Racial bias in the characther creation screen

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  1. csvfr

    The default selection is always a white male. Nontheless there are three other races available, presented in the order: black, asian, hispanic. If selecting a female charachter the default race is still white, however the other races have changed order into: asian, hispanic, black. What decides this order? Why is the default race always white? IMO it would be best to let the races have a randomly decided order on every client restart, to avoid this real tangible racism it manifests.

  2. Liewec123

    screw it...i'm moving to Pluto.
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  3. NotziMad

    as much as I am against (strongly against) racism, I think you're pushing it a little too far.

    Each every righteous cause has its extremes that in the end work against what they originally fought for.
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  4. Twin Suns

    Pluto? This whole solar system is trash. I'm moving to Alpha Centauri B. ;)
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    Jesus ******* Christ...

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  6. ObiVanuKenobi

    The default VS helmet should be random. Cat ear helmet not being even an option without spending money is clear discrimination towards furry community and will have BIG CONSEQUENCES.

    And only 2 genders? WROHOuoh3wutikfwehgyufguewegtew
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  7. Twin Suns

    The road to he// is paved with good intentions.

    According to someone's failed logic that would explain why some guys manifest as girls. They played to much Tomb Raider and it just manifested, subliminally. *shakes head*

    Heaven help us if they put out a Marvel Black Panther video game and they don't let you change your pigment or sex. Do you see what I'm saying.

    Just play the game...jeez
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  8. waystin2

    Moves keyboard over, begins banging head on desk...
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  9. InexoraVC

    The default game in game folder should be random! "To avoid this real tangible racism it manifests."
    Or "customer shouldn't be able to buy white/black car to avoid racism behavour" ?
    Csvrf's post has nothing in common with anti-racism. It is pure profanation!
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  10. McToast

    Please tell me this is just an unfunny attempt at satire...
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  11. Scatterblak

    What server are you talking about? If Emerald, then the default selection is accurate as far as racial distribution by population goes.

    The only tangible racism in the game is when people who need it to define who they are go desperately looking for it, IMHO. I'd worry a lot more about the insults and epithets that get tossed around, and maybe removing the taunt feature.

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  12. Demigan

    There's a million-and-one reasons why you've missed the mark here csvr. Racism is deliberate or undeliberately creating unfavorable views of a certain skin color, ethnicity and I would even say gender as gender bias is virtually the same as racial bias.

    What you've done is not pick on something that will reduce racism, instead you've followed the rather popular idea right now of picking something and saying it's racist, creating more ways to be racist and creating a larger divide between non-racist people and racist people. In other words: You've increased racism. The opposite of what you tried to gain.

    There is lots to say about the first choice always being white. But the question is, is it truly always white? It could be just laziness, but a smart marketing move would be to make the primary choice based on the region the game is started up in. If you download it in china it would make sense that the standard face is asian. That's not racism, that's smart in what you present first at a certain audience. Just like most shoot-em-up movies are targeting men and most romantic movies are targeting women. I don't feel I have to be a bumbling semi-stuttering Hugh Grant lookalike and it's not mysandrist or anything to display men this way (although many "feminist" movies and movements are).

    Don't teach people racism, for example:

    "don't talk about it".

    Or a classic:

    "All men are created equal"
    "they will be able to sit together at the table of brotherhood"
    "That they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character".

    You cannot do any of this if you have to judge every word, every picture and every situation to see if there is racism there, and on top of that have any word said potentially be torn out of context in order to change it's meaning into racism. Teach people not to recognize racism, but teach them to embrace anyone for who they are. That is exactly why Morgan Freeman says "don't talk about it". Because the way we talk about it is not to eliminate racism, but to protect the feelings of those who feel offended. And in doing so you create more racism and more ways to enact racism.
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  13. NotziMad

    "you" (I'm not saying who "you" is)

    will like this :)

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  14. csvfr

    A poor choice of words perhaps, but I think the screen is a manifestation of racism/racial bias. The fact that the white race is preferred/pre-selcted, and the other races opt-in/secondary, whilst not discriminating directly against any particular person, still promotes the racist ideal.
  15. That_One_Kane_Guy

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  16. Cappii

    *To The Original Author*

    I think you have racial prejudice, even if you're white, by saying you have a problem that there's a white a guy as defaulted character selection. Otherwise, if you didn't, why notice skin color? Not once have I ever noticed the defaulted skin color because I don't care what's defaulted. The fact they even let you select a gender and skin tone does a lot more than other games ...
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  17. csvfr

    I don't think it's too much of an issue with the white being the leftmost, preselected race per se. Indeed it kind of makes sense on the female screen where the presentation of skin tones come across as being consistent with the Fitzpatrick scale - a non-racist classification scheme for UV sensitivity. But seeing that the order of the skin tones change depending on gender, with no apparent reason other than racial bias, I do feel it would be an improvement if this ordering was replaced with a random one that promoted all races equally.
  18. TankBuster

    Wow, leftist cucks pushing their agenda even on a half-dead forum of a forgoten game. Im impressed.
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  19. Campagne

    I think you're honestly just giving them too much credit.

    I don't really think anyone actually gave a **** about the ordering and just threw everything in together.
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  20. Clone117

    ...Ppl bringing up racial bias need to dissapear from this world. Im just tired of seeing that stupid crap everwhere i go. Promoting it just creates chaos and couses nothing but violence, death And destruction in the end. Not to mention vandalism. Its basically demostic terrorist propaganda.