive deployable. You would also be able to see a Radar Jammer on the minimap like a motion spotter. To provide incentive to use this tool, whenever an enemy infiltrator uses motion detection devices or whenever an enemy vehicle tries to utilize scout radar is within area and someone protected by the radar jammer gets a kill, the infiltrator gets a small amount of points called "CCM Assist" or "Counter Intel Assist".

    Decoy Grenade Changes
    Decoy grenade should literally be a decoy you throw, that sticks to the ground like a sticky grenade, and spawns a hologram of your current infiltrator loadout aiming in a crouched position. It fires occasionally providing ping of noise on the minimap equivalent to whatever weapon the infiltrator had equipped. When shot it will flicker and stutter as if an actual player had taken damage before 'dying' and providing no score but a death confirmation (like killing a VR unit).

    Covert Ops Synergy
    A passive synergy designed for vehicles whenever an infiltrator is within a vehicle, it provides a weak level of the Vehicle Stealth upgrade (that does not stack with existing vehicle stealth, it simply uses the strongest.) This passive synergy concept would cap out akin to a level 3 vehicle stealth (.75 second addt'l lock on time required, reduced signature on minimap to 25m) and provide a bit of wiggle room outside of the "vehicle stealth meta" that seems to exist nowadays giving multi-seat vehicle drivers a chance to include a more diverse roster for various roles. Infiltrator also needs more presence in armor conflicts, besides hacking vehicles this is (in my opinion) a good way to get them included.

    What do y'all veterans think?
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  2. Scroffel5

    I like it.

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